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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tuesday, April 24

Good morning, all. I hope that everyone had a decent Monday.

Here is what is happening in Reid-land today:

David is getting weaker due to the chemo, but one reason is that he is not able to eat very much. It is not because of nausea, it is because of severe stomach pains when he eats. Sunday, dear neighbor Cheryl brought us some homemade chicken noodle soup, which really hit the spot. I then took what was left and cooked more noodles in it, which David ate yesterday. I will eventually wash the dish and get it back to you, Cheryl, but it probably won't be today!!!

Also, Norma had to go to the hospital to get a another little adjustment from the cataract surgery, and that went well. I took her and then called a friend/relative to come pick her up since I didn't want to leave David that long.

Then Carl, David's brother came over mid afternoon and stayed for hours, which was just absolutely great!! And then, wonder of all wonders, David said he wanted a steak sandwich from Goldie's!!! Carl jumped in his car and went and got it and David ate most of it, which is the most he has eaten in a few weeks!!!! Carl said if him being here made David eat, then he would come over every afternoon!!! I just may take him up on it!!!! I also bought a ton of ensure and fruit cups the other day and David is drinking them. He is so weak, I really think he needs to skip chemo this week and concentrate on getting some strength back. He really hasn't had a break in chemo in a long while. I think he would be able to tolerate more if he was stronger and eating all of these goodies can only help. I know I am not a doctor, but I do know my husband. I think it would be the best for him if we skipped this week. We haven't decided yet, though.

And, that ding blasted calico cat is missing again! What is up with her?? She is here for days on end, loving on us, being sweet, then she goes missing!!!! Ticks me off, I tell ya! And Scruffy - he shows up a few times a day, and I have been feeding him and putting medicine on him and he is healing, but did he show up last night and this morning? Why no, he didn't!!!! I just fall in love with these cats too much and I worry about them. I mean, never mind the fact that I have no idea where Scruffy came from or anything!! It's just that since he started coming here, I feel like he should just stay here. The same with that Callie - she was born here, she needs to stay here!!!!! Cats. It is a disease, as David says!!

So, here is a new cute cat/disease picture for the day!!

Have a good one!!!!
Update: Scruffy showed up. Now if we could just find that silly calico!!!


  • At Tuesday, April 24, 2007, Anonymous Cheryl said…

    Good Tuesday! I agree, as I told you Sunday, that David may need to skip a chemo. I meant to tell you to try Ensure, but I forgot, so I am glad that he is now drinking it.
    Mom wouldn't drink hers, which would only make her weaker. I am sure that David's appetite comes and goes, so let me know if he decides he wants something special and I can go by afterschool and bring it to him. Quit worrying about the cats so much. They will be ok. Love you, Cheryl (glad y'all enjoyed the soup)


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