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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It will not stop raining....

So, for the umpteenth day in a row, it is raining. The good thing is, there are no flame icons on our local weather forecast. The bad thing is, it won't stop raining! The dogs look at me as if to say, make it stop, make it stop, but I feed'em and tell them to get in their doghouses! One of my cats was asleep yesterday, in what had been a sunbeam, and when the rain started, she tried to ignore it, wiggling her ear or whisker when it dropped on her. After a couple of minutes, though, she got up, and I swear I could hear her sigh, as she got under some shelter. But, I would so rather have this than a drought, so I am not complaining!

Thanks for all of the kind thoughts about our doctor's phone call yesterday!! We are really pleased about it. That being said, however, he was sick as a dog last night, plus has been running that low grade fever again. That is disheartening, but it is a reminder that a good report doesn't mean he is cured!! I feel that once he has another treatment this Thursday, the fever will go away. It will be three weeks since his last treatment, so apparently, if he goes too long between chemos, that fever will flare up again, for whatever reason. But since those tests were done just last Thursday, I am not too worried that the cancer will have much chance to "act up" again. We'll nip it in the bud!!!!! Nip it!! Nip it!! I feel really confident that we will be getting good reports for quite a while!

The house cleaning is continuing, bless Christopher's heart. He is really so very good at organizing, but there are some things I don't know what to do with because I don't want to get rid of them. But today, he showed me some TV Guides that I had kept, so I graciously parted with them, unflinchingly, too!! I have to admit, it is so nice to see so much clean floor in our bedroom. Now, before you think that we were living in absolute filth, that is not the case. It was just "stuff" that I would put in a box to go through later, or clean towels and sheets that I had not gotten around to putting up. And TONS of billing statements, some from a few years ago, were stacked on tables and in file folders. We are going to have a big bonfire soon to dispose of them. After a while, and when you are dealing with a serious illness, you tend to not see that stuff anymore, just walk around it and deal with what needs to be dealt with. I hope I can keep it clean - I will do my best. I am going to stop the paper bills from coming, just get them online. I mean, I don't pay anything by mail anymore, so I might as well get less of it!!

That's it for now. Tomorrow I get the tooth out. I am ready for it to go. I HAVE been taking my antibiotic and am ready to stop that because it makes me so queasy! But the tooth has really been hurting so I will be glad for it to be yanked out. It's time is done, it is time to go, and hopefully these headaches will go away, too. I am not looking forward to the actual pulling, but I am a big girl, I can deal with it!!!! It's at noon tomorrow, so think good thoughts at that time!!!



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    Hang in there with the tooth biz..take it from one who does go but is absolutely terrified every minute, there's just no getting around it..Hope all goes well and you feel better soon! Hugs to David..hope the fever goes away soon too!


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