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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Happy Saturday!

Well, another weekend is upon us. We have some exciting stuff to do today, go to Big Lots, go get gas, you know, EXCITEMENT!!! I am feeling better, and as long as David takes his meds, he feels decent, so I really am glad that we do have something that we have to do!! The last few days, however, have been grueling - I never could slow down, there was so much that needed to be done, which was made worse by the fact that I didn't feel well and it is 100 degrees! Unfortunately, it is STILL 100 degrees, and will probably remain so for the next three months. Is it too early to wish for an early fall????

Last night was the series finale of our favorite show, Stargate SG-1. I enjoyed it immensely, because I know that there are two "straight to dvd" movies coming out within the next few months. Some of the reviewers are saying how boring and predictable last night's show was. To them I say, it is just a TV SHOW. Yes, I will miss new shows on Friday nights, but they run the old ones plenty of times, so if I need a Stargate "fix", that won't be a problem. David kept nodding off during it, so we will probably watch it again this evening. When he takes his medicine, he is either 1. feeling great 2. feeling loopy 3. unconcious. Thanks, E and F for the TiVo, because we just never know if he will get through a whole show!!!!

I want to wish a happy 90th birthday to Jean's father, Bennett Brudevold!! They are having a big shindig in Sarasota this weekend to celebrate, with lots of relatives and friends dropping by. I called Jean this morning and she was elbow deep in food preparation. Sorry, Jean, that I interrupted, but I am SURE you needed a break!!!!!! Have fun!!!! Her son, Jeremy, will be here around July 4, so that will be fun. We expect that he and Christopher will provide us with tons of entertainment while he is here!!!!

Okay, I have a cat dilemma - these kittens that I have mentioned, the ones that just were brought up here by their mama, well, they are going to be killed if I can't find homes for them!!! Last night, when I went out to put the collar on Woofer (he is such a good boy, I kiss him when I put it on him, so he doesn't think he is being mistreated), I looked up and there was one of the kittens, walking into the dog yard, just as pretty as you please!! Now, my dogs (Woof and Sadie), have killed cats, they have killed beloved cats, and wouldn't hesitate to dispatch this kitten to the next plane of existence!!! I grabbed her up, just in time, and put her on the deck. So, I go out an hour later, and what do I see but the mama cat nursing all three kittens IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET!!!!!!!!! I chased them back into the yard, but turned around and here they all are coming, up to the main street. I came in and told David and he said, well, they might not be our problem for very long!! I will be the one to find a dead one, you know, and I don't want to do that but WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO ABOUT THEM??? Okay, that's all about that.

Well, David just walked in ready to go, so I better go!!! Later!!!!!


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