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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunday, April 15

It is SO cold here! Okay, granted it is not as cold as the picture suggests, but dang it, it is April 15, and pretty chilly!!! Of course, a couple of years ago, we went to an outside crawfish cookout with Norma to see The Chill (how appropriate!!) and they sang "My Girl". It was the last day of April and the line "mellow as the month of May" was so ironic, because I had on a big coat and hat and was absolutely freezing!! Now, one thing that bugs me - I have never been one of those who say, oh, I can't turn the heat on until a certain date, or oh, it isn't June so I can't turn on the air conditioning, or oh, it is April so I HAVE to wear shorts, a sleeveless shirt and sandals, but apparently there are LOTS of people that don't think like that. So, of course we see people wearing strapless tube tops, shorts, and they are shaking and wincing because of the cold wind! PEOPLE, dress accordingly! I remember one time I was working in the park and some people walked in at the end of November wondering why they were cold wearing shorts, tee shirts, and sandals. We were like, IT IS NOVEMBER!!!!!!! I leave a couple of sweatshirts out all year round. You just never know, and I, for one, like to be comfortable. And yes, I will turn on both the heat and the ac in the same day. That's what it is there for, our comfort!!
Okay, speaking of how cold it was yesterday, we had a flat tire. Yep. In the cold, with David feeling really bad, our tire was flat as it could be. You know how when you are sick you feel so terrible but then you start to get better and just try to do anything and everything all at once because you do feel better? Well, Mr. David Reid, prime example of exactly that! Friday, he was blowing and going, feeling great, eating everything, taking his temperature and waving the thermometer around because for the first time in a month, he had no fever!! GREAT!! He crashed and burned Friday night. Still no fever, which we take as a fabulous sign, but the chemo WAS going to affect him, no matter what, and it did. He got so tired Friday night and then yesterday, he was just hardly able to get out of bed. We needed to go to the store, so he got up and we drove around trying to find something he could eat, so we ended up at Billy's again. Billy said three times in one week is the limit, so we can't go in there for awhile. And yes, he actually did say that, but he was joking in his Billy like way. Anyway, after we ate, he had to come home to rest and at 4:30 I was ready for some Hwy. 61 decaf coffee, so we got down there and I drank two huge mugs of it! Even Daniel was like, where did it go? I chug a lugged it, and it made me holler "hidey ho". Okay, old Roger Miller song....... I digress. So, a little after 5, when Daniel was closing up, we go to our car and back up and we heard the unmistakable thump thump thump of a flat tire. Lesley went and got Daniel and he helped David jack the car up and then reopened the coffeeshop so David could wash his hands. Just before he had to change the tire, though, David had said he just didn't have the energy to even get something to eat, so this was not something that he felt like doing. Thank goodness I had on a coat and there was a scarf in the trunk because the wind was cutting through us on that hill, coming up from the water. Of course, all I was doing was saying, are you all right, are you all right, do you need to sit down, damn it's cold, are you all right, something that everyone changing a tire needs to hear, you know? We did have to go to the store, where I am probably going to report the clerk (do NOT stand and talk to your buddy, ignoring the customers, especially one that was so obviously sick and then when I say, can you please check us out, she and her friend burst out laughing!!), I haven't decided yet, and after taking my mom her few grocery items, we came home and David has pretty much been in bed ever since. I hope he can feel like getting up this afternoon. The sun is out, although it is in the 40's now. It is strictly a roller coaster around here, one day we're on top, the next day we are flying down a hill. And, for the record, I HATE roller coasters!!!! Except in the Beavis and Butthead movie, I liked that one. That was random, wasn't it?
Well, the dogs are probably doing that pee pee dance, the cats think they are being punished, and Scruffy the cat is probably outside wondering where his new master is with his food. He is still rough looking, but he is so sweet, he actually comes when I call him, something that most of my other cats, who I have raised since kittenhood, are loathe to do. And the black scutter apparently had her kittens on Friday, so Cheryl, they may be under your hedge again, but she has always moved them over here after a couple of weeks. Don't let your neighbor make a stew! gross. sorry.
Have a great Sunday!! The Amazing Race is on tonight. I really and truly want Mirna and Charla to go away, but there was a preview of Mirna dragging Charla through an airport that I cannot wait to see!!! If that makes me a bad person, then so be it, but I know I am not the only one! Jean, we will discuss!!!!
Later, dudes and dudesses!!!!!!!


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