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Monday, July 30, 2007

"Come Monday, it'll be all right....." *

Really? REALLY? It's Monday, all right. Everyone around here is moving extremely slow. The sun is shining and personally, I want some rain!! It was so hot yesterday and my brain is so confused - the paper had all of the school supplies and the new school calendar, all of the back to school ads, where to get the uniforms, and to us old folks, that means, ah, cooler weather is straight ahead. NOT!! It is still July!!! With school starting next week instead of the day after Labor Day like it used to be, we still have two full months of hot summer weather!! I mean, even the pool closes next week because all of the lifeguards will be back in school! So, my poor heat addled brain keeps hoping that I see autumn leaves soon on the real trees, not in a display in a store. And surprise surprise, they don't have Christmas decorations up at Cracker Barrel yet, but they do have fall stuff up and all summer stuff is marked down. Remember when Santa came to the mall the day after Thanksgiving? NO store would wait that long now! Poor Santa has to wear his red fluffy suit when it is still 80 degrees!!! But now is the time to pick up some good deals, if you need summer stuff.

But, I would be lying if I said I haven't already thought about Christmas shopping! In fact, I have already gotten a few catalogs and I have bookmarked "items of interest" in them, but realistically, I am really going to have to be more conservative in my gift giving this year. David has got to go back to work the first week in October or the company has the right to terminate him, and folks, that is just a problem that we don't need. We have to build up his stamina, though, and get him over the shingles so he can stop taking the medicine, blah blah blah, yada yada yada. You know what I mean. Just a tad bit of pressure.......

This is the last week that Christopher will be here. He leaves on Friday morning, with a kitten, heading back to his lovely wife and home. It has been a real joy for him to be here so long. We will miss him. We have a little more of the organizing to do, and I am trying oh so hard to keep it neat. It IS less stressful! I have changed to online billing for all of the credit cards and while they say it will take two billing cycles, it didn't. Within a week they were already there. That will cut down on clutter. I cooked supper the other night and ACTUALLY WASHED THE DISHES THE SAME NIGHT!! Now, that's something, don't you think??? Of course, I was so hot when I got through and came in and told David that that was why I hated cooking!!! But it was okay. I'm a big girl. I can deal with it. I do have on my "big girl panties" !!!!

Erica and Fuzzy took their little trip to celebrate the first anniversary of their honeymoon this past weekend. It sounded like it was a lot of fun. Of course, it was a year ago today that we boarded the hell train, back to Mississippi. I don't want to celebrate that, other than the fact that I NEVER want to do that again!!!! I can still remember standing at the door, watching the landscape fly by, and thinking that this would be hell for me, to ride that train for eternity!!! Thank goodness it was just a thought!! But, other than the song, I don't have fond memories of the "City of New Orleans". Southwest will be the way to go next time!! I will have to write my own song for it!!!

Well, I need to go feed the animals. I just haven't been too motivated today, but they certainly won't starve. I hope everyone has a great day!!

*for Linda


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