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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I'm not ready for it, but SUMMER IS HERE!!!

You know the Accuweather forecasts that you can check online, that tell what the next seven days will be, what the humidity will be, the precipitation, all that weather stuff? You know how they have the little icons that show whether or not it will be sunny (a sun), partly cloudy (sun with a cloud over it), rain (cloud with raindrops), or thunderstorms (cloud with lightning), and for those of you in northern climes, the snowflakes? Well, it is quite disconcerting to look at a long range forecast for your area and see A FLAME!!!!!! That's right, A FLAME!!! It is supposed to hit 100 degrees next week!!! It is just JUNE!!!! The National Weather Service says that this year will have a more than normal amount of hurricanes. So, bring on the rain and some wind, no flood surges, no power outages, no one losing their lives or property, JUST BRING ON THE RAIN and maybe, MAYBE, we can survive this summer!!! I am just not ready for "flame" weather. Thank goodness, the air conditioner is working great (hold on while I knock on wood!) and we can now sleep without vibrating beds and roaring thunder sounds, while staying cool. The guys came back yesterday and replaced the fan, something that should have been done last week. They dropped the ball on that. Don't leave a place saying everything is all right with a fan rattling so bad you can hear it whenever the ac comes on. But all in all, I am happy with the company that fixed it, although I am anxious to see whether or not they charge more labor for having to come back out to do something that should have been done on the original service call. I'll pay it, though, because at least it is fixed.

I want to send a thank you to Brandi, in Chicago, for the baked ziti! Delish!!! I guess you can say that it was imported!!! But now we have to come up with food to eat, something that is still hard with David. Although, I am happy to report that he has gained some weight back. Since cancer is such a wasting disease, it is gratifying to see him looking a little more fleshed out. We have a doctor's appointment this afternoon to check the progress of the shingles in his eye. It is itching him and the pain still shoots through his head, but everyone and everything says that shingles will hang around for quite a while. And having chemo every week may hinder the healing process. Kind of a damned if you do, damned if you don't, situation. But hey, we've all been in those before, haven't we??? This is just another thing to deal with, and we will deal with it as long as we have to.

The neighbor situation has been quiet. They left town Saturday afternoon and are still not back. Hopefully, they are looking for a new job in another time zone. I am putting the collar on Woofer at night, but last night, he and the other dogs in the neighborhood were barking pretty insistently. We went out and looked, sure enough, someone was standing in the middle of the street!!! It has to make someone decide to move on if a dog has alerted their owners to something unusual. WHICH IS WHAT DOGS ARE SUPPOSED TO DO!!!!! If the yps had been home, I wonder if their perfect dog would have barked. I am sure I would have been blamed for waking them up. And as much as I try to get it out of my mind, folks, if you could have seen that woman's face! Horror movies don't look as bad!! And I wish that I had had the presence of mind to tell them to look up the words "young" and "professional", something that they are neither!! But, my non response was probably the best, and my hope is that I don' t have to deal with them again. I think there is a smidgen of decency left in him, and hopefully his conscience bothered him about all that she said to me. His yelling just took up for her, and when he tried to accuse me of something, I countered with the truth and he just dropped it. She was the one making outrageous accusations, pointing her fingers (sausages), and threatening me. I hope he is so embarrassed by her behaviour. Me, I am trying to feng shui them out of here. I so want to "wish them into a cornfield", but so far that hasn't happened!!!

Enough about that. I have started putting stuff down for my book, and it is quite an emotional thing to do, I am finding out. Right now, I am just trying to get the timeline down, a few thoughts, and later on will flesh it out. I do not want to be too tedious with facts, but I do want someone to be able to learn what they could do, if this dreadful illness hits their family. But you know us, there are LOTS and LOTS of hilarious things that I want to talk about, too. Granted, we haven't been laughing too much in the last few months, but once in a while, something funny and dark comes through, and makes us feel much better. The shingles? Not so funny. Maybe they will just work their way on out, soon, and we can get back on the road to recovery from the cancer. With family and friends supporting us, we can just ease on down that road, without too many roadblocks (shingles, neighbors, air conditioner not working). And then breathe a sigh of relief!!!! I am looking forward to that day.

Have a great day today. For those of you in the south, stay cool and keep hydrated! Watch out for flames!!!!

OH, I had my massage yesterday. It was very relaxing, very soothing, but I learned that I need to have a shorter one, because I got queasy again. And when I left, I was just greasy from all of the essential oils. And an elderly woman in an SUV almost caused me to have a wreck within five minutes of leaving the spa. I am pretty sure that the stress just jumped back into my muscles at that point. I am going to try to arrange to have a short session every few weeks, though, to loosen up my muscles and just relax me. It will do my body good. And sitting in a cool, dark room with soothing music playing will help counter the heat outside, maybe. Well, maybe not. But it will feel great while it is happening.

All right, later!!


  • At Thursday, June 07, 2007, Blogger Brandi. said…

    I'm glad you enjoyed the ziti.

    Mean stares to the neighbors and healing thoughts to you guys.

    Many hearts,


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