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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Fourth of July Blow out!

And by "blow out", I mean my nose!! I have been so sick for the last couple of days, which really blew the heck out of our holiday plans! Poor Jeremy comes in around 6 Tuesday evening and both David and I are not feeling so great. Then I really thought I might DIE Tuesday night! I hurt everywhere, couldn't breathe, had fever, just the "whatever can go wrong, went wrong" itis!! I am still sneezing and water is just pouring off of my head, which means the fever has broken but enough is enough! David is having more pain than usual in his head, so with both of us sick, well, it just kind of sucks. At least Christopher and Jeremy have had a good time visiting. And the Twilight Zone marathon was on for the last two days so we pretty much "zoned" in front of the television. I love it when puns are so obvious!

So, here it is, July 5. Whoohooo. Hopefully, July 6 will be better and we can finally go see the Transformer movie.

Have a great day. Stay well. Oh, and this cat looks like we feel. Just drape us over the armrest.


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