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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Easy like Sunday morning...

Well, things are soggy, there are puddles, both water and mud filled, the deck is wet with water standing on the chairs, but, there is no rain in the forecast today!!! Yesterday, literally out of the clear blue sky, we got a gully washer!! I was sitting in the living room and noticed that it had gotten dark, and wondered if we were going to get rain later, but, it was already downpouring!! The good thing is, no 100 degree temperatures, like we normally have at this time of the year. I can certainly deal with that! But hopefully, the yard will dry out enough for the grass to get cut this afternoon. And there is a proliferation of mushrooms in the yards in Warren County. There have been several in our yard, but there have also been articles in the paper about how they have popped up all over town! Thank goodness for articles like that, instead of horrifying things happening here!! Ah, smallish towns, yeah, we have crime, but luckily it doesn't take up the whole paper, like in some places!!

I figure they have the Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas decorations up at Cracker Barrel by now. Yesterday, we went to Big Lots and all of the summer stuff is at least 30% off, and there were wreaths, flower arrangements, winter stuff, already evident on the displays. Which brings me to my problem - since autumn has apparently arrived in the stores, with school starting in just a couple of weeks, the pool is closing in three weeks (I live near it), it is hard to believe that we have TWO MORE MONTHS of summer!!!!! I really miss the days when school started the day after Labor Day, and Santa didn't come to the mall until the day after Thanksgiving. But the retailers want to get the jump on the shoppers, and I have to say, I respond the way that they want. I can pick up some nice gifts this time of year, but the problem is I either forget about it or misplace it!! And of course, I would be remiss in not reminding everyone that Christmas is 5 months away!!!

David has been having less pain from the shingles, but he has been so tired that he is having to spend hours during the day in the bed. After our big Big Lots excursion yesterday, I wasn't feeling very well (when oh when is my mouth going to quit throbbing??), so after we paid and loaded up the car, we came on home. This was at 3 o'clock and David said he had to lie down for a while. Well, a "while" turned into hours, with him finally getting up around 7:30!!! This morning he got back in the bed, and I have yet to see him after that. He did have chemo on Thursday and I know that "chemo fatigue" is very common, but to have hints of him feeling better and then him sleeping all day is kind of discouraging. I hope that his body is continuing to heal, though, and within a couple of months, he will be up and about more often.

Still no "for sale" sign on the yp's house yet. I look everyday, hoping that one will appear, kind of like those mushrooms that are popping up everywhere!! What a glorious day that will be for our neighborhood!!!

Have a great afternoon, everyone. I hope to start the new Harry Potter book this afternoon, but these bifocals may cause some problems. It may take me weeks to finish, but I think that once I start it, I will not be able to put it down!!

Later!! OH, note that the squirrel in above picture has no tail!!


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