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Saturday, May 19, 2007


Well, good afternoon, everyone. It's just us again here. Erica left way early this morning, thanks to Daniel B. taking her to the airport, and arrived in Chicago safely, thank God. It sure has been more than nice to have the kids here - we hated to see them go, but know that they have spouses and lives in other parts of the country. And Erica got to see this cutie today - that's Parker in her cat bed, all snuggly!
David is feeling better today and has actually suggested that we drive about thirty minutes and go see a movie this afternoon!! Of course, that could change any second, but I am ready to go!!! That would be great, to get out of the house for the afternoon, a needed change of scenery. David has slept more in the last three weeks than I thought possible!!! This little trip may wear him out and he may not get out of the bed tomorrow, but I think it will do him a lot of good. I know it will do ME a lot of good!!!! How tired can he get, sitting in a dark theater?
On another subject, I have been leaving the dogs out at night, and I cannot express in words what a relief that has been!! They still wag their tails like, bring me in, bring me in, but I wave at them and shut the door and look out a few minutes later and they are just laying there like nothing could be more natural! And because of that, I have started putting the cats in the dog pen inside and they love it!! They stretch out and are purring, and that makes me very happy. It is nice that something has gotten better around here!! If our dogs bark, well then there is a reason, and that makes me feel safer. Plus, if our dogs bark, all of the other dogs will bark, too, so certain neighbors would have to call the cops on the whole neighborhood!!! I know for a fact, too, that when another dog barks, their dog barks, too! So, I hope that whole neighborhood drama is finished forever!!! It is something that I do NOT want to deal with again!!
I hope that I will be able to report that we have seen a movie today the next time I post!! Keep your fingers crossed!!!!
That's it for now. Have a great afternoon!


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