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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The tooth, the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth...

So, I am sitting here with a tea bag stuck up in my tooth's former home, trying to get it to stop bleeding. My mouth is all droopy. My face is all numb. I am hungry. But it is done. My dentist, Don Jackson, gave me all the shots after putting the numbing stuff on it, then after a few minutes, came in and said that there would be a lot of tugging and pulling, but that it wouldn't hurt. HELLO. It hurt. I was wringing my hands, my body lotion started sliming up because I broke out in a sweat, and at one point, he told me that I needed to calm down! But it HURTS, I told him. Well, he sighed and then gave me another shot (this was about the fifth or sixth one, seriously) and it hurt like the devil!! Then he waited a few minutes and came back in. NOW it didn't hurt, but he was having the hardest time pulling it out. It just would not let go. Good news is I don't have osteoporosis! He said that my bone was very hard (heh heh) but then he discovers that instead of one big tooth root, I have THREE roots!! He said that was very unusual. And that is why it took so long to deaden it!! FINALLY, FINALLY, it loosened up. But then, one of the roots broke off!! So, he had to go back and tug some more. When it was out, he saw that it was really a bad tooth but dang it, it had a good root system!!

I am curious about whether this will solve my left side headache problem that has plagued me for many, many years. And whenever I get a cold or a sinus problem, it is that area that hurts the worst. I hope I will be pain free now, which is the whole point of pulling the tooth, isn't it?

I am so hungry but have to eat something really soft this evening. Cracker Barrel chicken and dumplings immediately come to my mind!!!!!

David had a little fever this morning, but he has chemo tomorrow, so I think the fever will be long gone after that. And it hasn't rained today and is actually pretty, so I wish I felt like going to do something, maybe eat at Cracker Barrel???? I hope to go see the new Harry Potter movie very soon, maybe this weekend. The new book is out this weekend, too, and of course, there are those who want to spoil the ending for everyone. I may not be getting online until I read the book!!! I want to discover it my very own self!!!!!

So, that's that for now!! Later!!!


  • At Wednesday, July 18, 2007, Blogger Erica said…

    Heh heh. That's what she said.

    I am glad it went well. Man, I wish I could have him pull my extra choppers....

  • At Wednesday, July 18, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Glad the crazy 3-rooted tooth pulling went well! It sounds like it was scary. I bet you will feel tons better soon. Here's my inappropriate pregnant comment of the week to make you laugh: "So, what are you, 5 months?"

  • At Thursday, July 19, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I had one pulled with 3 roots too so i know what a pain in the mouth that can be...kind of makes the saying " as hard as pulling teeth" make sense-doesn't it!
    It had been raining like crazy off and on for the past 3 days-the corn is now as high as an elephant's eye! (sorry-must be my day for puns!)
    love susan

  • At Friday, July 20, 2007, Blogger Crescent said…

    Dollars to donuts that has been causing your headaches. I bet you'll get some much needed reliefe now that that sucker is out.


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