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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Hey, all. I hope everyone is well on this late Wednesday morning. I have a few comments to make, so I will make them now:
1. The whole Virginia Tech thing - how tired are we of hearing about some "poor" guy who doesn't have friends, is a loner, blah blah blah? This idiot blew away some of the best and brightest, people who could make a difference in the world, just because he was unhappy! It just infuriates me, and I cannot begin to imagine the grief that the families and campus are having to deal with. It just makes me mad and sad.
2. David is not feeling very well these days. In fact, he doesn't get out of bed too often, which also makes me very sad. He has another treatment tomorrow - there is no time to get over the treatments before the next one. We have company coming this weekend. Hopefully, David will feel like visiting. We are going to try to go to Clinton this afternoon to talk with this cousin, who handles our life insurance policies. Fun stuff.
3. Christopher got bitten by a mouse and ran over a raccoon. Way to go, Christopher!!
4. Scruffy the cat is still hanging around. He has been beat up horribly by that black and white tom cat. In fact, he pretty much has no fur on his neck and side of his face from the fights, so I try to spray medicine on it, but he thinks I am punishing him, so he tried to run. Last night I put him in a kennel to keep him safe, but I am not sure whether he appreciated it or not. I love cats, but this black and white tom cat is getting closer and closer to me putting him out of my misery!!!!! (not really, but I would like to take him somewhere far far away!)
5. My wonderful neighbor, Marian, had our grass cut, and it looks really great! Thanks!!!
6. I have absolutely nothing else to say.
7. Later.
8. Oh, Erica and Fuzzy are going to come home for a few days in June. That will be wonderful!!


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