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Sunday, July 08, 2007

This was the week that was. I'm sorry, it was the week that SUCKED!!!!

Wow, am I glad that this past week is over!! Of course, the next one is off to a questionable start, too. David has a doctor's appointment, I have the appointment to get my tooth yanked (my appointment is at 2:30, you know, "tooth-hurty"), my mother in law is in the hospital, David has his CT scan and oncologist appointment on Thursday, and God knows WHAT else in between all of that!!!!

My cold is better, but if I do much of anything, I am a river of sweat, absolutely drenched!! I was going to go with David and Christopher to take stuff to his mom, and stop by the store, but by the time I got ready, I was wiped out, so since I am having that mouth trauma tomorrow, I opted to stay home. I finally cooled off, got the dishwasher loaded and am now enjoying a satisfying warm beverage. I have no canned cat food to get the menagerie in, all three of the little kittens are missing (no doubt, looking for their mittens), the dog yard is drying up, just in time for the next downpouring of rain, so I decided to get online for a while, to catch up on the world's happenings today. I see that Paris is still on her "I am out of jail" tour, her co-star, the pregnant Nicole may be starting her own "I am in jail" tour. Okay, can't these two girls go away, and take their friends, and while we're at it, the yps, with them? And another thing, we are a Nielson family this week. Good Gawd Gertie, you would think that the fate of the western world hangs on what we watch this week! Yesterday morning they called AGAIN, to make sure that I understand the diary, and considering they woke me up and I felt horrible, I was really really nice to not tell them where they could put their diary!! "You know where to put your names and ages and do you understand about the time and channels and do you know to draw a line down from your name to show that you have been watching that channel and do you know that you have a comment section to write down anything unusual and do you know where to send the diary when you are through with it and do you have anymore questions that I may can help you with?" Or words to that effect. I told her yes, I got it AND figured it out (not rocket science) and I actually thanked her for calling! Ironically, we have watched less television in the last week because of everyone being sick!! I guess I should be grateful that they picked us - they DID send us a dollar for our trouble. You know, times are hard and that dollar came in handy to add to the tip of the pizza guy the other night. So, I will do my best for the Nielson people.

I am glad to say that Jeremy got back to San Diego with much less trouble than he had getting here. And Katie got back Columbia from Phoenix with less trouble than she had getting there! I am glad that I am not flying anytime soon. I don't want to get bumped, or worse!

Christopher is itching to get to work around here, but with company and sickness, he has had to put all of that on hold. But hopefully, after the tooth is gone and the cold is finally gone, we can get some projects done before he leaves, which will be way too soon. Not for Katie, though! I KNOW she wants him home, but she is sweet and loving and I thank you thank you thank you, Katie, for being a wonderful understanding wife and daughter in law!!! She has been under the weather, too, so I hope that this week will be better for her, too.

Well, I need to go do another load of laundry. Boy, it sure piles up if you don't do it!!! Do any of you remember those disposable clothes that were bandied about in the late sixties? I had a friend who wore a paper dress to school. Seriously. Anyway, the idea is really beginning to make sense to me now. Oh, and the girl who wore the paper dress? I remember us all being very concerned during recess and a kickball game. I think she got through it with her dignity intact. Not like me, who had her skirt ripped off on the sliding board when I was in the third grade! We HAD to wear dresses everyday, and they were all those flouncy shirtwaisted deals. I get on the slide and the hem caught a nail or something at the top. Well, thank goodness we all had to wear slips those days!!! A boy handed me my skirt when I got to the bottom and I was mortified and ran to my teacher, who just exploded with laughter. I was so mad at her, but I'm surprised that she didn't just fall to the ground laughing, now that I am an adult. It had to be pretty friggin' hilarious!!
Ah, memories...... BACK TO THE PRESENT DAY -

I hope that tomorrow evening I can report that the tooth extraction went uneventfully, and that David's eye appointment showed that the shingles are retreating, and that we have some answers about my mother in law. Keep your fingers crossed.............


  • At Sunday, July 08, 2007, Anonymous Dan Telfer said…

    Good luck at the dentist!

    Your daughter and son-in-law gave me a nasty cold a week ago, but you know what? I ditched that silly thing in one night by just cuddling up in a comforter and sweating it out until I thought I was as dry as a triscuit. Never underestimate the healing power of setting time aside to be lazy! I'm sure with everything going on it can feel like a guilty pleasure, but I promise you deserve it!

  • At Monday, July 09, 2007, Blogger wagsandpurrs said…

    Thank you, Dan! Yeah, this cold has been rough and I have felt lazy having to lay in the bed, but I HAD TO LAY IN THE BED!! I keep thinking I should postpone this tooth killin', but I just ought to grin, or "grimace" and bear it, and get it over with - one less thing to worry about. And I will save time, in the long run, by having one less tooth to brush! So, I guess it works out!!!
    Thanks for your well wishes!!!


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