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Sunday, April 29, 2007

"Swift"ly does the day rise....

That's a cryptic title, isn't it? And I am sure you are all wondering, what does it mean? I'll tell you what it means......

Yesterday, David hardly got out of the bed very much, very weak, with some of the stomach pain. I was pretty bummed - it was a beautiful day and I miss going and doing stuff on Saturday afternoons. Linda and Matthew came over, bearing a fabulous meal, and visiting with them was really nice and enjoyable. I finally got David to walk up the street again, but he was very tired, so we didn't go far. Last night, I have to say, I was very frustrated with the turn of events around here, and apologized to him for sometimes sounding like I was mad at him. I am NOT, nor ever have been (at least in this situation!), mad at him. I AM kind of in the anger phase, though, not really mad at God, just mad that this is happening. He said he would try to get up more today, and maybe just go riding with me or something. Then we went to bed.

SO, this morning, in my extremely groggy state, close to 7, we both are awakened to this weird "fwappafwappafwappa" sound in our bedroom. We both sit up, thinking it may have been the workers outside next door, then we hear it again. "fwappafwappafwappafwappa". Two days ago, David said he had to shut the flue to keep the chimney swifts (ah, are you getting it now?!) out of the house. But because he felt too bad, it didn't get shut. YES, because of the open flue, a chimney swift was in our bedroom, flopping around behind the dresser. We both jumped up and it is flying all over the place, I am screaming ( I am such a girl) and it flies into the living room. Now, at the green door, there are several cats peering in, eager to find out what is going on and willing to dispatch that bird to it's great reward, but I have some pretty crystal decanters that I really didn't want to see smashed on the floor, so we kept them out of the mix. The bird goes behind the hutch - we get a long "thingy" and try to get it out. Doesn't work. He flies to the top of the curtain. David jumps up on the couch, tries to grab him, touches him, he flies back to the hutch. I grab a couch blanket and start running around trying to throw it on him, screaming when it comes near me, of course. It lands on the floor. We throw the blanket. It doesn't catch it. It flies back into our bedroom. David starts yelling for me to get the "that long thing" and I can't find it. I finally see it stuck, midway, behind the hutch. I run back in there and shut the door. Bird is flying everywhere and we look like bad actors in a physical comedy, with blankets and pokey things to try to catch him! And, remember, we are in our pajamas during all of this!! FINALLY, the bird is so exhausted, he falls down among the myriad of shoes that will not fit my swollen foot and David finally nabs him, and starts yelling, OPEN THE FRONT DOOR, OPEN THE FRONT DOOR!! So, in my gown, and in his pajamas, we open the door to National Street and toss the poor bird to his freedom. I kind of felt like Tippie Hedren when it would fly toward me, but I do not want anything bad to happen to him, but he is so tired, he will probably get eaten by a cat, but that cannot be my problem!! We do see him fly upward, however, so maybe he is resting in a tree after his adventure.

Well, by now it is like 7:15. We are exhausted, I am starving, the dogs are barking to go out, but I crawled back into the bed and stayed there until a little after 8:30. Before we went back to sleep, however, I told David that I guess this completely blew the day for him, that he had used up all of his energy chasing the bird. Oh, and he closed the flue. But here it is, close to 10, and he just came in and turned on the radio, and is eating a bowl of cereal!! Maybe we need to release a bird into the house every day !! No, let's don't. It reminded me of when I was around 15 and had been to my grandparent's house to visit my cousin, Lollie, and my car (a really nice, fast, I could stripe the street with it, '63 Rambler Ambassador, baby blue with a white top) broke down and I walked back the two blocks to their house and there was my grandfather, Hezzie, wearing a burgundy shiny robe, chasing a bird around in their living room with a rolled up newspaper, screaming DAMN BIRD DAMN BIRD. Lollie came out and we just stood there watching him, chasing this poor bird around! I thought of that this morning. "Damn" was not the worst word that I said, though!! Use your imagination.......

SO, hopefully, the day will be a good one, after such a rousing beginning. It is gorgeous outside, the dogs were extremely frisky, with Woofer just barking a happy bark, NONSTOP (one of the reasons I have to bring them in). I didn't let my cats out yet, because I wanted to give the poor chimney swift a fighting chance to get away from here. I guess I should call the bird "Jonathan"from now on. Ooooh, literary reference.......

The Amazing Race is on tonight. I do know who wins, but I want to watch the final episodes anyway. From literary reference, to reality television. That is my brain this Sunday morn!!

Everyone have a wonderful day!! I intend to do just that!!!!



  • At Sunday, April 29, 2007, Blogger Erica said…

    HAHAHA! That is so funny! I wish I could have seen that!

    And now I have "Pressure" in my mind from the "I'll tell you what it means..."

    Yay Bird Adventure!

  • At Sunday, April 29, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Well, I almost put "pressure" but I didn't. I knew you and Christopher would immediately think that, though!!!


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