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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter Eve

Good morning, on this very cold Easter Eve. I really do think this is taking the usual "Easter snap" a bit too far, don't you agree?

But the good thing is Christopher and Katie will be here around noon. They called last night close to eleven and were just too tired and had only gotten to Tuscaloosa, so they were going to stop. We were very glad. There is just no reason to risk your life on the road! In fact, we stopped in Tuscaloosa on the way to their house in December, and then on the way back. So, we know how they feel.

David has not been feeling very well at all. He finally talked to his boss yesterday, and he assured us that the company would help David out as much as they could. The new treatment will be Wednesday and it is the one that "sudden death" is a possible side effect, but we don't have to go to Jackson to take this one. We have to be at the Cancer Clinic at 8:30 and the nurse told us to expect to stay for the whole 8 hours. Do I really have to say that this really sucks? Last night I was so exhausted and was in the bed and then David started "what iffing" which got me upset, because you know, I pretty much "what if" 24/7!!!! So C and K coming home today is a great thing - it will keep our minds occupied, at least until Tuesday morning when they leave.

Now, another subject - Scruffy the cat. When I let him out yesterday morning, he had trashed the kennel again, but he let me pet him and then off he went. But late yesterday afternoon, after all of my cats had been put inside, there he was, on Marian's steps, having a stand off with her cat, Billy Bob! So, I went over there (that's why your gate was open, Marian! Sorry!) and Scruffy fell at my feet again, like he did the other day. He is so sweet but so beat up! I brought him over here and fed him and have not seen him since. I trust he cuddled up all full somewhere warm last night. I cleaned out the kennel and left it open in case he wanted to get back in there, although I didn't put a blanket in it or anything. Hopefully, he will stay safe. Paws Rescue paid for him being fixed and vaccinated. What a wonderful organization, one that, I hope, continues for many years, until all kitties are taken care of and no more will be put to death, just because they are here. Personally, it would be wonderful if Animal Control, and the people that work for them (they are rude), would be out of work.

Okay, speaking of animals, I need to go take care of my menagerie. Have a great Easter! And STAY WARM!!!!


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