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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Last night

Okay, it was a pretty hot night. We had the fan blowing on us and after a couple of hours, I pulled the sheet up on me. My stomach is killing me, so's my head, but the air conditioner man has got us first on his list. So, maybe it will be a quick fix. Thank goodness it is cloudy right now. It would be quite all right if we got some rain today, too, just to cool things off.

Well, I must go release Scruffy from the kennel. I have been putting him in there at night because he is the one who was fighting the other night and he was all bloody and scratched up again. So, he is having "time outs" every night!!! But he sho ain't happy about it!!!! That is Scruffy in the picture. He is a cute old codger.


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