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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Supper at Billy's

So, after such an emotionally draining day today, David felt like going to Billy's Italian Restaurant for some pasta. It worked for me, so we walk in, sit down, and who should be walking in but David Day and his daughters!! Now, David D. has a couple of restaurants himself in Vicksburg, so to see him coming into Billy's this evening just was icing on the cake. He was the one at the coffee shop today who said to screw the bills, responsibility, and take a fun trip. Well, he sat his girls down at one booth (they are in high school) and then he sat with us. What a fun meal that was!!! Of course, Billy is a hoot, too, but they were fairly busy and he didn't get to visit very much with us. I just felt that it was meant for us to converge there this evening. Even Daniel's cousin Zack and his family were there!! Do we all hang out in the same places, or what?? Of course, I don't want ANY of them to have to ever be at the cancer clinic!!

And, because he is just so sweet, D.D. picked up our tab!! Then he walked down to Vitamin World with us and then walked us back to the car. He will eventually be a neighbor, of sorts, and I cannot wait. But there are complications in the house purchase involving lawyers so who knows when they will move in?? But he and his wife became grandparents two weeks ago - Riley Nicole was born March 30. Of course, one of his daughters was talking about how the new mother made her mad and didn't respect her and had a bad attitude and "I don't care that she has a baby or not, she is just rude" and D.D. looked at me and said "welcome to my world". It was funny. We need funny!!!!

Now I am going to bed. We will be talking to the oncologist tomorrow, so more emotions will be dredged up! But I am putting a cat picture on this evening, for your viewing enjoyment!



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