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Thursday, June 28, 2007

And now Erica's here!

Erica's plane came in at 10 a.m. yesterday and Christopher, David and I went to pick her up. And then what a wacky day ensued!! David kept on taking his medicine to keep going and we had such fun all day long!! I wanted to go to the mall, since David would have Christopher to talk to, so Erica and I went to a few stores, where some very cost efficient purchases were made! That was great fun - I haven't exactly been spending a lot of money on fun stuff, lately!! Bath and Body Works was still having their big sale, so now I have more good "smellums" to use! She got a beautiful dress, we wandered around in the housewares at Belk. Just something that I have not been able to do in a great while. It really does make you feel better, well, at least it does me!!!! Then we went to an antique store, one that we really like and haven't gone to for over a year and it was a blast. I actually got a couple of Christmas presents in there!! I mean, y'all do realize that Christmas is less than 6 months from now, don't you??? Then we had two fun meals - when they were growing up, we would go out to eat and would just sit there in hysterical laughter. Well, that happened yesterday, which really really made me happy. It was a great day, all around. David was extremely tired and queasy last night, but it was so worth it. And now he is having chemo at the moment. We have to grab the fun times when we can!! Hopefully, he will be feeling well enough to go to the Willie Dixon tribute downtown. It ought to be really great. Ian from Jackson is coming over for that, plus he will be working in Vicksburg for a couple of days, and will be staying with us. That will be fun!! And then Jeremy will be here July 3! We are going to have to install a revolving door for the summer months, which is fine by me!!!! Just don't expect me to cook for you!!!!!!!!!

That's all for now. Have a great afternoon!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Christopher's here!!

Christopher pulled in around seven last night during a big rainstorm. We are certainly glad that he is here for several weeks. Tomorrow morning, we go to Jackson to pick up Erica from the airport, and she will be here until Saturday afternoon. YAY!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

It's Sunday morning. I don't have much to say today. I've taken care of the animals, and am on my second cup of coffee. One of David's oldest friends is coming over this afternoon. I honestly do not know whether or not I have met him!! I have heard of him for decades, but I don't think that our paths have crossed, so I am anxious to meet him finally. And tomorrow evening, Christopher will be here! And then Wednesday morning, Erica will be here!!! Busy, busy week!!
Oh, and we watched the movie "Pearl Harbor" last night - the effects were very special, indeed! It really was chilling to watch, knowing that this actually happened. Yeah, the love story part was predictable, but that did not detract from the seriousness of the film. Watching the bonus features and how they did the "attack" was amazing, and very interesting, as well. It is unbelievable how much work and expense goes into a minute of film, but it was well worth it because it really did look authentic. And they had actual Pearl Harbor survivors interviewed, which was very very emotional. These are very old men, who teared up mentioning friends that were lost on that day. How can someone ever get over something like that? And they were kids when it happened, totally unexpected on a beautiful December Sunday morning. Lives were changed in an instant, much like 9/11. Almost sixty six years later, it still hits hard. It is a long movie, but I recommend it on a long summer night. The musical score is beautiful, reminiscent of the score to "The Right Stuff", some of the most beautiful music ever. And have some Kleenex ready - it is a tear jerker (how can it NOT be??)!!
Okay, that was my movie review for the day!! Everyone have a great afternoon!!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Happy Saturday!

Well, another weekend is upon us. We have some exciting stuff to do today, go to Big Lots, go get gas, you know, EXCITEMENT!!! I am feeling better, and as long as David takes his meds, he feels decent, so I really am glad that we do have something that we have to do!! The last few days, however, have been grueling - I never could slow down, there was so much that needed to be done, which was made worse by the fact that I didn't feel well and it is 100 degrees! Unfortunately, it is STILL 100 degrees, and will probably remain so for the next three months. Is it too early to wish for an early fall????

Last night was the series finale of our favorite show, Stargate SG-1. I enjoyed it immensely, because I know that there are two "straight to dvd" movies coming out within the next few months. Some of the reviewers are saying how boring and predictable last night's show was. To them I say, it is just a TV SHOW. Yes, I will miss new shows on Friday nights, but they run the old ones plenty of times, so if I need a Stargate "fix", that won't be a problem. David kept nodding off during it, so we will probably watch it again this evening. When he takes his medicine, he is either 1. feeling great 2. feeling loopy 3. unconcious. Thanks, E and F for the TiVo, because we just never know if he will get through a whole show!!!!

I want to wish a happy 90th birthday to Jean's father, Bennett Brudevold!! They are having a big shindig in Sarasota this weekend to celebrate, with lots of relatives and friends dropping by. I called Jean this morning and she was elbow deep in food preparation. Sorry, Jean, that I interrupted, but I am SURE you needed a break!!!!!! Have fun!!!! Her son, Jeremy, will be here around July 4, so that will be fun. We expect that he and Christopher will provide us with tons of entertainment while he is here!!!!

Okay, I have a cat dilemma - these kittens that I have mentioned, the ones that just were brought up here by their mama, well, they are going to be killed if I can't find homes for them!!! Last night, when I went out to put the collar on Woofer (he is such a good boy, I kiss him when I put it on him, so he doesn't think he is being mistreated), I looked up and there was one of the kittens, walking into the dog yard, just as pretty as you please!! Now, my dogs (Woof and Sadie), have killed cats, they have killed beloved cats, and wouldn't hesitate to dispatch this kitten to the next plane of existence!!! I grabbed her up, just in time, and put her on the deck. So, I go out an hour later, and what do I see but the mama cat nursing all three kittens IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET!!!!!!!!! I chased them back into the yard, but turned around and here they all are coming, up to the main street. I came in and told David and he said, well, they might not be our problem for very long!! I will be the one to find a dead one, you know, and I don't want to do that but WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO ABOUT THEM??? Okay, that's all about that.

Well, David just walked in ready to go, so I better go!!! Later!!!!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Hot Friday morning

Good morning, all. I, at this very moment, am on hold listening to horrible muzak rock, trying to get something done about a mistake with a credit card payment. What a GREAT way to start the day!! The thing is, I talked to them last Friday and was assured that it would be taken care of within 72 hours. Well, not one thing has been done since that phone call. Hopefully, the person that I am trying to talk to will be more on the ball and get it fixed. I can dream, can't I??

David had chemo yesterday, but now his CT scan has been changed to July 12. They wanted us to be in Jackson, all checked in, by 7:30 a.m. on July 5. Uh, no...... So, they changed it to July 12, at a more reasonable time. We feel that it will be a good report.

Okay, I just got put on hold again, after I was transferred to an "account specialist", which is what "Gary" said HE was!!! Oh, Lordy be.....

Tonight is the series finale of Stargate SG-1, and while I think it is ridiculous that the SciFi channel cancelled the show, I am not too upset. There will be two, that we know of, straight to DVD movies, so it will still be around.

I just transferred AGAIN. "Gary" got it all wrong!!! What is the damn deal, do people not listen anymore??

I had better go now. Everyone, have a great Friday. OH, my headache is better. It is amazing what the proper medicine can do!!!!! Now if we could just cool off the temperature!!!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tuesday afternoon......*

Well, several people have commented on how I haven't updated my blog in the last few days. Here's the scoop - I have had a nauseating, dizzying, sick headache for several days that just didn't go well with a computer screen!!! I have been having this headache for about six weeks now, but it would eventually go away. Not this time!! I have been so dizzy that it has scared me to drive, and I am the only one driving in this household these days! So, it got so bad today, that while we were in the waiting room for one doctor this afternoon, I called the other doctor and asked if I could "piggyback" onto David's appointment. Thankfully, they said yes. So, now I am taking a painkiller, anti nausea medicine, and a high powered antibiotic!!! We really ARE paying the pharmacy's electric bill, I think!!! The doctor thinks that I am having migraines along with having a sinus infection, which is what I thought was happening, too. And friends, you KNOW I cannot get sick. Oh, and I think I may have a little stress going along with that, too.

Onto David now - this past weekend, we noticed that the time between him taking painkillers was a little less, which concerned us. So, we were not really surprised when the eye doctor said that the shingles were very active again, in his eye, which has made his vision worse. It was quite disheartening that he couldn't read the eye chart today, when two weeks ago it was obviously better and he could read more lines than ever. The doctor wrote a new prescription for another antiviral, stepped up the eye drops, and we have to go back in a week. At the next doctor's appointment this afternoon, the doctor upped the nerve pain pill, and we also have more painkillers than usual. So, there you go. He has chemo on Thursday, so hopefully, that can go on as scheduled, although if he is in a lot of pain, Pam, the nurse, is hesitant about giving it to him. We just won't know until we get there. Day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute.......

My stomach is churning and I am breaking out in a sweat, so I better get in bed. Hopefully, I can write more tomorrow, and that this medicine is working for both of us.

And of course, I HAD to put a cute cat picture on here. It just makes me happy!!

*Thanks, Moody Blues

Saturday, June 16, 2007

That reminds me, I need to wash some clothes.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Cats are SO BAD!! And they don't even care!!!

Okay, first off, this is a picture of Scruffy that Fuzzy took while they were here a couple of weeks ago. But I haven't seen him since yesterday morning!!!! He is probably on his walkabout in the neighborhood, but I need his "laid backness" everyday!! All right. Yes, I worry too much about cats. I have figured out, though, that my worry about the cats is a defense mechanism to keep from worrying about the more pressing matters in our lives. So, indulge me! The cats certainly don't care that I am worrying about them!!!

Speaking of those more pressing matters, David had a rough rough night last night. He had chemo yesterday, but I, too, was sick as a dog, and the nurse was hesitant about even letting ME drive!! The heat, my sinuses, my stomach, THE HEAT again, all were conspiring against me feeling decent yesterday. I went to get my hair cut and then ran into Kroger to pick up something for my mother and I kept dropping my keys. By the third time I dropped them, I was starting to black out every time I leaned over. THAT'S NOT GOOD. Finally, after much cursing, I got out of the store, but the car was so hot. I hate heat. I finally got back to the Cancer Clinic and since the crowd had already left, I got one of the Barcoloungers and tried to get to feeling better. One of the nurses gave me something for my head, and I think it may have worked, although if it did, it didn't kick in until late last night. Today, thank goodness, I feel pretty decent, but it is also very cloudy, which has kept the temperature at a reasonable degree. It is too early to be having almost 100 degree weather!!! I mean, DANG, technically it is still spring!!! Okay, I digress - David was very sick last night, severe headache accompanied by severe nausea. Today he isn't too much better, but he wants to try to go to the coffee shop this afternoon. The problem is, we need to go soon and he is sound asleep in the bed. Personally, I think he needs to remain snoozing. But I will give him the option and will take him anywhere he wants to go. It may do him good.

Does anyone want little kittens? I have three to give away, PLUS the mother cat, who really is a sweetheart. I think she was put out when she got "with kitten", because she acts like a pet. I guess I can't UPS one to anyone out of town, though, can I? Oh, well......, it was a thought.

That's it for now. Have a great weekend, everyone!
So, we go to the coffee shop. The Nosser women are not there, but Christy and Jerry are, so we had a wonderful time visiting with them and drinking our delicious beverages. Then David and I went to Billy's because David was craving spaghetti. We had a very nice meal and then headed home. There was that bad boy Scruffy, laying out on the sidewalk like he was dead!! Seriously, he was just flat on the sidewalk in front of our house. He didn't even budge when we drove by!! When I went up there after parking the car in the carport, he just looked up at me as if to say, "oh hey, I am just going to lay here as dead looking as I can"!! I grabbed him and he just looked at me, again, as if to say, "oh, you were worried?". Cats. Gotta love 'em.
David is feeling semi decent now, but I am about to go to bed. I feel like I have been up for days!!! Night!!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wednesday morning

Well, the cornfield didn't even want them. That's right, the neighbors came back last night. I should have realized they were on their way because I had such anxiety and anxiousness last night. I have talked to the policewoman who came out here two years ago this week, and she said that they don't have a leg to stand on, that they were irrational, and she also laughed at the "young professional" title that they call themselves ("should be MIDDLE AGED"). She also said that she was a lot younger and she carried a gun!!! A lot more impressive!! Anyway, she said that we should ignore them and if they even step into our yard, call the cops. Everything that we brought up, she assured me that we were doing nothing wrong. But I cannot help but feel this way, if you had heard the tirade, you would feel the same, too!!!

David actually felt like going to a movie yesterday, so we drove to Clinton (about 25 minutes away) and saw Shrek the Third. It was quite funny, and again, most of the jokes would go straight over a kid's head. We came right on home, afterward because David is still having those terrible pains shooting through his head. Quite disconcerting. Christopher has posted a picture of David on his website, that was taken when Erica and Fuzzy were here a week or so ago.

Well, I need to go to "nothing". It won't wait!!! Everyone have a great day and try to stay cool!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Woofer - after

Woofer - after
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Woofer - after

Woofer - after
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Woofer - before

Woofer - before
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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Several things to mention today....

First off, I want to tell you that they have taken the match flame out of our forecast for next week!! HOORAY!! Yesterday, it was so hot and humid that I was totally soaked after being outside for just a few minutes!!! And that really plays havoc with my stomach, so I am not a big fan of summer weather. When I said that to Daniel, at the coffee shop, he was like, why, you are the only one who has said that you don't like the heat, which of course, was sarcasm. I think I punched him in the arm or something. I did get a smoothie, but then asked Dave, one of the weekend employees, to fix me a little cup of decaf, which he did and it was excellent. The place was hopping yesterday - there was a book signing at the bookstore next door, the author hawking her newest Southern humor novel. I have the first one, and it is funny, and this second one looks even better, but I just wasn't in the mood to go buy a book, you know? But it looks like there was a good crowd. And there is a young man, Clay Koestler, the teen son of a friend of mine, who was playing at the coffee shop, so there were quite a few young'uns in there, too. He was very good. He is very talented, both playing the guitar and in singing. Rusty was there, so it was good to catch up with him, but then David's pain pills starting wearing off and we had to leave. We don't need a clock anymore, we can tell time by David's pains!!!!!!

Okay, an explanation of something I have been saying - "wishing them into the cornfield". I am a big Twilight Zone fan. This is an episode starring Billy Mumy as a little boy, who if he doesn't like someone, he "wishes them into the cornfield" and they go away. The adults are terrified of him because many many people have been wished away, and he pretty much runs the town now. And he is a little boy in this episode, which means I was a little girl when this was originally on and would have been terrified myself by the show!! B. Mumy was born the day before I was, so I know I didn't watch it then. As an adult, though, I really got into watching it every time it was on, and New Year's Eve means "Twilight Zone marathon" on the SciFi channel!! Love it!!!! B. Mumy went on to be in Lost In Space, another show that I watched when I was a teenager. So, if I ever say "Danger, Will Robinson", it's from Lost in Space!!! Yay, Billy Mumy.

Also, kittens. Friday morning I stepped out on the deck and there are two little bitty black kittens staring up at me!! I was like, well, now what, something else to piss off the neighbors. One is very tame, the other, very very skittish. We managed to catch the skittish one and love on her, but she did run every time we stepped out there. Yesterday morning, however, there was a huge thunderstorm and I saw the skittish one running in the driveway. We haven't seen her since. I have looked and looked (wringing wet with sweat!), the mama cat has been howling for her, we have seen absolutely nothing of her since then. So, of course, we are worried. Now we didn't even know this cat existed Thursday, and now we are worried about her two days later!! I really have enough to worry about, thank you very much. Last night, there was a wild party going on down the street so I didn't want to venture too far from my yard to look for her some more. This morning, David got up early and came back to bed saying that the OTHER kitten was missing now. I went out and looked in the engine of the car, no kits, looked under bushes, no kits, and was just like, fine, they are gone. A little while ago, though, the tame one is asleep on a step by Scruffy. Cuteness, big ol' beat up Scruffy, little tiny black baby. And now there was just a cat fight going on. There are too many cats, I agree. I have contacted Paws Rescue about getting the two female mama cats fixed and they have agreed, but I don't want to keep them!! I have cats already!! Although I saw a black cat that I have never seen before over in the yp's yard this morning!! Something else they can blame me for, too!! ( Oh, they aren't back yet. Hooray!!!) Today in the paper, there is a full page of pictures of cats needing to be adopted, though, so I really don't know who would take this kitten and the adult females. I really do not know what to do. I love my cats. I have plenty. I do not want for them to be, well, you know.....

Well, that is all for now. I am hoping that we have company tonight. We ran into our friend, Phil, the other day and he said he would come over tonight. I would say that we would cook out, but it is so hot, and as usual, my stomach is churning. Of course, it could be stress and nerves doing that, don't ya think??? I would love ONE day, no worries, nothing to do, just relax and not stress. Ain't gonna happen.

Okay, I hope all of you have a lazy Sunday afternoon. Stay cool!!!

Oh, and congrats to Melissa and Grady!!! It's gonna be adorable, I just know it!!!!

Friday, June 08, 2007

cake cutting

cake cutting
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The first of much cake eating in thirty two years!

Bride and bridesmaid

Bride and bridesmaid
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Look at those skinny legs!!!

Tricia and David

Tricia and David
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Tricia and David

Tricia and David
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When Erica and Fuzzy were here last week, Erica showed Fuzzy our wedding album. He then scanned all of it into his laptop, and voila, here they are, in all of their glory!!! To see all of the pictures, go to Fuzzyco. All I can say is, boy, were were young!!!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

News about David

So, the shingles are on the march again!! David has been having the sharp pains that he had before we knew what the problem (the original shingles) was, so had already talked about going back to the doctor. But we had chemo today and that was going to tie us up for several hours. Well, the nurse didn't want to give him the treatment because of a new rash that has appeared on the back of David's head, and it is on the same side that the shingles first appeared. I literally, ran over to the internist's office (it is across the street) and talked to the nurse and they would work David in, but they couldn't determine whether or not it would be safe to take a treatment, if new shingles were present. So, here I go, running down the street to talk to the oncology nurse again. She called our doctor in Jackson and he was afraid for David to take the treatment, too. Well, that really got David upset, and because he doesn't want to give the cancer a chance, he was willing to take the risk. Pam, the nurse, and I were not that willing.

Luckily, one of the oncology doctors from Jackson came in and agreed to see David, even though he wasn't one of his patients. He looked at it and said that it didn't look like shingles, but when we described everything, he agreed that it was probably trying to make a comeback. He prescribed the antiviral medicine and said, that unless anything worse happened, David could have his treatment in a week. Pam and I were very glad to hear that, and when Pam thanked him because he wasn't "his" patient, the doctor, Dr. Patel, said he was "ours", meaning all of the doctors and nurses. Which of course, you know, made me cry. I do that a lot.

We went to pay our copay for the doctor visit and there was no charge!! Isn't that nice? David then wanted to go to the coffee shop, but before we could get out of the parking lot, he got very very sick, if you know what I mean, and we just went and grabbed some lunch and came home. I still need to go to the grocery store, but I think I am going to wait a couple of hours before I leave. We got to the clinic at 8:25 this morning - I am exhausted!! You know, from doing nothing all day long!! I honestly don't think I can fight Kroger right now!

So, that's the story. It literally changes here from hour to hour. He had a horrible night last night, I kept having to wake him up because he was having nightmares, and then he was moaning in his sleep. Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep at all. And you know what, I would SO much rather it be a dog keeping me awake than my husband being in such agony. "I am wishing them into the cornfield. I am wishing them into the cornfield."


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Update on David

Well, we went to the eye doctor yesterday and luckily, David could read another line on the eye chart, a definite improvement since the last visit. He is still having shingle pain, though, and we are worried that with him having chemo four weeks straight, it will send his immune system back down and the shingles back up!!! He is still on the pain meds, though, and they mostly work, some of the time. And if that sounded ambiguous, well then you got what I meant!!!

Yesterday, the dogs started barking, as dogs are supposed to do, and there was the FedEx guy, stopped at the end of our driveway. I stepped out and here he comes, with this very pretty green box with purple flowers on it. I asked him what it was and he said "flowers", and I was like, what? who sent us flowers? I came in, opened them up, and REBECCA RINE-STONE!!!! You sweet, crazy thing, you sent us flowers!!! They are beautiful, pale pink long stem roses, that I have now put in a beautiful green vase. It is sitting on my mantel, so pretty and fresh and well, I have to say it again - they are so pretty!!! Thank you thank you thank you. And your note made me cry, as I am wont to do these days!!! It is nice to know that the world is mainly full of good people, that the not so good are in the minority.

We are going to try to eat lunch with David's mother today, then go to the grocery store for my mother, and pick up a few things for us while we are there. It is hot, I have a sinus headache, so, another one of my "I do absolutely nothing all day long" afternoons.

Speaking of doing nothing, the book is coming along, but Christopher wants me to put it in another word processing program or something like that! He said that the program on my computer is like using an abacus as opposed to a computer!!! Okay. I will just keep using what I am using until he gets here and helps me get this other program, because God knows, I don't know what to do to get it!!!

Everyone stay cool this afternoon, physically, mentally, and emotionally!!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I'm not ready for it, but SUMMER IS HERE!!!

You know the Accuweather forecasts that you can check online, that tell what the next seven days will be, what the humidity will be, the precipitation, all that weather stuff? You know how they have the little icons that show whether or not it will be sunny (a sun), partly cloudy (sun with a cloud over it), rain (cloud with raindrops), or thunderstorms (cloud with lightning), and for those of you in northern climes, the snowflakes? Well, it is quite disconcerting to look at a long range forecast for your area and see A FLAME!!!!!! That's right, A FLAME!!! It is supposed to hit 100 degrees next week!!! It is just JUNE!!!! The National Weather Service says that this year will have a more than normal amount of hurricanes. So, bring on the rain and some wind, no flood surges, no power outages, no one losing their lives or property, JUST BRING ON THE RAIN and maybe, MAYBE, we can survive this summer!!! I am just not ready for "flame" weather. Thank goodness, the air conditioner is working great (hold on while I knock on wood!) and we can now sleep without vibrating beds and roaring thunder sounds, while staying cool. The guys came back yesterday and replaced the fan, something that should have been done last week. They dropped the ball on that. Don't leave a place saying everything is all right with a fan rattling so bad you can hear it whenever the ac comes on. But all in all, I am happy with the company that fixed it, although I am anxious to see whether or not they charge more labor for having to come back out to do something that should have been done on the original service call. I'll pay it, though, because at least it is fixed.

I want to send a thank you to Brandi, in Chicago, for the baked ziti! Delish!!! I guess you can say that it was imported!!! But now we have to come up with food to eat, something that is still hard with David. Although, I am happy to report that he has gained some weight back. Since cancer is such a wasting disease, it is gratifying to see him looking a little more fleshed out. We have a doctor's appointment this afternoon to check the progress of the shingles in his eye. It is itching him and the pain still shoots through his head, but everyone and everything says that shingles will hang around for quite a while. And having chemo every week may hinder the healing process. Kind of a damned if you do, damned if you don't, situation. But hey, we've all been in those before, haven't we??? This is just another thing to deal with, and we will deal with it as long as we have to.

The neighbor situation has been quiet. They left town Saturday afternoon and are still not back. Hopefully, they are looking for a new job in another time zone. I am putting the collar on Woofer at night, but last night, he and the other dogs in the neighborhood were barking pretty insistently. We went out and looked, sure enough, someone was standing in the middle of the street!!! It has to make someone decide to move on if a dog has alerted their owners to something unusual. WHICH IS WHAT DOGS ARE SUPPOSED TO DO!!!!! If the yps had been home, I wonder if their perfect dog would have barked. I am sure I would have been blamed for waking them up. And as much as I try to get it out of my mind, folks, if you could have seen that woman's face! Horror movies don't look as bad!! And I wish that I had had the presence of mind to tell them to look up the words "young" and "professional", something that they are neither!! But, my non response was probably the best, and my hope is that I don' t have to deal with them again. I think there is a smidgen of decency left in him, and hopefully his conscience bothered him about all that she said to me. His yelling just took up for her, and when he tried to accuse me of something, I countered with the truth and he just dropped it. She was the one making outrageous accusations, pointing her fingers (sausages), and threatening me. I hope he is so embarrassed by her behaviour. Me, I am trying to feng shui them out of here. I so want to "wish them into a cornfield", but so far that hasn't happened!!!

Enough about that. I have started putting stuff down for my book, and it is quite an emotional thing to do, I am finding out. Right now, I am just trying to get the timeline down, a few thoughts, and later on will flesh it out. I do not want to be too tedious with facts, but I do want someone to be able to learn what they could do, if this dreadful illness hits their family. But you know us, there are LOTS and LOTS of hilarious things that I want to talk about, too. Granted, we haven't been laughing too much in the last few months, but once in a while, something funny and dark comes through, and makes us feel much better. The shingles? Not so funny. Maybe they will just work their way on out, soon, and we can get back on the road to recovery from the cancer. With family and friends supporting us, we can just ease on down that road, without too many roadblocks (shingles, neighbors, air conditioner not working). And then breathe a sigh of relief!!!! I am looking forward to that day.

Have a great day today. For those of you in the south, stay cool and keep hydrated! Watch out for flames!!!!

OH, I had my massage yesterday. It was very relaxing, very soothing, but I learned that I need to have a shorter one, because I got queasy again. And when I left, I was just greasy from all of the essential oils. And an elderly woman in an SUV almost caused me to have a wreck within five minutes of leaving the spa. I am pretty sure that the stress just jumped back into my muscles at that point. I am going to try to arrange to have a short session every few weeks, though, to loosen up my muscles and just relax me. It will do my body good. And sitting in a cool, dark room with soothing music playing will help counter the heat outside, maybe. Well, maybe not. But it will feel great while it is happening.

All right, later!!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

The third of June......

Good evening, everyone. Well, things are quiet now, Erica and Fuzzy left a few hours ago and should actually be just about in Chicago by now, if they aren't already. It was a very good visit, lots of good food, visiting, just relaxing. The weather was perfect, so most of the cooking was done outside on the grill by E and F, and then we would sit at the table on the deck and eat the wonderful, just grilled food! Very very enjoyable! David got to sit out a couple of times, too, but the heat and the sunshine really hurt his shingled eye, so he would come back in after a few minutes. I know that they had to leave and I really miss them, but Erica will be back in three weeks, as will Christopher. Time will fly by, IF I can steer clear of the neighbors!!! They could drag time to a grinding halt with their actions!!! Petty, sad individuals.

I did not get my massage as I had planned to do yesterday. I just felt too queasy (could be all that heat and grilled meat!!), so the masseuse did Erica's, then my hands, and gave me some bath salts to use. I just used them. Oh my my, were they wonderful!!!! I had the water very hot, but the oil in the bath salts made my skin feel so cool and tingly!! I made another appointment for tomorrow afternoon. I do hope that I can keep it.

And the air conditioner is still acting up. The fan is going to have to be replaced now. The whole house shakes when it is on, and it is really strange to be in the bed and it is just vibrating like crazy!! You would think that would be relaxing, but, not so much. There is a roar that goes along with the vibration, too!! But, it is still cooling, thank goodness. Hopefully, all will be fixed tomorrow.

Well, that's it for now. Wish me luck on the neighborhood conflict. Personally, I hope to never have to speak to them again. That would be great, wouldn't it?? We can always pray for that to happen.


Saturday, June 02, 2007

Tomorrow is the "third of June, another sleepy dusty delta day"

But, apologies to Bobbie Gentry with her "Ode to Billy Joe", today is like that, too !!!!!! It is so very nice outside. It smells wonderful, it is breezy, the neighbors are in their house so I don't have to look at them or hear them, just a good day, so far!

Erica and Fuzzy are getting some food ready to be cooked out for the grandmothers, so it smells great in here, too!! David is not feeling too well, which always makes me sad, but hopefully, he will be feeling better within the next couple of hours, too. Erica and I are going to have massages this afternoon, too, which is going to be GREAT!!!!! Lawsey, I really need it, being that I have been under a tad bit of stress lately. Of course, according to neighborhood thugs, we don't have any stress, compared to them!! Okay, yeah, I am still pissed. REALLY pissed. I have been praying to "my" Jesus, that I will never have another encounter with them. I have decided that "their" Jesus must be a soccer player or something and that he is saving a goal or something!! That would make perfect sense, then!!!

Woofer has been wearing the shock collar and seems to be just fine with it. But we got him sheared yesterday and he is the absolute cutest thing ever!!! He is so little and doesn't even look like the same dog, plus you can see that he has big spots all over him!! Fuzzy took some pics so hopefully I can put one on here soon. He really enjoyed his "spa" day and I am trying to make him associate the shock collar (you can only leave it on for 12 hours at a time, so I put it on 10ish at night) with a special treat and a kiss! He is such a sweet dog, he just lets me do it without any problem. I wish that I could give one to the neighbor!! A shock collar, that is, when she starts barking.

The weather has been so perfect with E and F here, it is as if I ordered it, just for them!!! If this was the way our whole summer was, it would be paradise, but I am afraid that the high humidity and oppressive heat is just around the corner. We are enjoying it, however, for as long as we can. Hence all of the deck sitting!!! And cooking out!!! And eating out there!!! Lovely!!

David has just about lost all of his hair. It is really an odd sight, but I will get used to it. When he has a hat or cap on, he looks the same, though. The other day at chemo, he said that he got up to use the restroom, dragging the IV along with him, and when he walked out, a little boy that was sitting there said, "is that what Santa Claus looks like?"! Isn't that precious? He said that had he been thinking clearly, he would have said "HO HO HO", but he didn't, he just chuckled. Of course, it would be a skinny Santa Claus!!!!!! But so far his beard is still hanging in there, but it is just snow white!! Maybe it will stay!!! He will have chemo for the next three Thursdays and then on the fourth Thursday he has another CT scan and a doctor appointment. And it really goes without saying that we hope that it is encouraging news. The shingles have gotten better, so it has kind of overshadowed the cancer, so now we need to get back on track with treatments and supplements. And I mean, who really needs hair?? He's in style!!

And I am officially going to start my book next week. I think I will call it "I Do Absolutely Nothing All Day Long"!!! Because you know it is true - I just sit and eat bonbons all day long!!! Seriously, though, what really is a bonbon???? Anyway, that is my working title for the time being!!! It will be a serious, yet humorous look at our journey, thus far. Would any of you read it????

Well, that is it for now. I need to go check on David right now, see if he can eat with us when the food is ready. He has really been up quite a bit for the last couple of days, and it is hitting him hard. Cancer fatigue is not a normal tiredness. So, this doesn't surprise me that he isn't feeling very well. But he just dearly loves having Erica and Fuzzy here. He will stay up just to be with them!! I am so glad that they are here, too. We love them so much!!

Have a great Saturday afternoon!!!!!