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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Newest update

We had an appointment with the eye doctor this afternoon to check the progress or lack, thereof, of the shingles in David's right eye. We have been concerned because David said the eye is very blurry and he and I were concerned that permanent damage had been done. But the doctor feels that the shingles, after they have run their course and healed, had been caught in time and that his vision will eventually clear on up. He is to go back in two weeks, unless something happens to make it worse (and lately, that is no idle threat!!). That is a relief. Vision problems would not be something that we would have to add to the growing list of woes!!!

The bad thing is that now that the shingles are "running their course", David is absolutely miserable with the itching! He is clawing at his head all of the time, and I just want to put oven mitts on his hands and forbid him to take them off!!! It is already so inflamed and scratching it is NOT making it any better!!!! And he is still taking the pain medication so he is a little loopy - after the doctor's appointment, he said that he wanted to put some aloe vera on it because it was "coothing and sool". I have to hold his arm because he is kind of wobbly- we just ate a late lunch at Captain D's and they probably thought he had started happy hour a few hours early!!!!! And he scratched and clawed and clawed and scratched!!! I wanted to slap him!!!!!! (in a good way!)

Frank is in town and it is always good to see him. We are hoping that David will feel up to watching a dvd either tonight or tomorrow night and have Frank come over. I am thrilled to have someone else here to talk to!!! David, in the bed, is not the most scintillating conversationalist these days!!! Now, I reread that and it sounded kind of funny. I mean, since he is in the bed most of the time, blah blah blah yada yada yada!!!!!!!! And about Captain D's, greasy fish, hush puppies, and fries, while delicious, are not the best things to eat mid afternoon!!!

That's the latest update. Thursday, we have to go to Jackson Oncology in Jackson to see Dr. Graham. We are not sure whether they will do a treatment or not. I have mixed emotions about it. On the one hand, he doesn't need to skip a week. But, on the other hand, I am driving and that whole area scares the bejesus out of me, and if he is sickly and can't help me watch the traffic, well, that is not a good thing!! Linda took us over there before, but I don't want to ask her again since I don't know what is going to happen!!! No wonder my head hurts!!!!!!! But we will do what we have to do!!

Have a great evening!!! Enjoy the beautiful weather before it gets too hot to do so!!!!!!


  • At Wednesday, May 23, 2007, Blogger Marian said…

    Tricia - I'm tagging you for a meme. Check it out at Marian's Hunting Stories etc., etc., etc...

  • At Wednesday, May 23, 2007, Anonymous Christy Lamb said…

    Hey Tricia,
    I know how David feels with the itching. Last week I got mad about how all these vines were taking over a couple of my flowering trees and a good bit of my yard. At the same time I discovered what a neat tool a tree pruner is. It cuts all kinds of stuff, limbs, little trees, poison ivy, poison oak...I look like I have leprosy and feel like I'm on the 7th level of Hell. There is no way not to scratch. Clawing all the skin off of your body is way better than just letting it itch. So what if we'll be scarred for life, vanity is over-rated.


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