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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The best laid plans.....

So, first thing yesterday morning, the phone rings. It's the eye doctor, postponing David's appointment that was scheduled for the afternoon. It is now today. Great, one less thing to worry about. David's mother was still in the hospital, so I knew that a trip to see her was in order, but I also knew that with my tooth extraction, I probably wouldn't feel up to it. I was nervous, but Christopher kept reassuring me that it would be all right. Finally, it is time to go to the dentist. The bottom is about to fall out - the sky is dark, the wind is blowing, it started sprinkling on us just as we pulled up to the office. I go in, and haven't sat down 30 seconds when they call my name. I had just had a sneezing fit so my voice kind of sounded like Lauren Bacall's and the girl asked if I was sick, so I told her about the last week and the dreaded mahocus. Don, the dentist, a friend of mine for several several decades, came right on in, so I told him about me being sick and how I hadn't taken the antibiotics that he had prescribed BECAUSE of me being sick and he just looked at me. By this time, David had come in, because he and Christopher were afraid that I would talk Don out of pulling the tooth. Don looked at David, back at me, and said that I was supposed to take the bottle of antibiotics, that it really wasn't a "suggestion" as such, but something that I really needed to do!!! Well, damn. They make my stomach hurt, make my head hurt, and since I had already been sick, I just didn't think it was that important!! So, I am rescheduled for July 18. I have to admit, it was dumb on my part, but again, I was sick, and who thinks clearly when they are sick??? No one I know!!!

Then we leave to head to the hospital, and it is really about to seriously rain. And folks, I cannot REMEMBER when we have had this much rain everyday!! The best thing about it is that it is keeping the temperatures down, but I sure don't want it to rain everyday for the next two and a half months!!!! The dog yard has become a mud hole and the grass is sure growing faster. great.

OH, before we left the house, I got my newspaper. Who should be on the front page? Why it is the male yp!!! There is an article and he is quoted in it, with all of his professionalism, I might add. When we got home, I ripped his picture off, and put it in a bag with cat poo. I resisted the urge to put it in their mailbox, because I have to remember I am the adult here. I guess it was a slow news day.

Back to heading to the hospital - Christopher let us out under the covered entrance and then, bless his heart, had to park miles away and walk in the torrent of rain! Norma was all upset and shaky and really was quite frail looking and acting her age, which is unusual for her. We visited for about an hour, but then left because David was starting to have head pains and needed to lie down. Luckily the sun was breaking through by the time we left. Well, imagine our surprise when we find out last night that she was being discharged from the hospital, LAST NIGHT!!! David's brother, Carl, was with her and said she was chomping at the bit to come home. NOT the Norma we saw yesterday afternoon!!! The doctors told her that she had absolutely nothing wrong with her so I think she just got mad and wanted out of there!! And pretty much, that is how it happened, when David talked to her this morning. Carl had spent the night and was heading back to Jackson today, so I don't know whether we will have to go out there this afternoon after David's eye appointment. We will just have to figure out what is happening to her and try to deal with it in the best way we can.

And then day after tomorrow is the CT scan. The cancer has kind of been put on the back burner, so to speak, because the shingles have pretty much been the major obstacle in the last two months. We are hoping for good news, obviously, and I really feel that there will be some improvement. He is so much better than he was a few months ago, how can there NOT be???

Now, let's talk about cats. All three kittens came home safely, which is a relief. But their mother is now attracting some tomcats, being the fusty lug that she is!! That is 1800's slang for "slut", by the way. Anyway, I need to give two kits away to good homes (is there ever going to be an ad in the paper saying, "free kittens to a questionable home"?), and then get this mother (shut yo mouth....) fixed and then maybe, MAYBE, the tomcats will stay away. There is a new beautiful one hanging around that David actually caught this morning, but then he couldn't get the cage open and had to let him go, lest he be clawed up. Scruffy, good precious boy that he is, chased off another one this morning, too. He came home yesterday with another cut on his neck, but he is such a good little cat, I just doctor it, pet him, and then give him canned cat food. The sun is shining, at the moment, so he is on his patrol now, but he will be back later on today, I trust. Keeping the yard safe from intruding tomcats - that is his job!

Well, y'all, I haven't even fed the menagerie outside or downstairs, so I guess I need to go do that. I mean, Stimpy is pushing 30 pounds, he really needs his food.

Everyone have a great Tuesday, if that is possible!!! Later!!
Oh, and don't think I have run out of pictures of cats. I just thought these pug pictures fit my "theme" of the day!!!


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