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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Tuesday's not much better than Monday!!

Well, here it is, Tuesday afternoon again. Jeremy was supposed to get into the Jackson airport from San Diego at 2:30, and we were going to pick him up. However, I woke up this morning with my sinuses throbbing and having to blow every couple of minutes, PLUS there is pain. Now I am worried that my toothache is really just a sinus ache!! I am taking the antibiotics for the tooth, but it is apparently working on my sinuses, too, although my tooth is much better. So, what is the deal? Do I have the tooth pulled as planned? It has hurt for years and is broken, but maybe it doesn't need pulling after all!! No amount of Benadryl is helping me this afternoon either. Hopefully, tomorrow it will be all better.

Which brings me to the other things happening today. Jeremy is stuck in Dallas. He got bumped from his flight and there was no other seat available on a flight to Jackson. So he is flying into Monroe, LA and renting a car. In a way, that is good, because I REALLY don't feel like going to Jackson now, anyway, but I was looking forward to seeing a movie this afternoon. BUT, David's mother is having another, for want of a better word, "attack", and David and Christopher have gone over there, and then to the pharmacy to get her some medicine. That really does work out with Jeremy coming into Monroe. We really didn't need to be out of town, with that going on. See, we tried to get her to buy the house next door a couple of years ago, but she loved her house, way off the road and away from neighbors, so she never really seriously considered it. Then the yp's moved in there. And she has "fallen and could not get up" more than once and had to yell for over an hour to get someone to help her. Do you see what I am saying? Two birds could have been, at least, knocked unconscious with one stone if she had bought that house!!! She would have been in town, near us, near the casinos, and those raving lunatics would have had to move elsewhere, to make someone ELSE'S life miserable!!! And it really would have been great having Norma live next door. I get along great with her, most of the time! Ah, life........

It looks like it may rain now. As far as I am concerned, it can rain everyday until fall and then the end of September, we get a beautiful blue sky with moderate temperatures!! That would be so wonderful. Ah, dreams......

I know that everyone has problems (something that was screamed at me recently), and I know yesterday was a bummer for a lot of people, and today's not shaping up so great, either. But I know two young parents to be who heard their baby's little 12 week old heart beating!! How exciting!!!!!!! There's lots of little babies on the way!! Congrats to all of the parents to be!!! Enjoy this time!! I am going to have to take out a loan to buy baby presents!!!! That is quite all right! I LOVE giving gifts to people and these will be extra special ones!!

Everyone have a great Fofa July!!! Be careful about fireworks, salmonella, and heatstroke!!!! Maybe things will be calmed down around here by then. Ah, hope........
OH, The Twilight Zone is on all day long today on the SciFi channel!!! How great is that????? It's not even New Year's!!!!!!


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