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Monday, July 30, 2007

"Come Monday, it'll be all right....." *

Really? REALLY? It's Monday, all right. Everyone around here is moving extremely slow. The sun is shining and personally, I want some rain!! It was so hot yesterday and my brain is so confused - the paper had all of the school supplies and the new school calendar, all of the back to school ads, where to get the uniforms, and to us old folks, that means, ah, cooler weather is straight ahead. NOT!! It is still July!!! With school starting next week instead of the day after Labor Day like it used to be, we still have two full months of hot summer weather!! I mean, even the pool closes next week because all of the lifeguards will be back in school! So, my poor heat addled brain keeps hoping that I see autumn leaves soon on the real trees, not in a display in a store. And surprise surprise, they don't have Christmas decorations up at Cracker Barrel yet, but they do have fall stuff up and all summer stuff is marked down. Remember when Santa came to the mall the day after Thanksgiving? NO store would wait that long now! Poor Santa has to wear his red fluffy suit when it is still 80 degrees!!! But now is the time to pick up some good deals, if you need summer stuff.

But, I would be lying if I said I haven't already thought about Christmas shopping! In fact, I have already gotten a few catalogs and I have bookmarked "items of interest" in them, but realistically, I am really going to have to be more conservative in my gift giving this year. David has got to go back to work the first week in October or the company has the right to terminate him, and folks, that is just a problem that we don't need. We have to build up his stamina, though, and get him over the shingles so he can stop taking the medicine, blah blah blah, yada yada yada. You know what I mean. Just a tad bit of pressure.......

This is the last week that Christopher will be here. He leaves on Friday morning, with a kitten, heading back to his lovely wife and home. It has been a real joy for him to be here so long. We will miss him. We have a little more of the organizing to do, and I am trying oh so hard to keep it neat. It IS less stressful! I have changed to online billing for all of the credit cards and while they say it will take two billing cycles, it didn't. Within a week they were already there. That will cut down on clutter. I cooked supper the other night and ACTUALLY WASHED THE DISHES THE SAME NIGHT!! Now, that's something, don't you think??? Of course, I was so hot when I got through and came in and told David that that was why I hated cooking!!! But it was okay. I'm a big girl. I can deal with it. I do have on my "big girl panties" !!!!

Erica and Fuzzy took their little trip to celebrate the first anniversary of their honeymoon this past weekend. It sounded like it was a lot of fun. Of course, it was a year ago today that we boarded the hell train, back to Mississippi. I don't want to celebrate that, other than the fact that I NEVER want to do that again!!!! I can still remember standing at the door, watching the landscape fly by, and thinking that this would be hell for me, to ride that train for eternity!!! Thank goodness it was just a thought!! But, other than the song, I don't have fond memories of the "City of New Orleans". Southwest will be the way to go next time!! I will have to write my own song for it!!!

Well, I need to go feed the animals. I just haven't been too motivated today, but they certainly won't starve. I hope everyone has a great day!!

*for Linda

Sunday, July 29, 2007

I did it!!

I did what I planned to do - I finished the Harry Potter book!! What a great writer J.K. Rowling is!!!! I read for four hours straight this afternoon and I STILL cannot see this evening!!! But it was so worth it. She tied up everything nicely, there is closure, and yes, there was death, yes, there was unimaginable evil, and I could NOT put the book down until I had finished it!! Tomorrow, when my vision returns to normal, I plan to reread a couple of chapters, because in my desire to find out what happened, and my eyes getting blurrier and blurrier, I was reading voraciously, and may have missed a couple of things. Children's book? Hmmm, there's some stuff in there that bothered me, so for those who think it is sweetness and light, WRONG!! It is just so well written, everything so well thought out. And the movie will be made in 2010!!! I hope we are all here to go see it! Maybe, just maybe, there will be a theater by then back in Vicksburg!!! But this is Vicksburg. I won't hold my breath!!!
Well, that is all for now. I am having trouble reading this as I type, so I am going to go to bed.

Friday, July 27, 2007

What next??

Oh, for pity's sake, the bread is now being recalled!! That's right. I bought a loaf of bread for the first time in WEEKS earlier this week, and have been eating peanut butter on it, Christopher has been eating sandwiches from it, and OF COURSE, it is being recalled because it has metal in it!!! WTF???? METAL??? What are metal fragments doing in a place where they bake bread? Is it filler? Is it the fiber? And of course, I studied all of the bread on the shelves and decided that the Sara Lee, 100% whole wheat, heart healthy loaf was the best to buy. And it has metal in it. AND it was made in the Sara Lee plant in Meridian, Mississippi. Attaboy (girl?), Sara Lee, now we have our very own contaminated food, right here in our state, and now, right here in river city!!!! I had the contaminated peanut butter. I had some pet food that had been recalled. Hell, we had even been eating bagged spinach before that got recalled!!! I am just really very annoyed by this newest, especially since this is the first loaf of bread I have purchased in a long time. I guess I should have gone for the "100% non metal", don't you think? It does bring a new meaning to the term "iron enriched", doesn't it?

Okay, Monk is on. Be careful what you eat!!! Or feed your pets!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Today, Thursday, the day before tomorrow, Friday

So, today was chemo day. David woke up very very dizzy, which concerned us, but his blood pressure was okay and his blood work came back perfect, so, he got his "drug hook up". I felt wretched. I accidentally took too much of my medicine and it was making me feel really bad, plus it was hot (have I mentioned I hate heat? Probably, huh?), so I came home and just reclined in the recliner, until it was time to go pick him up. He had a VERY bad reaction to the treatment today, so much that Christopher and I were just sitting in the bedroom with him. Finally, we gave him a sleeping pill, and then, I know it sounds weird, but we took him for a walk. He just put on his robe and his bandanna, got his walking stick, and off we went. He had to rest every few feet, and at one stop, Christopher started laughing and said that it looked like "the Bloods have got themselves a wizard!" That really made us laugh, because that is exactly what David looked like, a wizard! C called him "Dumbledad". We came home and he finally got to sleep and I am happy to report that he has gotten up feeling much much better! Like I have said before, we never know from one minute to the next how he is going to feel!! Today was just weird, though.

Yesterday, we ventured to Clinton to see the Harry Potter movie. It was very good and C and I enjoyed it very much. David was kind of zoning, as he is wont to do these days. We had planned to visit some antique shops but only got to one, because my jaw was throbbing and I had to drive, so I had to leave!! So much for our big outing!! David got in the bed when we got home (around 5:15) and didn't get up until 10 last night, just as I was getting ready for bed!! I wanted to read in the H.P. book, but could only manage a page or two. I am terrified I am going to find out something before I want to, so I am going to try to get this sucker finished by Sunday. As usual, the writing is excellent, so it just flows from page to page. The problem would be these middle-age, nearsighted, astigmatized eyeballs of mine!!!!!! I will persevere, I will!!!!!!!

Well, that's it for now. C is rearranging all of the photos on my computer, which kind of terrifies me a little, but I know it needs to be done. In fact, a lot of people pay big bucks for someone to do that to their computer!!! So, I'm getting off cheap!!! He'll just have to take my great love for him as payment!!!!!!

OH, SPEAKING OF LOVE - Can you BELIEVE that Erica and Fuzzy will be celebrating their first wedding anniversary this weekend? I cannot!!! A year ago, we were battling the heat, the mothers, trains, THE HEAT and here we are, still breathing a year later!!! Let's keep that going, okay? The happy couple plan a weekend trip to Wisconsin to eat at a special diner. Really. It sounds fabulous and I hope they have a fabulous time!!!! Congrats, you two!!! I love you!!

Okay, later! Have a great Friday!! And yeah, Fuzzy used the same picture on his post today!!! But it was certainly worth reposting on mine!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wednesday morning

Well, I have an ear infection. You may say, WHAT? Where did THAT come from? Well, I am wondering the same thing, too!! Yesterday, David and I both had a follow-up doctor's appointment. After David talked to him, got another prescription, it was my turn, so I proceeded to tell him about my tooth, with 8 X 10 glossies and arrows drawn on it explaining each one, oh wait, that is Arlo Guthrie and him putting the envelope under all of the garbage. Scratch that. I told the doc about my tooth, which he found pretty interesting, and then I just mentioned that my other ear had started hurting but it was probably nothing so could he just look in it. He did the hmmmm, it doesn't look quite right, I think you have a slight infection. WHAT??? So, I got two prescriptions (we are well on the way to paying Durst Drugs' next energy bill!). We did not take them by there, though, yesterday. David wanted to go to the coffee shop, which we did, and was very enjoyable, even for the brief time we had there. Daniel and Leslie were back from whale watching, and yes, they did see some whales, and had a wonderful time (would that be a "whale of a good time" maybe?) in Seattle. I really enjoyed going by there, but totally regretted not getting my prescriptions filled last night, because it hurt to chew on both sides of my mouth now!! The doctor did give me an anti inflammatory for my tooth cavern, so, when I take it, it should help. And yes, I am afraid that I have a bit of that dreaded "dry socket", but I have been reading up on it and am doing everything it says to do, except call the dentist!! It will be all right, though.

Hopefully, this afternoon, we will be sitting in a theater watching the new Harry Potter movie. I am quite a ways into the last book, and I have to say, I am worried that my eyes will explode (ewww!) since I am not able to put it down. Last night, Christopher called Katie and she really wanted to get back to the book, no offense to C, but she said that he will understand when he gets to that part of the book!! I am already mind boggled with what has happened so far. I can only imagine, or maybe I CAN'T, what is in store for poor Harry and friends as the story plays on out.

Speaking of Christopher, he has lots of social engagements this weekend, so it will be just the two of us for several days. He leaves next Friday, August 3, on my sister's birthday! We will miss him tremendously, but he and Katie are so sweet to have done this for us this summer. The house is so much more organized, which takes the stress level down considerably. There are a few more things we need to do before he leaves, and I hope to keep the clutter down as the months go on. Lord, how things can pile up!!!!!

That's it for now. Have a great "hump" day!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

This is getting ridiculous!!!

Okay, everyone! Just how dang long does a "tooth hole" hurt after the tooth is pulled??? It will be a week tomorrow and it STILL is so sore and feels swollen!! It feels like a crater up there, so I am chewing on the other side all the time, but IT JUST STILL HURTS SO MUCH!!!! Is this normal? Now, granted, he almost had to put his foot on my face to pull it out, and granted, that little tooth had been there for several decades, all nice and snuggled in, and granted, it is better than it was a few days ago, but COME ON! Part of me is worried that something is dreadfully wrong with my gum, that it will never heal, but again, I have never had a tooth pulled before, so this all may be perfectly normal. I am sorry to whine about it to everyone, though, but I need reassurance!!!!! I feel like I am sucking my cheek into a black hole!!! Not a good sensation.

Also, I am a little over 100 pages in the Harry Potter book. OH MY GOD. Some dreadful things have already happened, so I am really worried about the body count in this book. It is like a movie we watched the other night - a nice, sweet character died and we were so bummed out about it, even later on that night, KNOWING he was a fictional character!! So, when a certain someone died in this book early on, I felt the same way and was really upset about it! J.K. Rowling sure does know how to spin a tale. It just takes off a few weeks after the last book ended, and since it has been a while since I read the last book, she puts enough clues in the new one to catch you up to what you may have forgotten!! I wish I could write that way.

Speaking of which, I am muddling through my manuscript, but am enjoying putting it all down on, uh, the computer screen. I haven't gone back and reread anything, I am just pushing on through, writing it pretty much the way I write this blog!! Nothing may come of it, but it is good therapy. And I hope that someone reading my learn something that they can use. Who knows?

We have doctor appointments today. David just can't get any ooomph lately, but he did just have chemo for the first time in three weeks, so that HAS to be affecting how he feels. We went to Walmart yesterday and that wore him out, but then again, just parking in that parking lot wears ME out when we have to venture there! I bought a ton of pet food, because it is cheaper there, no doubt about it, so that was a chore bringing it all inside. I was completely soaked after just a few minutes. Have I mentioned lately how much I hate the heat??? I do, I do, I really do.

Everyone, have a great day today! Stay away from canned chili!!! All of these recalls are going to force me to have to actually cook again!!! I won 't mind so much WHEN IT IS COOLER!!!


Monday, July 23, 2007

A book for children?

Okay, I have read a chapter and a half in the new Harry Potter book. It hits the ground running with some pretty wicked stuff. I have to agree with Stephen King - this isn't just good "children's" literature, it is just good literature!! And I certainly would have been bothered by what was in the first chapter. Shoot, I WAS bothered by what was in the first chapter!!

So, I will be "in" the book for the next few days, so nobody worry if I don't post anything!!


Food recall

Okay, there is another food recall, this time with some very common brands, such as Austex Chili and Castleberry's. AND, a Natural Balance canned dog food is in the recall, too. So, check it out and see if you have any of these items. It is getting pretty scary to go shopping these days, isn't it?

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Easy like Sunday morning...

Well, things are soggy, there are puddles, both water and mud filled, the deck is wet with water standing on the chairs, but, there is no rain in the forecast today!!! Yesterday, literally out of the clear blue sky, we got a gully washer!! I was sitting in the living room and noticed that it had gotten dark, and wondered if we were going to get rain later, but, it was already downpouring!! The good thing is, no 100 degree temperatures, like we normally have at this time of the year. I can certainly deal with that! But hopefully, the yard will dry out enough for the grass to get cut this afternoon. And there is a proliferation of mushrooms in the yards in Warren County. There have been several in our yard, but there have also been articles in the paper about how they have popped up all over town! Thank goodness for articles like that, instead of horrifying things happening here!! Ah, smallish towns, yeah, we have crime, but luckily it doesn't take up the whole paper, like in some places!!

I figure they have the Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas decorations up at Cracker Barrel by now. Yesterday, we went to Big Lots and all of the summer stuff is at least 30% off, and there were wreaths, flower arrangements, winter stuff, already evident on the displays. Which brings me to my problem - since autumn has apparently arrived in the stores, with school starting in just a couple of weeks, the pool is closing in three weeks (I live near it), it is hard to believe that we have TWO MORE MONTHS of summer!!!!! I really miss the days when school started the day after Labor Day, and Santa didn't come to the mall until the day after Thanksgiving. But the retailers want to get the jump on the shoppers, and I have to say, I respond the way that they want. I can pick up some nice gifts this time of year, but the problem is I either forget about it or misplace it!! And of course, I would be remiss in not reminding everyone that Christmas is 5 months away!!!

David has been having less pain from the shingles, but he has been so tired that he is having to spend hours during the day in the bed. After our big Big Lots excursion yesterday, I wasn't feeling very well (when oh when is my mouth going to quit throbbing??), so after we paid and loaded up the car, we came on home. This was at 3 o'clock and David said he had to lie down for a while. Well, a "while" turned into hours, with him finally getting up around 7:30!!! This morning he got back in the bed, and I have yet to see him after that. He did have chemo on Thursday and I know that "chemo fatigue" is very common, but to have hints of him feeling better and then him sleeping all day is kind of discouraging. I hope that his body is continuing to heal, though, and within a couple of months, he will be up and about more often.

Still no "for sale" sign on the yp's house yet. I look everyday, hoping that one will appear, kind of like those mushrooms that are popping up everywhere!! What a glorious day that will be for our neighborhood!!!

Have a great afternoon, everyone. I hope to start the new Harry Potter book this afternoon, but these bifocals may cause some problems. It may take me weeks to finish, but I think that once I start it, I will not be able to put it down!!

Later!! OH, note that the squirrel in above picture has no tail!!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday afternoon

Well, here it is, already another Friday afternoon. David and Christopher are working on a chaise lounge that we brought downstairs the other day to replace a torn up, big loveseat. The cats have the loveseat now, in their "apartment". They are getting another chair this weekend, too, almost like Vern or Hildie (the decorators from the show "Trading Spaces") was down there decorating!! All I need to do is get a cover for the lounge in the living room (is it kind of 60's greenish velveteen!) , to at least be in the same color family as the rest of the junk, excuse me, furnishings in that room. It is so nice to have extra room in there, so I want to get a light colored throw to put on it. That may be a mistake, but if it is washable, then it will work. Big Lots, here I come!!!

My tooth hole is still very sore, as is the roof of my mouth from all of the shots!! I have been able to eat pretty well, though, so I know it is better now. My whole cheek is still puffy and very very "touch-ous", a word that I made up many decades ago but really fits the situation!!! I hope that we go to the coffee shop this afternoon, since the Nosser women will probably be there. I could use a good cup of coffee in a little while.

So, the new Harry Potter book comes out tonight at one minute past midnight. I am anxious to get mine (not at midnight!) but dread the way my eyes have been feeling lately, after I read just a little bit!! I pretty well expect mine will be hanging down on my neck by the time I get to finish it!!! These dingblasted, no line bifocals!!!!! But I cannot wait to read it. Do you know that J. K. Rowling, the author, is the second richest woman in the world??? She is behind Oprah, whose pocket change could probably pay off all of my bills!!! Oh, to have her pocket change!!!!!

Well, that is all for now. Everyone have a fun, safe Friday night!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Wow, does my mouth hurt!!! I will be SO glad when it stops!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The tooth, the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth...

So, I am sitting here with a tea bag stuck up in my tooth's former home, trying to get it to stop bleeding. My mouth is all droopy. My face is all numb. I am hungry. But it is done. My dentist, Don Jackson, gave me all the shots after putting the numbing stuff on it, then after a few minutes, came in and said that there would be a lot of tugging and pulling, but that it wouldn't hurt. HELLO. It hurt. I was wringing my hands, my body lotion started sliming up because I broke out in a sweat, and at one point, he told me that I needed to calm down! But it HURTS, I told him. Well, he sighed and then gave me another shot (this was about the fifth or sixth one, seriously) and it hurt like the devil!! Then he waited a few minutes and came back in. NOW it didn't hurt, but he was having the hardest time pulling it out. It just would not let go. Good news is I don't have osteoporosis! He said that my bone was very hard (heh heh) but then he discovers that instead of one big tooth root, I have THREE roots!! He said that was very unusual. And that is why it took so long to deaden it!! FINALLY, FINALLY, it loosened up. But then, one of the roots broke off!! So, he had to go back and tug some more. When it was out, he saw that it was really a bad tooth but dang it, it had a good root system!!

I am curious about whether this will solve my left side headache problem that has plagued me for many, many years. And whenever I get a cold or a sinus problem, it is that area that hurts the worst. I hope I will be pain free now, which is the whole point of pulling the tooth, isn't it?

I am so hungry but have to eat something really soft this evening. Cracker Barrel chicken and dumplings immediately come to my mind!!!!!

David had a little fever this morning, but he has chemo tomorrow, so I think the fever will be long gone after that. And it hasn't rained today and is actually pretty, so I wish I felt like going to do something, maybe eat at Cracker Barrel???? I hope to go see the new Harry Potter movie very soon, maybe this weekend. The new book is out this weekend, too, and of course, there are those who want to spoil the ending for everyone. I may not be getting online until I read the book!!! I want to discover it my very own self!!!!!

So, that's that for now!! Later!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It will not stop raining....

So, for the umpteenth day in a row, it is raining. The good thing is, there are no flame icons on our local weather forecast. The bad thing is, it won't stop raining! The dogs look at me as if to say, make it stop, make it stop, but I feed'em and tell them to get in their doghouses! One of my cats was asleep yesterday, in what had been a sunbeam, and when the rain started, she tried to ignore it, wiggling her ear or whisker when it dropped on her. After a couple of minutes, though, she got up, and I swear I could hear her sigh, as she got under some shelter. But, I would so rather have this than a drought, so I am not complaining!

Thanks for all of the kind thoughts about our doctor's phone call yesterday!! We are really pleased about it. That being said, however, he was sick as a dog last night, plus has been running that low grade fever again. That is disheartening, but it is a reminder that a good report doesn't mean he is cured!! I feel that once he has another treatment this Thursday, the fever will go away. It will be three weeks since his last treatment, so apparently, if he goes too long between chemos, that fever will flare up again, for whatever reason. But since those tests were done just last Thursday, I am not too worried that the cancer will have much chance to "act up" again. We'll nip it in the bud!!!!! Nip it!! Nip it!! I feel really confident that we will be getting good reports for quite a while!

The house cleaning is continuing, bless Christopher's heart. He is really so very good at organizing, but there are some things I don't know what to do with because I don't want to get rid of them. But today, he showed me some TV Guides that I had kept, so I graciously parted with them, unflinchingly, too!! I have to admit, it is so nice to see so much clean floor in our bedroom. Now, before you think that we were living in absolute filth, that is not the case. It was just "stuff" that I would put in a box to go through later, or clean towels and sheets that I had not gotten around to putting up. And TONS of billing statements, some from a few years ago, were stacked on tables and in file folders. We are going to have a big bonfire soon to dispose of them. After a while, and when you are dealing with a serious illness, you tend to not see that stuff anymore, just walk around it and deal with what needs to be dealt with. I hope I can keep it clean - I will do my best. I am going to stop the paper bills from coming, just get them online. I mean, I don't pay anything by mail anymore, so I might as well get less of it!!

That's it for now. Tomorrow I get the tooth out. I am ready for it to go. I HAVE been taking my antibiotic and am ready to stop that because it makes me so queasy! But the tooth has really been hurting so I will be glad for it to be yanked out. It's time is done, it is time to go, and hopefully these headaches will go away, too. I am not looking forward to the actual pulling, but I am a big girl, I can deal with it!!!! It's at noon tomorrow, so think good thoughts at that time!!!


Monday, July 16, 2007

We are jumping for joy!!!!

Just a few minutes ago, our oncologist, Dr. Graham, called PERSONALLY, to tell us that David's liver enzymes were back to normal and the CEA, a number that measures the amount of cancer activity, has gone down 2 points. As he said, with as bad as David had gotten a few weeks ago, and as high as his CEA had gotten, this was a very quick turn around, and he was very pleased and wanted to deliver the news himself. ISN'T THAT GREAT?? And again, could there BE a better doctor for us than Dr. Graham? He could have had a nurse call us, or what most doctors are doing lately, not even calling us at all!!! That is just another sign that we are where we need to be. This kind of personal attention is absolutely wonderful.

So, HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!!! Just thought it needed to be shared!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

If the neighbors move........

I won't have to do this anymore, before I go outside!!
Yeah, and I can pretty much can find a cat picture that will illustrate any of my points!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Interesting rumor.....

We have heard, "through the grapevine", that our illustrious neighbors, the yp's, are trying to find jobs in another state. Everyone, PLEASE pray that they get offered a job that they cannot refuse!! They can "raise the standards" of their new neighborhood, and it will DEFINITELY raise the standards of ours, if they are gone. That feng shui mirror thing must be working!!

All around, this has been a really good week!!!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th!!!

Hello, all, on this menacing date!!! So far, so good, in the Reid household today, and hopefully, the good luck will hold for a long time. I feel a hundred times better today! I took a hot bath last night, put some essential oil in the water, soaked, then took Benadryl, ibuprofen, phenergan, mucinex, and finally, my antibiotic!!! It didn't kill me and I woke up after a refreshing night's sleep raring to go!! Unbelievably, with the almost one hundred pounds of cat litter that I had, I didn't have enough to do all of the litter boxes, but boy hidey, we got most of them done and what hot, stinky work THAT was!!!! I really feel a big sense of accomplishment when I do that chore!!! I have gone through books to take to the library, Christopher and I went through the plethora of magazine baskets that we have (Lord, how they do pile up!), all in all, a VERY productive day!!!! We are about to run errands in a few minutes, some for us, some for both mothers, then off to the coffee shop we will go!! The Nosser women have already called today, first off to find out the results of the scan, second to let us know they will be at the coffee shop this afternoon. Mrs. Nosser told David a couple of weeks ago that she was close to God and she KNEW without a shadow of a doubt, that we would get a good scan!! I told her today that she was right, and she assures me that they will just keep getting better and better. Y'all, this is one great Southern lady. Anyone would be CRAZY to doubt what she says!!!!!! So, this afternoon with her and "the girls" will be an absolute joy!!

The Nielson week is over for us. We got a postcard in the mail today reminding us to PLEASE send in the diary today! Huh? The mail is gone!!! I will put it in the mail tomorrow. I don't think that my diary will sink a good show! The fact is, this last week I think we have watched television less than we have for years!!! With Christopher here, we have watched some DVD's, listened to more music, and with us having been under the weather, just left the dang thing OFF!!!!!! But tonight, programming alert - Monk and Psych start their new season. I highly recommend them, especially Psych. Those boys are just hilarious and very enjoyable to watch.

Well, that's it for now. Everyone have a safe 13th, so you'll be around for the 14th!!!!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The results of the CT scan are in......

And, they were GOOD!! I won 't go into too many details at the moment, because I actually feel really bad right now (no sleep, my head cold, the tooth, the heat, my stomach, I am a joy to be around!). But there was some improvement in the lungs, which we expected, since he isn't coughing anymore, and while there was no visible improvement in the liver, the doctor thinks that the next CT will show that there actually IS an improvement, it just hasn't "caught up" yet. He starts back next Thursday on his weekly chemo, then we go back to the doctor in six weeks. So, we are very very pleased and optimistic. The main problem, of course, is still the shingle pain. He is really still in a lot of pain, at times, and pretty much has to take the medicine every few hours, no matter what. But we have heard that it takes a long time to get over shingles, and him having chemo may make it take longer than usual. Hey, we can deal with that.

And Dr. Graham is such a sweet man. He is certainly the doctor that we need to be seeing. I honestly cannot think of how any doctor could be better!!

Well, I am about to start getting ready to shut down now. I do hope that after I get this tooth out, I will start feeling better. I cannot afford to be sick!!

Have a great Friday!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I can't sleep!

So, here it is, after midnight, I am bone tired, have a big day tomorrow (CT scan, doctor appointment), and I am as wide awake as I can be!! Why, why, oh why can't I just go to sleep like a normal person???

Christopher is continuing his cleaning throughout the house. I have to say, it is really nice to see the hardwood floor in our bedroom. And the table is made of wood, too, I am finding out!!! We had a good afternoon at the coffee shop today, too. Rusty was there, and then the Lambs came in and we just had a great time visiting and laughing. What therapy!! I would have loved for Daniel to join us in the conversation but he was making our coffee and spritzers, and he served them with a smile. Seriously, it is worth the trip to Vicksburg JUST to go to his coffee shop. It is absolutely wonderful. I haven't been in about a week and I really have missed seeing everyone.

Well, I guess I need to try to go to sleep now. I just chewed on a stale peanut butter granola bar that tasted like cardboard. But maybe I was hungry and it will send me to dreamland. Or I can take a sleeping pill, maybe that will work, too!

I hopefully will have great news to report tomorrow evening. Everyone send a special prayer up tomorrow that we will get good results!! I know that it helps!!

Oh, great. There is a flying bug in here and Buffy just jumped on the printer. I am surprised that anything works in this house with those creatures walking on everything!
I know what will happen - I will be almost asleep and I will hear a crash as one of the girls chase this bug. I think I will opt for the sleeping pill!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


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We were browsing through the computer and this popped up. I have no idea what it's about, but it's Erica, so.......

The best laid plans.....

So, first thing yesterday morning, the phone rings. It's the eye doctor, postponing David's appointment that was scheduled for the afternoon. It is now today. Great, one less thing to worry about. David's mother was still in the hospital, so I knew that a trip to see her was in order, but I also knew that with my tooth extraction, I probably wouldn't feel up to it. I was nervous, but Christopher kept reassuring me that it would be all right. Finally, it is time to go to the dentist. The bottom is about to fall out - the sky is dark, the wind is blowing, it started sprinkling on us just as we pulled up to the office. I go in, and haven't sat down 30 seconds when they call my name. I had just had a sneezing fit so my voice kind of sounded like Lauren Bacall's and the girl asked if I was sick, so I told her about the last week and the dreaded mahocus. Don, the dentist, a friend of mine for several several decades, came right on in, so I told him about me being sick and how I hadn't taken the antibiotics that he had prescribed BECAUSE of me being sick and he just looked at me. By this time, David had come in, because he and Christopher were afraid that I would talk Don out of pulling the tooth. Don looked at David, back at me, and said that I was supposed to take the bottle of antibiotics, that it really wasn't a "suggestion" as such, but something that I really needed to do!!! Well, damn. They make my stomach hurt, make my head hurt, and since I had already been sick, I just didn't think it was that important!! So, I am rescheduled for July 18. I have to admit, it was dumb on my part, but again, I was sick, and who thinks clearly when they are sick??? No one I know!!!

Then we leave to head to the hospital, and it is really about to seriously rain. And folks, I cannot REMEMBER when we have had this much rain everyday!! The best thing about it is that it is keeping the temperatures down, but I sure don't want it to rain everyday for the next two and a half months!!!! The dog yard has become a mud hole and the grass is sure growing faster. great.

OH, before we left the house, I got my newspaper. Who should be on the front page? Why it is the male yp!!! There is an article and he is quoted in it, with all of his professionalism, I might add. When we got home, I ripped his picture off, and put it in a bag with cat poo. I resisted the urge to put it in their mailbox, because I have to remember I am the adult here. I guess it was a slow news day.

Back to heading to the hospital - Christopher let us out under the covered entrance and then, bless his heart, had to park miles away and walk in the torrent of rain! Norma was all upset and shaky and really was quite frail looking and acting her age, which is unusual for her. We visited for about an hour, but then left because David was starting to have head pains and needed to lie down. Luckily the sun was breaking through by the time we left. Well, imagine our surprise when we find out last night that she was being discharged from the hospital, LAST NIGHT!!! David's brother, Carl, was with her and said she was chomping at the bit to come home. NOT the Norma we saw yesterday afternoon!!! The doctors told her that she had absolutely nothing wrong with her so I think she just got mad and wanted out of there!! And pretty much, that is how it happened, when David talked to her this morning. Carl had spent the night and was heading back to Jackson today, so I don't know whether we will have to go out there this afternoon after David's eye appointment. We will just have to figure out what is happening to her and try to deal with it in the best way we can.

And then day after tomorrow is the CT scan. The cancer has kind of been put on the back burner, so to speak, because the shingles have pretty much been the major obstacle in the last two months. We are hoping for good news, obviously, and I really feel that there will be some improvement. He is so much better than he was a few months ago, how can there NOT be???

Now, let's talk about cats. All three kittens came home safely, which is a relief. But their mother is now attracting some tomcats, being the fusty lug that she is!! That is 1800's slang for "slut", by the way. Anyway, I need to give two kits away to good homes (is there ever going to be an ad in the paper saying, "free kittens to a questionable home"?), and then get this mother (shut yo mouth....) fixed and then maybe, MAYBE, the tomcats will stay away. There is a new beautiful one hanging around that David actually caught this morning, but then he couldn't get the cage open and had to let him go, lest he be clawed up. Scruffy, good precious boy that he is, chased off another one this morning, too. He came home yesterday with another cut on his neck, but he is such a good little cat, I just doctor it, pet him, and then give him canned cat food. The sun is shining, at the moment, so he is on his patrol now, but he will be back later on today, I trust. Keeping the yard safe from intruding tomcats - that is his job!

Well, y'all, I haven't even fed the menagerie outside or downstairs, so I guess I need to go do that. I mean, Stimpy is pushing 30 pounds, he really needs his food.

Everyone have a great Tuesday, if that is possible!!! Later!!
Oh, and don't think I have run out of pictures of cats. I just thought these pug pictures fit my "theme" of the day!!!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

This was the week that was. I'm sorry, it was the week that SUCKED!!!!

Wow, am I glad that this past week is over!! Of course, the next one is off to a questionable start, too. David has a doctor's appointment, I have the appointment to get my tooth yanked (my appointment is at 2:30, you know, "tooth-hurty"), my mother in law is in the hospital, David has his CT scan and oncologist appointment on Thursday, and God knows WHAT else in between all of that!!!!

My cold is better, but if I do much of anything, I am a river of sweat, absolutely drenched!! I was going to go with David and Christopher to take stuff to his mom, and stop by the store, but by the time I got ready, I was wiped out, so since I am having that mouth trauma tomorrow, I opted to stay home. I finally cooled off, got the dishwasher loaded and am now enjoying a satisfying warm beverage. I have no canned cat food to get the menagerie in, all three of the little kittens are missing (no doubt, looking for their mittens), the dog yard is drying up, just in time for the next downpouring of rain, so I decided to get online for a while, to catch up on the world's happenings today. I see that Paris is still on her "I am out of jail" tour, her co-star, the pregnant Nicole may be starting her own "I am in jail" tour. Okay, can't these two girls go away, and take their friends, and while we're at it, the yps, with them? And another thing, we are a Nielson family this week. Good Gawd Gertie, you would think that the fate of the western world hangs on what we watch this week! Yesterday morning they called AGAIN, to make sure that I understand the diary, and considering they woke me up and I felt horrible, I was really really nice to not tell them where they could put their diary!! "You know where to put your names and ages and do you understand about the time and channels and do you know to draw a line down from your name to show that you have been watching that channel and do you know that you have a comment section to write down anything unusual and do you know where to send the diary when you are through with it and do you have anymore questions that I may can help you with?" Or words to that effect. I told her yes, I got it AND figured it out (not rocket science) and I actually thanked her for calling! Ironically, we have watched less television in the last week because of everyone being sick!! I guess I should be grateful that they picked us - they DID send us a dollar for our trouble. You know, times are hard and that dollar came in handy to add to the tip of the pizza guy the other night. So, I will do my best for the Nielson people.

I am glad to say that Jeremy got back to San Diego with much less trouble than he had getting here. And Katie got back Columbia from Phoenix with less trouble than she had getting there! I am glad that I am not flying anytime soon. I don't want to get bumped, or worse!

Christopher is itching to get to work around here, but with company and sickness, he has had to put all of that on hold. But hopefully, after the tooth is gone and the cold is finally gone, we can get some projects done before he leaves, which will be way too soon. Not for Katie, though! I KNOW she wants him home, but she is sweet and loving and I thank you thank you thank you, Katie, for being a wonderful understanding wife and daughter in law!!! She has been under the weather, too, so I hope that this week will be better for her, too.

Well, I need to go do another load of laundry. Boy, it sure piles up if you don't do it!!! Do any of you remember those disposable clothes that were bandied about in the late sixties? I had a friend who wore a paper dress to school. Seriously. Anyway, the idea is really beginning to make sense to me now. Oh, and the girl who wore the paper dress? I remember us all being very concerned during recess and a kickball game. I think she got through it with her dignity intact. Not like me, who had her skirt ripped off on the sliding board when I was in the third grade! We HAD to wear dresses everyday, and they were all those flouncy shirtwaisted deals. I get on the slide and the hem caught a nail or something at the top. Well, thank goodness we all had to wear slips those days!!! A boy handed me my skirt when I got to the bottom and I was mortified and ran to my teacher, who just exploded with laughter. I was so mad at her, but I'm surprised that she didn't just fall to the ground laughing, now that I am an adult. It had to be pretty friggin' hilarious!!
Ah, memories...... BACK TO THE PRESENT DAY -

I hope that tomorrow evening I can report that the tooth extraction went uneventfully, and that David's eye appointment showed that the shingles are retreating, and that we have some answers about my mother in law. Keep your fingers crossed.............

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Fourth of July Blow out!

And by "blow out", I mean my nose!! I have been so sick for the last couple of days, which really blew the heck out of our holiday plans! Poor Jeremy comes in around 6 Tuesday evening and both David and I are not feeling so great. Then I really thought I might DIE Tuesday night! I hurt everywhere, couldn't breathe, had fever, just the "whatever can go wrong, went wrong" itis!! I am still sneezing and water is just pouring off of my head, which means the fever has broken but enough is enough! David is having more pain than usual in his head, so with both of us sick, well, it just kind of sucks. At least Christopher and Jeremy have had a good time visiting. And the Twilight Zone marathon was on for the last two days so we pretty much "zoned" in front of the television. I love it when puns are so obvious!

So, here it is, July 5. Whoohooo. Hopefully, July 6 will be better and we can finally go see the Transformer movie.

Have a great day. Stay well. Oh, and this cat looks like we feel. Just drape us over the armrest.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Tuesday's not much better than Monday!!

Well, here it is, Tuesday afternoon again. Jeremy was supposed to get into the Jackson airport from San Diego at 2:30, and we were going to pick him up. However, I woke up this morning with my sinuses throbbing and having to blow every couple of minutes, PLUS there is pain. Now I am worried that my toothache is really just a sinus ache!! I am taking the antibiotics for the tooth, but it is apparently working on my sinuses, too, although my tooth is much better. So, what is the deal? Do I have the tooth pulled as planned? It has hurt for years and is broken, but maybe it doesn't need pulling after all!! No amount of Benadryl is helping me this afternoon either. Hopefully, tomorrow it will be all better.

Which brings me to the other things happening today. Jeremy is stuck in Dallas. He got bumped from his flight and there was no other seat available on a flight to Jackson. So he is flying into Monroe, LA and renting a car. In a way, that is good, because I REALLY don't feel like going to Jackson now, anyway, but I was looking forward to seeing a movie this afternoon. BUT, David's mother is having another, for want of a better word, "attack", and David and Christopher have gone over there, and then to the pharmacy to get her some medicine. That really does work out with Jeremy coming into Monroe. We really didn't need to be out of town, with that going on. See, we tried to get her to buy the house next door a couple of years ago, but she loved her house, way off the road and away from neighbors, so she never really seriously considered it. Then the yp's moved in there. And she has "fallen and could not get up" more than once and had to yell for over an hour to get someone to help her. Do you see what I am saying? Two birds could have been, at least, knocked unconscious with one stone if she had bought that house!!! She would have been in town, near us, near the casinos, and those raving lunatics would have had to move elsewhere, to make someone ELSE'S life miserable!!! And it really would have been great having Norma live next door. I get along great with her, most of the time! Ah, life........

It looks like it may rain now. As far as I am concerned, it can rain everyday until fall and then the end of September, we get a beautiful blue sky with moderate temperatures!! That would be so wonderful. Ah, dreams......

I know that everyone has problems (something that was screamed at me recently), and I know yesterday was a bummer for a lot of people, and today's not shaping up so great, either. But I know two young parents to be who heard their baby's little 12 week old heart beating!! How exciting!!!!!!! There's lots of little babies on the way!! Congrats to all of the parents to be!!! Enjoy this time!! I am going to have to take out a loan to buy baby presents!!!! That is quite all right! I LOVE giving gifts to people and these will be extra special ones!!

Everyone have a great Fofa July!!! Be careful about fireworks, salmonella, and heatstroke!!!! Maybe things will be calmed down around here by then. Ah, hope........
OH, The Twilight Zone is on all day long today on the SciFi channel!!! How great is that????? It's not even New Year's!!!!!!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Wow, it sure was a Monday!

Okay, so the first thing I did this morning when I got up was make an appointment with my dentist. This tooth is just throbbing too much to ignore anymore. They were going to see me at 11:15 ish. Fine. So, then I called my mom to check on her and she gives me her grocery list. I said, well, we will try to get it, I don't know what will happen at the dentist. I hung up. The phone rang, and this time it was my mother in law, frantic and telling me that she needed to go to the hospital!! Remember now, half of my face is throbbing, the pain is making me queasy, and my swollen foot is now a whole swollen leg. I told her that we needed to call Carl, David's brother. Fortunately, she agreed and he was soon on his way to her house. Meanwhile, I go to the dentist and sure enough, this sucker is being evicted next Monday!! He gave me a strong antibiotic, in fact I am kind of stoned by it right now, and a strong pain pill that I will take this evening. Then we came back and got David, went and ate, spent a fortune on supplements at Vitamin World, then to the grocery store, then to mom's, then back to the store because I had forgotten a couple of things, back to mom's, then home!! Carl called us to tell us that Norma's heart was fine and they were not going to keep her tonight. I don't know what the deal is, anxiety probably. Carl suggested that she lose weight, which didn't set too well with her, but it probably would help tremendously if she did. Shoot, my leg would probably be a lot better if I lost weight! I really need to try to make that happen. Not my tooth, though, I think it is a lost cause. It would hurt no matter what I weigh!!!

So, whew, what a day. I am ready to go to bed RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE, but it is still daylight for several more hours. So, I will wait.

How was YOUR Monday?????

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Now it's July!

So, Erica has come and gone, but what a quick fun trip it was!! When we picked her up Wednesday morning, David felt well enough for us to stop at a few stores, which was so much fun, as I had mentioned earlier in an earlier post. We had fun the whole time, except my tooth is really hurting me badly again. I fear it must be pulled. Personally, I have been tempted to do it myself, but I am a big ol' chicken, plus it is at the very back, kinda hard to reach. Painkillers aren't doing too much to help, so first thing tomorrow morning, I call my dentist. Hopefully, he can work me in soon, but with the holiday smack dab in the middle of the week, who knows when I can get in there?? David doesn't have chemo this week, and with Christopher here, I don't have anything stopping me from getting there, whenever he can see me. I am ready to get this sucker OUT of my mouth for good!!

We took Erica back to the airport yesterday afternoon and she arrived safely back in Chicago. But poor poor Katie - she was flying to see her dad in Phoenix and her flight was cancelled! They rebooked her and I believe even it was cancelled, or terribly delayed. She was supposed to arrive yesterday morning, but didn't get there until 9 our time, last night!! But now everyone is safe and sound, where they are supposed to be. The airline industry is really losing its "attaboys" lately. Southwest seems to be the only one that is getting good reviews. I pity those who have to fly regularly. I mean, it is stressful enough without having the possibility of your flight being cancelled!!!

Linda and her family got back from their vacation in Florida last night. I went over daily to feed their menagerie - a macaw, an African grey, a parakeet, a cockatiel, a rat, well, actually a fuzzy white hamster, a bunch of fish, and a rabbit!! Lawsey!!! We had to take the rabbit to the vet for an injection on Thursday. May I say, that was one pissed off rabbit!! He wouldn't come out of his carrier when we got back to their house, and then turned his back on us. But he's a rabbit. He got over it when we gave him some carrots!! But they are home now, and I am relieved. The birds, rat, and fish were okay, but Lucky, the rabbit, was lonely and wanted to be played with. We would pet him but couldn't let him out to just hop around, so hopefully, he can hop a lot today!!! He is a cutie.

Oh, great. My handicapable kitten has peed all over the floor. Thank you, Teddie, I really wanted to start my day with that. I especially wanted to have to lean over so my tooth will throb more. How accommodating you are. Oh, I'm back and am happy to report that ALL of her functions are quite good. Then she crawled onto a rug. Thanks, again, Ted. I really wanted to do more this morning.

Which segues into - it has been a month since the last attack of the yp's. And even though I KNOW that no amount of reason would have been heard by the likes of them, that no matter what I said, it would have been shouted back at me like a child would do (I read an interesting comment on another site about a rude person - they said that they should "upgrade to adult"! I love that!), but one thing that keeps going through my mind is, when I was her age, NOT YOUNG, btw, I WAS working outside the home, but unlike her, who has a dog that probably eats out of a bowl on the floor, drinks water out of a bowl on the floor, and is walked 3 or 4 times a day, I was raising two children, who I DIDN'T feed in a bowl on the floor, who had homework, dancing, taekwondo, Girl Scouts, and oh yeah, I was a troop leader one year, admittedly, not a great one, but I tried. Of course, I NEVER want to have to speak another word to them again, but if I did, I would like to bring all of that up!! I am SO NOT IMPRESSED by anything that they do!!!! They work for the Corps and the school system. In Vicksburg, if you throw a rock up in the air, it is going to hit someone who has worked for the Corps or the school system on its way down!! Seriously. But I know I have the police and people with common sense on my side, so that helps. But I do hope that I NEVER have to hear another word that they say, EVER!!

Okay, I feel better now. I just had to get that out. It is quite disturbing to be screamed at like that, and it has stayed on my mind more than I wanted it to. Sorry to bring it up again.

Well, I have yet to take care of the outside critters and I am sure they are wasting away. I hope to lay low today, in this unbreathable hot weather. I hope that whoever invented air conditioning has a throne in heaven near God, because he, or she, certainly deserves it!!!

Have a great First of July!!