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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Several things to mention today....

First off, I want to tell you that they have taken the match flame out of our forecast for next week!! HOORAY!! Yesterday, it was so hot and humid that I was totally soaked after being outside for just a few minutes!!! And that really plays havoc with my stomach, so I am not a big fan of summer weather. When I said that to Daniel, at the coffee shop, he was like, why, you are the only one who has said that you don't like the heat, which of course, was sarcasm. I think I punched him in the arm or something. I did get a smoothie, but then asked Dave, one of the weekend employees, to fix me a little cup of decaf, which he did and it was excellent. The place was hopping yesterday - there was a book signing at the bookstore next door, the author hawking her newest Southern humor novel. I have the first one, and it is funny, and this second one looks even better, but I just wasn't in the mood to go buy a book, you know? But it looks like there was a good crowd. And there is a young man, Clay Koestler, the teen son of a friend of mine, who was playing at the coffee shop, so there were quite a few young'uns in there, too. He was very good. He is very talented, both playing the guitar and in singing. Rusty was there, so it was good to catch up with him, but then David's pain pills starting wearing off and we had to leave. We don't need a clock anymore, we can tell time by David's pains!!!!!!

Okay, an explanation of something I have been saying - "wishing them into the cornfield". I am a big Twilight Zone fan. This is an episode starring Billy Mumy as a little boy, who if he doesn't like someone, he "wishes them into the cornfield" and they go away. The adults are terrified of him because many many people have been wished away, and he pretty much runs the town now. And he is a little boy in this episode, which means I was a little girl when this was originally on and would have been terrified myself by the show!! B. Mumy was born the day before I was, so I know I didn't watch it then. As an adult, though, I really got into watching it every time it was on, and New Year's Eve means "Twilight Zone marathon" on the SciFi channel!! Love it!!!! B. Mumy went on to be in Lost In Space, another show that I watched when I was a teenager. So, if I ever say "Danger, Will Robinson", it's from Lost in Space!!! Yay, Billy Mumy.

Also, kittens. Friday morning I stepped out on the deck and there are two little bitty black kittens staring up at me!! I was like, well, now what, something else to piss off the neighbors. One is very tame, the other, very very skittish. We managed to catch the skittish one and love on her, but she did run every time we stepped out there. Yesterday morning, however, there was a huge thunderstorm and I saw the skittish one running in the driveway. We haven't seen her since. I have looked and looked (wringing wet with sweat!), the mama cat has been howling for her, we have seen absolutely nothing of her since then. So, of course, we are worried. Now we didn't even know this cat existed Thursday, and now we are worried about her two days later!! I really have enough to worry about, thank you very much. Last night, there was a wild party going on down the street so I didn't want to venture too far from my yard to look for her some more. This morning, David got up early and came back to bed saying that the OTHER kitten was missing now. I went out and looked in the engine of the car, no kits, looked under bushes, no kits, and was just like, fine, they are gone. A little while ago, though, the tame one is asleep on a step by Scruffy. Cuteness, big ol' beat up Scruffy, little tiny black baby. And now there was just a cat fight going on. There are too many cats, I agree. I have contacted Paws Rescue about getting the two female mama cats fixed and they have agreed, but I don't want to keep them!! I have cats already!! Although I saw a black cat that I have never seen before over in the yp's yard this morning!! Something else they can blame me for, too!! ( Oh, they aren't back yet. Hooray!!!) Today in the paper, there is a full page of pictures of cats needing to be adopted, though, so I really don't know who would take this kitten and the adult females. I really do not know what to do. I love my cats. I have plenty. I do not want for them to be, well, you know.....

Well, that is all for now. I am hoping that we have company tonight. We ran into our friend, Phil, the other day and he said he would come over tonight. I would say that we would cook out, but it is so hot, and as usual, my stomach is churning. Of course, it could be stress and nerves doing that, don't ya think??? I would love ONE day, no worries, nothing to do, just relax and not stress. Ain't gonna happen.

Okay, I hope all of you have a lazy Sunday afternoon. Stay cool!!!

Oh, and congrats to Melissa and Grady!!! It's gonna be adorable, I just know it!!!!


  • At Sunday, June 10, 2007, Blogger IPW said…

    Hey Mama Reid!
    Sense you are writing about the Twilight Zone, I thought I would pass this little tidbit alot.

    Did you know they made a sequel to that episode. It was during the 2003 revival series.

    You can read about it here.'s_Still_a_Good_Life_(The_Twilight_Zone)


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