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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wednesday morning

Well, I have an ear infection. You may say, WHAT? Where did THAT come from? Well, I am wondering the same thing, too!! Yesterday, David and I both had a follow-up doctor's appointment. After David talked to him, got another prescription, it was my turn, so I proceeded to tell him about my tooth, with 8 X 10 glossies and arrows drawn on it explaining each one, oh wait, that is Arlo Guthrie and him putting the envelope under all of the garbage. Scratch that. I told the doc about my tooth, which he found pretty interesting, and then I just mentioned that my other ear had started hurting but it was probably nothing so could he just look in it. He did the hmmmm, it doesn't look quite right, I think you have a slight infection. WHAT??? So, I got two prescriptions (we are well on the way to paying Durst Drugs' next energy bill!). We did not take them by there, though, yesterday. David wanted to go to the coffee shop, which we did, and was very enjoyable, even for the brief time we had there. Daniel and Leslie were back from whale watching, and yes, they did see some whales, and had a wonderful time (would that be a "whale of a good time" maybe?) in Seattle. I really enjoyed going by there, but totally regretted not getting my prescriptions filled last night, because it hurt to chew on both sides of my mouth now!! The doctor did give me an anti inflammatory for my tooth cavern, so, when I take it, it should help. And yes, I am afraid that I have a bit of that dreaded "dry socket", but I have been reading up on it and am doing everything it says to do, except call the dentist!! It will be all right, though.

Hopefully, this afternoon, we will be sitting in a theater watching the new Harry Potter movie. I am quite a ways into the last book, and I have to say, I am worried that my eyes will explode (ewww!) since I am not able to put it down. Last night, Christopher called Katie and she really wanted to get back to the book, no offense to C, but she said that he will understand when he gets to that part of the book!! I am already mind boggled with what has happened so far. I can only imagine, or maybe I CAN'T, what is in store for poor Harry and friends as the story plays on out.

Speaking of Christopher, he has lots of social engagements this weekend, so it will be just the two of us for several days. He leaves next Friday, August 3, on my sister's birthday! We will miss him tremendously, but he and Katie are so sweet to have done this for us this summer. The house is so much more organized, which takes the stress level down considerably. There are a few more things we need to do before he leaves, and I hope to keep the clutter down as the months go on. Lord, how things can pile up!!!!!

That's it for now. Have a great "hump" day!!!


  • At Wednesday, July 25, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I had a dry socket when I had my wisdom teeth taken out. Not bad - the dentist numbs you up, makes a little cut, flushes out the crud, and you are done. A bit traumatic when it is your first month away at college, but all in all, took 5 minutes. If that's what it is, don't fret!


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