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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I can't sleep!

So, here it is, after midnight, I am bone tired, have a big day tomorrow (CT scan, doctor appointment), and I am as wide awake as I can be!! Why, why, oh why can't I just go to sleep like a normal person???

Christopher is continuing his cleaning throughout the house. I have to say, it is really nice to see the hardwood floor in our bedroom. And the table is made of wood, too, I am finding out!!! We had a good afternoon at the coffee shop today, too. Rusty was there, and then the Lambs came in and we just had a great time visiting and laughing. What therapy!! I would have loved for Daniel to join us in the conversation but he was making our coffee and spritzers, and he served them with a smile. Seriously, it is worth the trip to Vicksburg JUST to go to his coffee shop. It is absolutely wonderful. I haven't been in about a week and I really have missed seeing everyone.

Well, I guess I need to try to go to sleep now. I just chewed on a stale peanut butter granola bar that tasted like cardboard. But maybe I was hungry and it will send me to dreamland. Or I can take a sleeping pill, maybe that will work, too!

I hopefully will have great news to report tomorrow evening. Everyone send a special prayer up tomorrow that we will get good results!! I know that it helps!!

Oh, great. There is a flying bug in here and Buffy just jumped on the printer. I am surprised that anything works in this house with those creatures walking on everything!
I know what will happen - I will be almost asleep and I will hear a crash as one of the girls chase this bug. I think I will opt for the sleeping pill!!!


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