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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Tomorrow is the "third of June, another sleepy dusty delta day"

But, apologies to Bobbie Gentry with her "Ode to Billy Joe", today is like that, too !!!!!! It is so very nice outside. It smells wonderful, it is breezy, the neighbors are in their house so I don't have to look at them or hear them, just a good day, so far!

Erica and Fuzzy are getting some food ready to be cooked out for the grandmothers, so it smells great in here, too!! David is not feeling too well, which always makes me sad, but hopefully, he will be feeling better within the next couple of hours, too. Erica and I are going to have massages this afternoon, too, which is going to be GREAT!!!!! Lawsey, I really need it, being that I have been under a tad bit of stress lately. Of course, according to neighborhood thugs, we don't have any stress, compared to them!! Okay, yeah, I am still pissed. REALLY pissed. I have been praying to "my" Jesus, that I will never have another encounter with them. I have decided that "their" Jesus must be a soccer player or something and that he is saving a goal or something!! That would make perfect sense, then!!!

Woofer has been wearing the shock collar and seems to be just fine with it. But we got him sheared yesterday and he is the absolute cutest thing ever!!! He is so little and doesn't even look like the same dog, plus you can see that he has big spots all over him!! Fuzzy took some pics so hopefully I can put one on here soon. He really enjoyed his "spa" day and I am trying to make him associate the shock collar (you can only leave it on for 12 hours at a time, so I put it on 10ish at night) with a special treat and a kiss! He is such a sweet dog, he just lets me do it without any problem. I wish that I could give one to the neighbor!! A shock collar, that is, when she starts barking.

The weather has been so perfect with E and F here, it is as if I ordered it, just for them!!! If this was the way our whole summer was, it would be paradise, but I am afraid that the high humidity and oppressive heat is just around the corner. We are enjoying it, however, for as long as we can. Hence all of the deck sitting!!! And cooking out!!! And eating out there!!! Lovely!!

David has just about lost all of his hair. It is really an odd sight, but I will get used to it. When he has a hat or cap on, he looks the same, though. The other day at chemo, he said that he got up to use the restroom, dragging the IV along with him, and when he walked out, a little boy that was sitting there said, "is that what Santa Claus looks like?"! Isn't that precious? He said that had he been thinking clearly, he would have said "HO HO HO", but he didn't, he just chuckled. Of course, it would be a skinny Santa Claus!!!!!! But so far his beard is still hanging in there, but it is just snow white!! Maybe it will stay!!! He will have chemo for the next three Thursdays and then on the fourth Thursday he has another CT scan and a doctor appointment. And it really goes without saying that we hope that it is encouraging news. The shingles have gotten better, so it has kind of overshadowed the cancer, so now we need to get back on track with treatments and supplements. And I mean, who really needs hair?? He's in style!!

And I am officially going to start my book next week. I think I will call it "I Do Absolutely Nothing All Day Long"!!! Because you know it is true - I just sit and eat bonbons all day long!!! Seriously, though, what really is a bonbon???? Anyway, that is my working title for the time being!!! It will be a serious, yet humorous look at our journey, thus far. Would any of you read it????

Well, that is it for now. I need to go check on David right now, see if he can eat with us when the food is ready. He has really been up quite a bit for the last couple of days, and it is hitting him hard. Cancer fatigue is not a normal tiredness. So, this doesn't surprise me that he isn't feeling very well. But he just dearly loves having Erica and Fuzzy here. He will stay up just to be with them!! I am so glad that they are here, too. We love them so much!!

Have a great Saturday afternoon!!!!!


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