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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

They are at it again....

So, this afternoon, the neighbors came over and proceeded to scream at me, using obscene language, and threatened me, pointing fingers and everything and, calling me "darlin'", because they are yp's and they need their sleep. They don't care that David is sick, they made sure I knew that several times, and when I made the comment that I had actually thought about coming over this morning to share a cup of coffee with the female yp, she informed me that she would NEVER EVER have a cup of coffee with me. I said, fine, you can hate us, I really do not care. Marian heard it and called me this evening about it and said she was surprised at how they sounded. I told the male yp that I had thought he was nice, that if I ever needed any help that I could call him and he shook his head and said no, I couldn't. These are people with a "Jesus Saves" sticker on their mailbox, folks. And she was really mad that I didn't raise my voice, in fact she even said "I could stand there all passive" - it just made her madder.
So, I then went to Walmart and bought a shock collar for the dog. I then stopped back by their house and talked to the myp, and told him that I didn't appreciate being cussed at, and threatened by his wife. He took up for her talking about how they could never get sleep and the reason that it was okay that she screamed at me was because they had asked us before (2 years ago). Oh, they had to bring up that my dog "attacked" theirs, when I mentioned that their dog barked, too, it was okay, because she was trained to bark when someone walked by. Hello? Same thing. When my dogs bark, someone is on the street, but again, that doesn't make any difference. And we have a "dog pound". And they hate the cats. And the fyp said that "I must have my nose pressed against their house to hear their dog bark", which is something that a ten year old would say, isn't it?
And, when I showed him the shock collar, he said it was the other dogs, too, and I said, well let's see if this works and maybe they won't bark as much either. For the record, there are 9 other dogs in pens outside, but they only bark, they say, when my dogs bark.
So, my problems are not important, not near as important as theirs. All I can say, is what goes around, comes around.
That's my Wednesday evening. Whooppeee, ain't life grand.

Oh, and darrrlin, if things aren't resolved by the middle of next week, she is going to call the authorities on us. And, I should mention that she was pointing her finger at me, stabbing at the air. Yeah, nice people......

Wednesday morning

Good morning, everyone. I am SO grateful that my air conditioning has been fixed - it is so hot and muggy today!! Usually I can sit on the deck and drink my morning coffee and not work up a sweat. Not today - I am already drenched, and I have done nothing but call Scruffy!! Scruffy. What can you do about an old cat who doesn't understand that he needs to stay here?? He was here yesterday morning, when I fed him and petted him, but he hasn't shown up since. And you know me, I worry. Everyone else is here, though, and so far, he has always shown back up, but still. Doesn't he know that this is his "forever home" now? Yes, I am the crazy cat lady.

David is still not feeling well (duh) and his doctor has been off for a couple of days. We have been trying to get a pain med refilled, but I guess they are afraid that we will be standing on Polk Street with a sign, trying to sell them!!! He has chemo tomorrow and I hate that he is still having pain from these dingblasted shingles! And believe you me, "dingblasted" is not the term I really would like to use for them, but this is a family blog!!! Erica and Fuzzy will be here tomorrow morning, which is great for everyone. Christopher will be here after June 21, too, and will be staying in pretty good chunks of time to help us emotionally, physically, and cleaningly!! He could make a million dollars organizing houses, he just gets in there and does it!! Me, I look at it and go, not today, and do something else! But, I have made a mid year resolution - I am going to keep the dishes washed!!! After supper last night, I actually washed up the dishes and felt so much better when I went to bed, knowing that I didn't have to do it today, or in a few days!!!

I need to go to the grocery store today, though, for both us and my mother. I do wish I could just call them up and make an order! That would be so convenient - I would pay for their gas to bring it to me!! So, I had better get this party started, to quote Pink (a singer, for those of you who don't know who Pink is!).

Have a great day and stay cool!!!

OH, I ordered a book by a woman who said that she knows how to greatly reduce even advanced cancers. We saw the book the other day and now we know why it is wrapped in cellophane!!! She is insane!! According to her, to "cure" cancer, first, we have to leave our house because our house is what caused the cancer in the first place!! And then, while we are living somewhere else (!), someone needs to come in and completely change our pipes, rip up all rugs, give away pets, AND if your pet has even JUMPED on your bed, get rid of your mattress, remove all fillings from your teeth, oh, use a laundromat to wash your clothes and only use vinegar and baking soda, get an ozonator (which she can conveniently sell you for $700!), and not EVER turn on your air conditioner (yeah, right) or heating system!!! And I can't even send this nut's books back because the cellophane had to be taken off to read the inside and they won't accept it back without its "original" packaging! No wonder it is wrapped, because if I had been able to look inside it, I would have laughed and put it right back on the shelf!!! I knew that it was probably a crock, but David was interested, as of course, he would be, so I thought, who knows, there may be something to learn from it, but this woman is ridiculous!! Don't even get me started on what she said the cancer patient should eat!!!! OH, and cancer is caused from flukes and parasites in your body, plus too much of isopropyl alcohol, I guess from your house!!! Uh huh..... We'll just keep on keeping on with what we have already been doing, thank you very much!!!

That's it! Have a great day!!!
Update: Of course, Scruffy just came up. WHEN WILL I LEARN?? Apparently NEVER!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I just cannot say enough nice things about Piazza Plumbing! They got out here in a very timely manner, saw what the problem was, went and got a replacement for the broken part, serviced the whole unit for the summer, and voila! We have cool air again!!! And it was not very expensive, well, not as expensive as it COULD have been!!!! So now all is right with the world.

What a relief!!!!!!!

Last night

Okay, it was a pretty hot night. We had the fan blowing on us and after a couple of hours, I pulled the sheet up on me. My stomach is killing me, so's my head, but the air conditioner man has got us first on his list. So, maybe it will be a quick fix. Thank goodness it is cloudy right now. It would be quite all right if we got some rain today, too, just to cool things off.

Well, I must go release Scruffy from the kennel. I have been putting him in there at night because he is the one who was fighting the other night and he was all bloody and scratched up again. So, he is having "time outs" every night!!! But he sho ain't happy about it!!!! That is Scruffy in the picture. He is a cute old codger.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Counting our blessings, for a while

So, here it is, the evening of Memorial Day. It was a quiet day here, David pretty much spent it in the bed. I, on the other hand, really was inspired to get some work done. I washed dishes, several loads of clothes, cleaned the ceiling fans, vacuumed, you know, all of the stuff that piles up. Then this afternoon I went to my sister's for supper. Very nice. I was in a pretty good mood. All in all, I was feeling very blessed and content. Then I came home. I walked in and was greeted with warm air. Really warm air. I hate being hot. I really do. The air conditioner is barely working. So, first thing tomorrow, we have to call someone, and hopefully they will be here tomorrow. And hopefully, it will be fixed fairly easily and cost efficiently. Erica and Fuzzy will be here Thursday and they will not be able to stay upstairs with no ac, they would suffocate. As I am, at the moment, with sweat dripping off of my face and down my neck. Now, why couldn't this (expletive deleted!) Trane unit break down in the winter? I have plenty of blankets. We could stay warm enough. But of course, the first official weekend of summer, hooray! And if I sound really ticked off, well I am. David is not any better, he has chemo the day E and F arrive, hopefully, with no problem, both with the chemo and the plane. I just really really am emotionally drained, and had felt really optimistic today. Now I am just hot. And yeah, yeah, I know things could be a lot worse, and yeah, yeah, I should not be complaining about something so trivial, and yeah, yeah, we have it so much better than a lot of people, but I AM HOT! I HATE BEING HOT!! And this will be a who knows HOW expensive extra that we weren't counting on! And again, I know you can never "count" on things always being so good, but hello? Shingles, anyone? Stage IV cancer for three years and counting? I think I got the "never can count on good things happening" part down pretty good. I GET it, already!!

All right. I am sorry for bitching. I didn't do it so anyone would feel sorry for us. I just needed to vent to keep my sanity!!! David has already told me that he doesn't want to hear how hot I am all night. I might as well tape my mouth up, because that is all I am going to feel like saying!! The cats don't care. They will just crawl under something and go to sleep anyway. And if I complained to them, all they would hear is "mwah, mwah, mwah, CAT, mwah, mwah", well, you get the picture. BTW, that was the Charlie Brown adult sound I was trying to get across.

So, that's it for now. I hope to report good news tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed, okay?

I guess I can be very grateful that this didn't happen in July or August. At least it isn't in the 90's at night, yet!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

I am tired. David is miserable. I am miserable because I honestly do not know what to do for him. Woofer barked during the night at a cat fight (unknown cats), so I am worried about him disturbing the neighbors. The blower on our air conditioner sounds like a tank rattling, but thank God, it still is cooling. My head won't quit hurting. I would just like to run away for a while!! But the farthest I can run away is the deck, so that's where I will be most of the day.

So, it's stretchy cat time!!! I can always count on him to make me smile!
Okay, I had to update this post and tell everyone what I just saw - a little boy, around 8 or 9, was just riding down the street on his bike, TALKING ON A CELL PHONE!!!!!! Frightening!!!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

I hope everyone has fun cooking out this weekend!! Of course, some "food" may be harder to cook than others!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Report on David

Well, here's the deal, we did NOT see the doctor this afternoon as we had planned. We got there thirty minutes early, they called David for blood work, right away, then a nurse I had never seen before called us into the room about ten minutes later. Instead of going to the exam rooms, she took us straight to the treatment rooms, so I thought, okay, chemo today. It turns out that Dr. Graham had had an emergency at the hospital, so HE WASN'T EVEN THERE!!!! They had put us in a treatment room "just in case" Dr. G came in and decided that David needed to have one. But he never came. The nurse was very attentive while we were describing the whole shingle situation, then she went and called the doctor. A little while later, she came back in and said that they were skipping chemo today (hooray!!) and we are scheduled for treatment for the next four Thursdays, then the fifth Thursday we will get the CT scan and will, hopefully!, see the doctor. So, basically, we had a complete waste of time this afternoon because EVERY BIT OF THAT could have been done here at our very own Cancer Center!!! It was extremely tiring, and very rough on David. And I am terrified of driving in Jackson, but I actually did okay, and we arrived home late this afternoon in one piece. Then the madness didn't stop - the Schwan man came, Frank came to get some equipment from David, and here it is, 10:30, and I cannot believe that I am still up!!!! I walked out, too, wondering what on earth music was playing so damn loud outside, and it was Pomp and Circumstance! I had forgotten that tonight was graduation! The traffic was pretty bad afterward and at one point, the obligatory police car was down on Polk Street. Just a normal night!! But then Frank left, and may I say that it has been good to have him visiting, good for David and good for me to have someone else to talk to!! He's a good guy. Just as he was leaving, though, David's mother called all upset because we hadn't called her when we got in, but I had to explain to her that I hadn't called ANYBODY yet, mainly because there was really nothing to tell, I was exhausted, David had gone straight to bed, and we had had company!! I am only one person!! I think she understood that we weren't neglecting to call her on purpose. And normally I call on the road on the way home, but with me driving, that didn't happen. David didn't feel like talking to anyone, either, so it never crossed either of our minds to call on the way home. Of course, I was just trying to keep us alive in the traffic!!! I did.

So, that's what's going on here. I hope that we can go to the coffeeshop tomorrow afternoon. And since it is a holiday weekend, I hope that we can do something "holiday-ey", ourselves!! I hope that everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, as well!!!

Oh, I have no idea who that woman is in the picture, but I thought the patriotic cat was appropriate for the holiday!!! I would just so love to see a flag cat walking down the sidewalk!
Have a great Friday!!!

This will be confusing to some...

Okay, I had to totally delete my last post because I used that picture of Erica from the photography class and I didn't know how to just get rid of the picture. So, wipe it from your memories, if you saw it. We don't have permission to use it yet, so mybad.

For those who didn't see it or read my earlier post, we go to the oncologist today, but I do not know whether or not David will get a treatment. I hope not, because of the traffic in that area of Jackson. We wouldn't be through until rush hour and I just hate to drive in it. And if David is feeling ooky from chemo, well, that wouldn't be good either, for both of us.

I hope everyone has a good day. I will post later to let you know the outcome of the appointment.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Newest update

We had an appointment with the eye doctor this afternoon to check the progress or lack, thereof, of the shingles in David's right eye. We have been concerned because David said the eye is very blurry and he and I were concerned that permanent damage had been done. But the doctor feels that the shingles, after they have run their course and healed, had been caught in time and that his vision will eventually clear on up. He is to go back in two weeks, unless something happens to make it worse (and lately, that is no idle threat!!). That is a relief. Vision problems would not be something that we would have to add to the growing list of woes!!!

The bad thing is that now that the shingles are "running their course", David is absolutely miserable with the itching! He is clawing at his head all of the time, and I just want to put oven mitts on his hands and forbid him to take them off!!! It is already so inflamed and scratching it is NOT making it any better!!!! And he is still taking the pain medication so he is a little loopy - after the doctor's appointment, he said that he wanted to put some aloe vera on it because it was "coothing and sool". I have to hold his arm because he is kind of wobbly- we just ate a late lunch at Captain D's and they probably thought he had started happy hour a few hours early!!!!! And he scratched and clawed and clawed and scratched!!! I wanted to slap him!!!!!! (in a good way!)

Frank is in town and it is always good to see him. We are hoping that David will feel up to watching a dvd either tonight or tomorrow night and have Frank come over. I am thrilled to have someone else here to talk to!!! David, in the bed, is not the most scintillating conversationalist these days!!! Now, I reread that and it sounded kind of funny. I mean, since he is in the bed most of the time, blah blah blah yada yada yada!!!!!!!! And about Captain D's, greasy fish, hush puppies, and fries, while delicious, are not the best things to eat mid afternoon!!!

That's the latest update. Thursday, we have to go to Jackson Oncology in Jackson to see Dr. Graham. We are not sure whether they will do a treatment or not. I have mixed emotions about it. On the one hand, he doesn't need to skip a week. But, on the other hand, I am driving and that whole area scares the bejesus out of me, and if he is sickly and can't help me watch the traffic, well, that is not a good thing!! Linda took us over there before, but I don't want to ask her again since I don't know what is going to happen!!! No wonder my head hurts!!!!!!! But we will do what we have to do!!

Have a great evening!!! Enjoy the beautiful weather before it gets too hot to do so!!!!!!

Just a little note....

This is a little "thank you" blog post -
David and I are blown away by the generosity of friends and family, needless to say. Yes, it is tough, yes, it is stressful, but everyone's kindness does a lot to make things better for us, to say the least. Example, we were gone for a couple of hours this morning, we get back, our grass has been cut!! We don't know who did it, but whoever it was, thank you very much!! A few days ago, we received a nice "collection" from David's coworkers, along with a nice card. The card was wonderful, the extra was mind boggling!! It will surely help tremendously!! We still do not know who our angel was at the Cancer Clinic, but we are very grateful to them!! The food gifts have been greatly appreciated because I just honestly cannot bring myself to cook something very often. It's like my mind is "full"!!!
So, just know that we are very touched by everyone's generosity, kindness, and prayers. They mean so much to us.
Thank you.

Top O'the mornin' to ya!

Okay, I am really not in that good a mood, but I thought I would try to sound like I was!!! I have had a headache for over a week (sympathy pains for David?), he is still hurting and itching from the shingles, and we have to go to the eye doctor this afternoon!!! SO, chirpy it is, this morning!!!! Maybe if I fake it, I will get chirpy for real!!!

HEROES finale was last night. Now, I don't know if any of you watched it, but it was pretty good. Nothing outstanding, but enough to whet our appetite for the fall season. I don't want time to pass too quickly but hey, it is almost the end of May and I still think it should be March!!! So, the fall will be here before we know it!

Erica and Fuzzy will be here in a little over a week, which will be great. We plan to do some cooking out while they are here. And then Christopher is planning on coming around mid-June, and then Erica is coming back the end of June for a couple of days!! It is going to be great to have them here so much - it does David good to see them, and it does me good to have someone to lean on!

Well, that is all I have to say today. Oh, here is a product endorsement, unpaid, of course - Swiffer WetJet!! It is fabulous!! With the crippled kitten especially, it sure beats getting on my hands and knees cleaning the floor. It is so simple to use, and I think the floor looks tons better now than it ever did! Walmart has the best price. I just used it again a few minutes ago and just felt like singing its praises!!!! Try it today!!!!!

That's it! Have a great day!!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Monday morning in Vicksburg

Good morning, all. It is a lovely day today, but I can tell it is going to be hot by this afternoon. I am just not ready for that kind of weather. Yesterday was perfect, low humidity, breezy, blue sky - that would be perfect summer weather. But in a couple of weeks, it will be too hot to even sit on the deck, except at night!! And you would think I would be used to the heat, but no, it gets worse every year. So, here I am complaining about the weather, and not doing anything about it! I am such a cliche!!

Well, we DID get to go see Spiderman Saturday afternoon!! We drove to Clinton, grabbed a bite of lunch, then went to the movies, just like the good ol' days!! The movie was okay - it was just nice being somewhere other than here or a doctor's office! Then we ran to the sad sad Metrocenter Mall to grab my free goodies before the coupons expired. David got very very tired, and by the time we got home around 6:30, he pretty much was ready for bed. The chemo side effects are still under control, but the shingles are still causing pain and they are now itching ferociously! His hair was thinning due to the Camptosar (chemo crap) and where the shingles went up onto his hair, the hair is gone. It looks like an airplane strip!! He is embarrassed by it and is worried that it won 't grow back, but that is the least of our worries, I think! He can wear a baseball cap and if anyone complains, well he can just whip it off and make them feel one inch high!!!!!!

I need to take Norma to get her last eye lasering done this morning. I have had a headache myself for a few days, but I believe mine is sinus related. I have to be careful about how many Benadryl's I take, though, or we will end up in a ditch and that is never a good thing.

So, that is pretty much all I have to say, at the moment. Tonight is the season finale of Heroes, and I am really looking forward to that. Whooo hooo, it is excitement around here, isn't it????

Have a great Monday!!!!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007


Well, good afternoon, everyone. It's just us again here. Erica left way early this morning, thanks to Daniel B. taking her to the airport, and arrived in Chicago safely, thank God. It sure has been more than nice to have the kids here - we hated to see them go, but know that they have spouses and lives in other parts of the country. And Erica got to see this cutie today - that's Parker in her cat bed, all snuggly!
David is feeling better today and has actually suggested that we drive about thirty minutes and go see a movie this afternoon!! Of course, that could change any second, but I am ready to go!!! That would be great, to get out of the house for the afternoon, a needed change of scenery. David has slept more in the last three weeks than I thought possible!!! This little trip may wear him out and he may not get out of the bed tomorrow, but I think it will do him a lot of good. I know it will do ME a lot of good!!!! How tired can he get, sitting in a dark theater?
On another subject, I have been leaving the dogs out at night, and I cannot express in words what a relief that has been!! They still wag their tails like, bring me in, bring me in, but I wave at them and shut the door and look out a few minutes later and they are just laying there like nothing could be more natural! And because of that, I have started putting the cats in the dog pen inside and they love it!! They stretch out and are purring, and that makes me very happy. It is nice that something has gotten better around here!! If our dogs bark, well then there is a reason, and that makes me feel safer. Plus, if our dogs bark, all of the other dogs will bark, too, so certain neighbors would have to call the cops on the whole neighborhood!!! I know for a fact, too, that when another dog barks, their dog barks, too! So, I hope that whole neighborhood drama is finished forever!!! It is something that I do NOT want to deal with again!!
I hope that I will be able to report that we have seen a movie today the next time I post!! Keep your fingers crossed!!!!
That's it for now. Have a great afternoon!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Comment function

Well, I don't know why, but on Jeremy's birthday post, you can't leave a comment! So, if anyone wants to comment, I am sorry. I don't know what is up with the blogger website!! Hopefully, it will get fixed later on today!!
And, this is not my cat - mine are big but not this big!!!!

Happy Birthday, Jeremy!!

Jeremy Mucha', one of Christopher's friends from elementary school, turns 30 today! He doesn't act 30, however!!! He is a free spirit who bicycles, snowboards, wears elf costumes, well, you get the idea!! His mom, Jean, is my friend who comes to celebrate my birthday with us every year, and now comes to celebrate Pigfest every fall. She is a normal woman, one who just happens to have a crazy son!!! But we love ya, Jeremy!!!! Never change!!!!
So, Happy 30, Jeremy!!! Be careful, so you will have many more!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thirty two years ago today, at 2:30 p.m.

Today is our 32nd anniversary!! To use a cliche, a lot of water has gone under the bridge, in that time! I can still remember the day very vividly in my mind, the fact that my mother forgot her necklace, the bridesmaid's dresses that were homemade and cost less than 15 bucks each (but they were pretty!), the gladiolas (!) decorating the front of the church. The tuxes were so seventies - you really expect someone to break out in a disco dance, now, when you look at the pictures!!! We had a John Denver song sung by our friend, Ben, from Jackson, and everyone said it was beautiful. I wouldn't know. There was no recording of any type made, even though we did have a tape recorder ready to do so, but John S., one of the groomsmen, forgot to push the button. Oh well! After the reception, our car broke down, so we spend the first hour and a half at Parts Exchange, something that did not bode well for all of the vehicles we have driven!! Parts Exchange and other parts places have received a lot of our business over the years!!!

But we started our married lives, very very young, very very hopeful, and had two wonderful and beautiful children, Christopher first, and Erica, a little over two years later. Fast forward (and looking back on it, DAMN, where did the time go??!) through all of the baby years, school years, graduation, and then eventually them moving from home, we decided to move out of the house we raised the kids in, after having lived there for 22 years, and bought this house, a place that we called our "dream home", building a great big beautiful deck, and planning for our retirement in a few years. But you know the "rest of the story", as Paul Harvey says. Three years into this cancer thing has led to an up and down ride, and the latest scares have really scared the bejesus out of us!! And David has chemo today and still is hurting from the shingles, so I see no special celebration happening today, unless you count "The Office" finale as one, and personally, I cannot WAIT until it comes on tonight!! Erica is here for another couple of days, so that is so nice, and thankfully, Daniel will run her over to the airport at the crack of dawn Saturday morning. And then it is just us, again. Hopefully, David will be feeling all right - the weather is supposed to be perfect, so I plan for us to do a lot of deck sitting!!! We said two years ago that we hoped that we would be saying at our 40th anniversary, "Whew, that was a rough patch at our 30th anniversary!" Well, we are two years closer to that one - 8 more to go!!!!! We will keep on fighting and fighting to get there!!

So, Happy May 17th to everybody!!! Have a great day!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Doctor visits today!!

Well, well, well. Those cute little shingles eventually did get in David's eye, but the doctor is not extremely worried since he has been using the eye drops for a week. He wants to see him next week, as well. The internist is pleased with his progress, too, and we don't have to go back for a month. I must say that our doctor has been extremely cheery lately. Things must really be going good for him.
I got a temporary filling in my tooth and it is still extremely sore, but I can chew now without excruciating pain. That is a plus. I hope that it will be even better tomorrow. Erica is having tooth issues, too. She has a wisdom tooth that probably can't be fixed with a "temporary pull"!
On an animal note, I have not brought the dogs in for the last two nights!! I just cannot do it, feeling this way. I mean, I get myself wide awake getting them in at night and then have so much trouble going to sleep because I am so keyed up! Then I have to get up early to get them back out in the morning, before "accidents" happen, and the same thing happens, I get all exhausted and tired and sweaty and since I had trouble sleeping the night before, I am pretty well wrecked by all of this. All because a neighbor didn't like to hear my dog bark!! I have been bringing them in for two years. Several more dogs have moved into the neighborhood since that time. They bark. Call the police on them!!! I am still a little bitter, I admit it. But with everything going the way it has been going lately, I just said, "THAT'S IT!!!" And I slept better the last two nights, and the dogs seem to be quite happy when I go out there in the morning. SO, I think that is a practice that will continue.
Well, I am tired now and should go to bed. Have a great Wednesday!!
Also, that is not just a random cat picture I found on the internet. That is actually PARKER, my grandcat, who lives in Chicago with her mommy and daddy, Erica and Fuzzy!!!!! Isn't she precious? Of course, her mommy is standing next to me, beaming with pride!!!!

Monday, May 14, 2007

David update

Okay, here are some pictures of David's shingles. I hope that it doesn't gross anyone out! We go back to the eye doctor and the internist tomorrow. He is better, he actually put on regular clothes yesterday!! But I have a huge hole in my tooth and am about to go to the dentist, so he has taken his meds and is about to go back to bed, probably for hours. He just doesn't have any ooomph! Christopher, my wonderful son, left this morning, heading back to South Carolina. Erica, my wonderful daughter, is here until early Saturday morning. It is such a help to have them here!
My Mother's Day was very very nice. We went to eat (not David, of course) and then Linda and her boys came by for a while. Scott's faux pas made us laugh for a long time!!! "Hey, cow". You had to be there!!!
Well, I am off to the dentist. Later!


See why I fell in love with this old codger?? He is precious!!!!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Shingles are the pits! Oh, and Happy Mother's Day!!

Okay, not the kind of shingles you put on your house. Those are necessary. I am talking about that chicken pox virus s.o.b. that stays in your spinal cord until it decides to rear its ugly head as its evil cousin, the shingles! David's forehead, down his nose, onto his eye, is just covered with this horrible blistery red skin!! He has hardly gotten out of the bedroom all day long, and has to take the pain medicine every few hours. And being a cancer patient, we are very concerned that he will never completely be free of shingles, because once it occurs, well then it can come back any time it wants. The ONLY good thing about it is that it enables me to have both of my children here for Mother's Day, the first time that has happened in years and years! Christopher has been an absolutely godsend. I do not think I could have handled doing what all has needed to be done without him. There have been a few times, late at night, that I just really start swaying because I am so tired, and Christopher is right there, taking care of his daddy, and everything is okay!! He is coming back from the airport this very minute with Erica, whose flight got in 9ish tonight. He leaves Monday, she will be here until extremely early Saturday morning. Then it is just us. I am not looking forward to that! But they both will be here at various times over the next few months, which will be wonderful for both of us. And a special thanks needs to go out to their spouses, Katie and Fuzzy, who have been so generous and understanding of the situation. I am just so very grateful that Christopher and Erica married such fabulous people!!!

So, all of you who are mothers, have a great day tomorrow!!!! You deserve it!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Update on David

All right, we knew it wouldn't be a quick fix with shingles, but he, at least, now has pain meds that actually take the edge off of the pain. He had a kind of rough night last night, but finally settled down in the recliner with pillows and blankets all over him. This morning, he was like "I can't sleep all day" and Christopher and I were like "yeah, you can" because that is what he needs to do to not be in pain. It is going to be a long road, but at least we are going down it, ever so slowly!!! The oncologist nurse called today and they rescheduled his chemo for next week, so hopefully, the cancer won't have a chance to go crazy!!! She said that shingles are very common in cancer patients, due to the suppressed immune system, plus all of the chemicals that are used in chemo. Kind of a double edged sword!!!

But a little while ago, before he went back to sleep, he said he wanted cake, so I had a yellow cake mix and just took it out of the oven and I have some cream cheese softening on the stove for the frosting. Let him eat cake!!!!!!! Of course, Christopher and I will eat cake, too!!!!!!

Also, he and I went to Walmart today. I hate Walmart, but they do have good prices and with Christopher here, I took advantage of loading up on cat and dog food. I still need cat litter, though!!!! Well, we can get that tomorrow. While we were gone, though, David's mom came and "son sat", as she called it, so I didn't have to worry about him being alone. Too bad these cats can't do anything to help him. Them jumping on the bed is NOT what he needs!!!

Okay, that's it for now. Have a great evening!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Finally, a diagnosis!!

I am too tired to go into every detail of the last few days. Suffice it to say, those days were very frustrating, very maddening, very overwhelming, in our search to find something to help David. Christopher came in last night around 10, which has been a godsend, in many ways. Because David had been in the dark all day yesterday in excruciating pain, I would just go check on him and take him medicine and sometimes a pudding cup or something similar. But when Christopher came in, they turned on a light and David showed him a rash on his head where the pain is. Christopher came running in and asked me to look up "shingles" and I'll be damn, there it was, a textbook description of what David was experiencing. It still involved the trigeminal nerve, which the ER doc said was the problem, but instead of us having to find a neurologist, and I think finding a fire breathing dragon in Mississippi would be easier than finding a neurologist, we now had something that we could go to an internist with, something that could be cured.
And first thing today, I called our doctor's nurse and she said come on in. It's shingles, all right! Now, shingles is not a walk in the park, by any means. David Letterman missed a couple of months of his talk show because of shingles on his face, and now I can so understand why. David is now wearing a pain patch on his head, taking an antiviral medicine, a high powered pain killer, a nerve medicine, and an eye drop because it is close to his eye. I really do think that the pharmacy should just have a special lane open for us! With him having cancer, though, and taking chemo and having a suppressed immune system, we really really have to be vigilant because it can get even worse, and that may not be able to be overcome. And it will take weeks, maybe months for the pain to go completely away, if it ever does. BUT, we have a doctor, we have medicine, we have a diagnosis!!!! And he will not be able to have chemo tomorrow, but if all goes the way it is supposed to go, he will be able to get back on the schedule next week and we won't have taken a step back. He is completely helpless, can barely walk, is still in unbelievable pain, but my hope is that tomorrow he will feel a little bit better and bit by bit, with each dose of medicine, we can come out of this nightmare. I have cried so much in the last few days because of my helplessness, and I cannot believe how absolutely exhausted I am, but I feel so much more optimistic that we WILL get to eventually see the new Spiderman movie IN THE THEATER!!!!!! And the bonus of all of this is, with Erica coming home Saturday and Christopher here, both of my kids will be home for Mother's Day!!! That hasn't happened in I don't know HOW long!!!!! So, yay!!!

Okay, I need to eat something. Thanks for all of the prayers and well wishes. We need them everyday because everyday is really becoming a challenge. I know that the prayer is working.

Have a great Wednesday evening!!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

May 8

Things aren't great around here, and I won't even try to explain it right now. We have a new major obstacle to overcome with David's health. Christopher is on his way here now to help out for a few days. I wouldn't be surprised if Erica were to wing her way down here later on in the week. And as much as I hate for them to disrupt their lives to come down here, I really really do need them now. Hopefully, things will improve in time.

So, that's all for now.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sunday, May 6

Good Sunday afternoon. It is a lovely day, and it is hot. Summer is just around the corner, apparently. I hope everyone is enjoying the day.

Today is the birthday of two of my nephews - Joey, who is a Marine in Iraq, is 24 today. Scott, who is a high school student, is 16. Also, yesterday was Scott's parents' (my sister, Linda and her husband, Don) 23rd wedding anniversary. Big weekend!! And it was Cinco de Mayo!!

On the David front, he has had a bad headache on one side of his head since yesterday afternoon, which has really knocked him for a loop. I even called the doctor's office today and a nurse called back immediately. She said that we could go to the emergency room, but that he could take 4 ibuprofen's and see if that helped. So, he did that, we ate, and he still feels pretty bad. If it is still there in the morning, we are calling the doctor, for sure. I spent all morning outside cleaning and rearranging the deck. I just couldn't sit in this dark, quiet house. I really would love to have a get together! But it ain't gonna happen any time soon!! Erica and Fuzzy will be here at the end of the month so I will keep it ready for when they get here. I hope that we can cook out while they are here. It really looks great and everything is spiffy. Now I want to get some really tough flowers to put in some flower boxes, something bright and something that I won't kill in the first week!!!! Preferably some reds and yellows. Ideas?

That's it for now. I'm not feeling wonderful myself, due to all of this uncertainly with David, so I will have to put my stretchy cat on here. He makes me feel better!!!!

Later!!! OH, the finale of the Amazing Race is this evening. It oughtta be great!!!! Go Beauty Queens!!!!!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

First off, I hope that everyone will get to eat some Mexican food today. I am pretty sure we won't, but we can pretend!!

Okay, so I go to get my mail. What should be in the mail but a jury summons, for me to be in Jackson by 8:30 a.m. on June 12. There is no way, under the bright blue sky, I can do that!! For one thing, I would be afraid to drive our car to Jackson, especially alone. But more importantly, I cannot leave David alone! We have NO idea how he will be in over a month's time. I do so much for him all day long, because he is too weak or sick to do it himself, i.e. food, getting his medicine, etc. You know, all that fun "caregiver" stuff!! So, I sat down and wrote them a letter immediately, and just caught the mailman as he passed by the house, so they should be getting it in the mail Monday. I think things are going okay, and then these little monkey wrenches get thrown in and it absolutely boggles my mind. And believe you me, it takes very little to boggle my mind these days!!!

But another thing is, I feel that there should a professional jury pool, people that want to be on the jury, and that is what they do, and they are happy to do it. I know that our founding fathers wanted it to be a "jury of our peers" and the government pulls names randomly from the voter files, but, like in our situation, there is no WAY I can go. I put the doctor's name, phone number, and address in the letter, in case they don't believe me, and hopefully I will hear Monday that I am excused. But even if I lived over in Jackson, we didn't have cancer in our midst, and I was able to go, I am pretty sure it would interrupt something!!! I know that is why they probably send out these notices to hundreds of people because not everyone could drop everything and go sit on a jury. Even at 40 bucks a day!! But, that being said, there is absolutely no way I can go. I just didn't need to get that summons today!!!!! It just adds more stress to an already stressful situation. I really don't need any more, thank you very much.

Well, that is all for now. I actually did wash the dishes today!!! HOORAY!!!! That might be it for several days, but at least for now, they are clean!!! But yesterday David and I had a chance to talk, something we haven't really been able to do a lot of lately. And I never took off my nightgown, all day long. I did have a tee shirt dress over it, but I can't remember ever doing that before, at least for all day!! You know, the world didn't end!!!!

So, everyone have a great Saturday. Don't eat too many enchiladas!!!!!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Angels among us

Okay, this is an unbelievable story, but every word is true. David had chemo today, but they were so crowded I left to run some errands. When I got back there to pick him up, the nurse said it would be at least another 45 minutes, so I grabbed a Diet Coke and headed to the waiting room to look at a magazine. Sara, the receptionist (she is so much more, actually!!) handed me what she normally hands us every time we leave and said that it was our receipt. I said David wasn't through yet and I was just going to sit out there and read and she again used the word "receipt". So, I took it and she then said that our account had been paid in full. I'm sorry, I heard the words, but didn't understand what she meant, so she then told me that someone had come into the clinic earlier today and paid off our bill!! By this time I am stumbling and crying and seriously, if a Brontosaurus had come in for a treatment, I would have been less surprised!! I asked who it was and she said she wasn't supposed to tell me, that she didn't know her name, so I asked her wasn't the name on the check and she said that it had been paid for IN CASH!!! And folks, we're not talking a couple of hundred bucks here. We, of course, have been trying to figure out who it could have possibly been, but we don't know. All I know is that this is a wonderful gift and whoever did it is truly an angel. And now I just started crying again!!! With David not working now, we really don't know what is going to happen financially, and not having to worry about this bill is a blessing, for sure. One day I hope to be able to do the same for someone else.
So, we are absolutely blessed, every day. A big thank you to our generous benefactor. I am still in shock.
Everyone have a wonderful Friday. We plan to do just that!!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I know I am not the first to think this.....

You know how when you go to bed and turn the light off, your mind just starts jumping around to different thoughts? Well, the other night, my mind thought, hmmm, I feel like I am getting into an envelope. People all over are getting into their envelopes. And it hit me - we are all like cell phones, put into our little charger beds every night so we can talk tomorrow!! And then I imagined everyone in their little chargers, with a little screen saying "charging battery"!! I told this to David and he said, yeah, uh huh. But now I think about that when I get in the bed! All over town, all over the country, in their homes or in motels, just revving up for the next day!!!

Isn't that a neat thought?

Update on this morning's post

Well, well, well, we FINALLY heard from the HR person. She said that we do not have to pay our medical premiums after all, thank goodness, although now they have a check for May!! David emailed her back to ask what they will now do with that payment. Hopefully, they will just tear it up and we can void it. And while it is not very much in relation to how much the insurance pays, it will be a relief to not have another bill to pay every month. I have enough, thank you very much!!! So, that is one problem taken care of today. Every little bit helps!!!!!
Oh, and in regards to the picture, that is why you have to keep the lid down!!!!!

Wednesday, May 2

Good rainy morning to everyone. It was so wonderfully dark this morning when I got up. I ended up sleeping in the recliner most of the night, but amazingly, I am semi-refreshed today. It could be the two cups of coffee that I have had, though!

We have had a few pretty good days. With David on the new medicine, and with him a couple of weeks out of chemo, he is eating better and gaining his strength back. That said, we have to be at the Cancer Clinic tomorrow morning for his next treatment. But we are pretty confident that the new medicine will prevent the devastating side effects that occurred after the last treatment. We are hoping that he will lose no more weight (he hasn't lost any in the last week!), and that he will see benefits from the chemo. Well, I guess that goes without saying, right???!!!

BUT, having to take a leave of absence really isn't what it is cracked up to be! The paperwork is downright daunting, PLUS we found out yesterday that WE have to make sure our medical premiums are paid! When he was off in the fall of 2004 with his surgery, the company continued to pay the premiums, so we were really surprised to see the change. And the HR person is apparently off in another universe because she will NOT return our calls, will NOT return emails, and we can NOT get through to her. You know, if that is your job, then you owe it to the people you are trying to help to at least respond to questions that you are asked. The whole deal is the person is SICK, and may not be able to understand all of the red tape jargon that accompanies such things as this. We overnighted paperwork and a check for May's insurance so his treatment better be covered tomorrow. One treatment would just about wipe up out financially, they are so expensive. It is very frustrating, and very upsetting. Of course my thought was, well, sure, it takes forever to set this up, we will get way less money than he would normally make in a pay period, so OF COURSE we have to come up with money for our insurance premiums!!! I hope that somebody will call us today, or at least respond to email. And this may sound mean spirited and unChristian, but God forbid that the HR person has any problems in her life. I wonder how they would feel if they were being treated like a nonperson and only a number on a file. But, it is the way of the world now.

So, the Lional Ritchie song stayed on my mind for two days!! I have to watch out because out of nowhere I will hear him ask if it is him that I am looking for, but I am pretty sure it's not, so I wish he would just give it a rest!

Have a great day today!!