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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Wednesday, May 2

Good rainy morning to everyone. It was so wonderfully dark this morning when I got up. I ended up sleeping in the recliner most of the night, but amazingly, I am semi-refreshed today. It could be the two cups of coffee that I have had, though!

We have had a few pretty good days. With David on the new medicine, and with him a couple of weeks out of chemo, he is eating better and gaining his strength back. That said, we have to be at the Cancer Clinic tomorrow morning for his next treatment. But we are pretty confident that the new medicine will prevent the devastating side effects that occurred after the last treatment. We are hoping that he will lose no more weight (he hasn't lost any in the last week!), and that he will see benefits from the chemo. Well, I guess that goes without saying, right???!!!

BUT, having to take a leave of absence really isn't what it is cracked up to be! The paperwork is downright daunting, PLUS we found out yesterday that WE have to make sure our medical premiums are paid! When he was off in the fall of 2004 with his surgery, the company continued to pay the premiums, so we were really surprised to see the change. And the HR person is apparently off in another universe because she will NOT return our calls, will NOT return emails, and we can NOT get through to her. You know, if that is your job, then you owe it to the people you are trying to help to at least respond to questions that you are asked. The whole deal is the person is SICK, and may not be able to understand all of the red tape jargon that accompanies such things as this. We overnighted paperwork and a check for May's insurance so his treatment better be covered tomorrow. One treatment would just about wipe up out financially, they are so expensive. It is very frustrating, and very upsetting. Of course my thought was, well, sure, it takes forever to set this up, we will get way less money than he would normally make in a pay period, so OF COURSE we have to come up with money for our insurance premiums!!! I hope that somebody will call us today, or at least respond to email. And this may sound mean spirited and unChristian, but God forbid that the HR person has any problems in her life. I wonder how they would feel if they were being treated like a nonperson and only a number on a file. But, it is the way of the world now.

So, the Lional Ritchie song stayed on my mind for two days!! I have to watch out because out of nowhere I will hear him ask if it is him that I am looking for, but I am pretty sure it's not, so I wish he would just give it a rest!

Have a great day today!!


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