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Sunday, June 03, 2007

The third of June......

Good evening, everyone. Well, things are quiet now, Erica and Fuzzy left a few hours ago and should actually be just about in Chicago by now, if they aren't already. It was a very good visit, lots of good food, visiting, just relaxing. The weather was perfect, so most of the cooking was done outside on the grill by E and F, and then we would sit at the table on the deck and eat the wonderful, just grilled food! Very very enjoyable! David got to sit out a couple of times, too, but the heat and the sunshine really hurt his shingled eye, so he would come back in after a few minutes. I know that they had to leave and I really miss them, but Erica will be back in three weeks, as will Christopher. Time will fly by, IF I can steer clear of the neighbors!!! They could drag time to a grinding halt with their actions!!! Petty, sad individuals.

I did not get my massage as I had planned to do yesterday. I just felt too queasy (could be all that heat and grilled meat!!), so the masseuse did Erica's, then my hands, and gave me some bath salts to use. I just used them. Oh my my, were they wonderful!!!! I had the water very hot, but the oil in the bath salts made my skin feel so cool and tingly!! I made another appointment for tomorrow afternoon. I do hope that I can keep it.

And the air conditioner is still acting up. The fan is going to have to be replaced now. The whole house shakes when it is on, and it is really strange to be in the bed and it is just vibrating like crazy!! You would think that would be relaxing, but, not so much. There is a roar that goes along with the vibration, too!! But, it is still cooling, thank goodness. Hopefully, all will be fixed tomorrow.

Well, that's it for now. Wish me luck on the neighborhood conflict. Personally, I hope to never have to speak to them again. That would be great, wouldn't it?? We can always pray for that to happen.



  • At Sunday, June 03, 2007, Anonymous Cheryl said…

    Hey! It is another sleepy dusty Delta day, isn't it? I hope that the A/C gets fixed tomorrow. Are the people from Piazza coming back? I know you are sad that E and F are gone, but just knowing they will be back soon is comforting. Hopefully, David is feeling well, or at least a bit better today. Please forgive me for not coming over; I just feel that you need your space and that you will call me when you want my company. I am always here, so call. Love you both, Cheryl


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