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Monday, April 02, 2007

April 2

Good morning, everyone. It is a lovely day today. Everything is soaked from the rain this weekend, so the air feels really clear and clean. Maybe now everyone will quit sneezing and coughing! And yes, the rain did knock some of the blooms off of the azaleas and popcorn trees, but that's quite all right. We needed the rain more than we need to look at flowers!!!!!

Today the doctor is going to call with what our next plan is, but until then, I have errands to run, something I am looking forward to doing, to be honest!!! It is good to have a plan. One of the things I have to do is take a movie back to the library. It's "The Illusionist", starring Edward Norton. When I saw the previews for this, I was so intrigued, I really wanted to see it. So, when I found out that the library had it, I put it on reserve. Well, one thing that bugged me to pieces was Philip Glass's score - another reviewer said that the music "needled" him, and that is the truth. It sounded like "needleneedleneedle" and those who know his music know what I mean. It gave me the creeps because it sounded like an earlier movie, "Koyonaskatski", which scared Erica when she was young and I just wasn't too crazy about it either. The new movie tried to be the director's "Sixth Sense" but I had it figured out way early in the movie, as will anyone who has ever watched a movie would do!! E. Norton was good, as was Paul Giamatti, but other than that, meh. A couple of the reviewers on the Rotten Tomato website loved it, but I am not sure what they saw to love! So, anyway, that is my movie review!! I am giving it a couple of thumbs down, which really makes it hard to type!!!!!!! No sir, I didn't like it!!

And since Easter is next weekend, here is a little girl all dressed up in her Easter finery! I can just see me actually trying to put a dress on one of my cats!! I am grateful that there are people who do dress their cats up and post them on the internet!!!

Have a great day!!!


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