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Friday, April 27, 2007

Update on guy looking for dogs

Okay, do you remember me telling you that the other night there was this young man on a bicycle looking for his dogs? And Cheryl, you warned me not to be so trusting? Well, I always read the lost and found in the classified section and there it was today, two black labs, found at the city pool (a couple of blocks from here), call and identify. I called the woman, told her about the guy and told her the dog's name (Onyx). She said his name and she said he jumped up and ran to her!! She said they were obviously pets, housebroken, sweet, spoiled, so she got the info and just a few minutes ago, she called and said that the guy had just picked them up and they were jumping and happy, probably all three of them!! I feel good!!! Anytime babies get separated from their parents it is sad, and pet babies are no exception!! So, I bet some extra doggy treats will be in their very near future!!!! YAY for reading the classifieds!!!!!!!


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