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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wednesday morning

Good morning, everyone. I am SO grateful that my air conditioning has been fixed - it is so hot and muggy today!! Usually I can sit on the deck and drink my morning coffee and not work up a sweat. Not today - I am already drenched, and I have done nothing but call Scruffy!! Scruffy. What can you do about an old cat who doesn't understand that he needs to stay here?? He was here yesterday morning, when I fed him and petted him, but he hasn't shown up since. And you know me, I worry. Everyone else is here, though, and so far, he has always shown back up, but still. Doesn't he know that this is his "forever home" now? Yes, I am the crazy cat lady.

David is still not feeling well (duh) and his doctor has been off for a couple of days. We have been trying to get a pain med refilled, but I guess they are afraid that we will be standing on Polk Street with a sign, trying to sell them!!! He has chemo tomorrow and I hate that he is still having pain from these dingblasted shingles! And believe you me, "dingblasted" is not the term I really would like to use for them, but this is a family blog!!! Erica and Fuzzy will be here tomorrow morning, which is great for everyone. Christopher will be here after June 21, too, and will be staying in pretty good chunks of time to help us emotionally, physically, and cleaningly!! He could make a million dollars organizing houses, he just gets in there and does it!! Me, I look at it and go, not today, and do something else! But, I have made a mid year resolution - I am going to keep the dishes washed!!! After supper last night, I actually washed up the dishes and felt so much better when I went to bed, knowing that I didn't have to do it today, or in a few days!!!

I need to go to the grocery store today, though, for both us and my mother. I do wish I could just call them up and make an order! That would be so convenient - I would pay for their gas to bring it to me!! So, I had better get this party started, to quote Pink (a singer, for those of you who don't know who Pink is!).

Have a great day and stay cool!!!

OH, I ordered a book by a woman who said that she knows how to greatly reduce even advanced cancers. We saw the book the other day and now we know why it is wrapped in cellophane!!! She is insane!! According to her, to "cure" cancer, first, we have to leave our house because our house is what caused the cancer in the first place!! And then, while we are living somewhere else (!), someone needs to come in and completely change our pipes, rip up all rugs, give away pets, AND if your pet has even JUMPED on your bed, get rid of your mattress, remove all fillings from your teeth, oh, use a laundromat to wash your clothes and only use vinegar and baking soda, get an ozonator (which she can conveniently sell you for $700!), and not EVER turn on your air conditioner (yeah, right) or heating system!!! And I can't even send this nut's books back because the cellophane had to be taken off to read the inside and they won't accept it back without its "original" packaging! No wonder it is wrapped, because if I had been able to look inside it, I would have laughed and put it right back on the shelf!!! I knew that it was probably a crock, but David was interested, as of course, he would be, so I thought, who knows, there may be something to learn from it, but this woman is ridiculous!! Don't even get me started on what she said the cancer patient should eat!!!! OH, and cancer is caused from flukes and parasites in your body, plus too much of isopropyl alcohol, I guess from your house!!! Uh huh..... We'll just keep on keeping on with what we have already been doing, thank you very much!!!

That's it! Have a great day!!!
Update: Of course, Scruffy just came up. WHEN WILL I LEARN?? Apparently NEVER!!!


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