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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Update on update!

So, we were watching "at" Stargate SG-1 last night when the dogs went absolutely berserk. I went out and saw a car blocking our driveway, so I said "helloooo? Anybody there?" and it was the young man whose dogs had been missing. He and his precious little niece were here to thank me for helping them be reunited with the missing pups. And the little girl, who was five and absolutely adorable, gave me a penny for helping find her uncle's dogs!! Turns out he graduated from WC in '93, and knows who you are, Christopher, because he took art for three years!! And he remembered Jason Mucha, too. It is such a small world, after all!!!!!! His niece wants to come back over and jump on the trampoline, but I told her that I had to be here and watching her, and she was okay with that. I doubt she will be back to do so. I mean, it's not as though she can drive! The whole time, though, that they were here, she was dancing and dancing, just could NOT be still!! Really really cute and it made me feel good to know that I made that family happy, just by reading the classifieds and making a phone call!! It was a good thing.

David is hoping to shower and get dressed in something other than pj's today. It would be nice if we had a really good day. The medicine continues to help, but he still has trouble eating, plus the fever came back last night, which was disappointing. But it is gone now, and hopefully, will not come back any time soon. I got him outside yesterday for a few minutes and we walked up the street, and I plan to do that again today. Breathing fresh air is bound to have a positive effect on him! It is kind of chilly and cloudy, at the moment, so I will wait until the sun comes back out. He is so pale, he needs that sunshine and Vitamin D!

I hope everyone has a great Saturday!! Oh, and isn't that a great looking car?? I would so love to be driving that "old" car instead of the car I am driving!!! It just screams Jan and Dean and the Beach Boys, doesn't it?? We'd have "fun, fun, fun......!!"


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