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Monday, April 30, 2007

Monday morning, April 30

Good morning, all. I hope that all of your weekends were satisfactory, that you got to have some fun during all of the beautiful spring weather. It was lovely here in ol' V'burg.
But I have a question, this gorgeous Monday morning - I think I have handled things pretty well, considering what all is going on. I am not mad at God or anything, and have accepted that some things may be out of my control. But what I do not understand, not even for a little bit, is why do I have Lionel Ritchie's song "Hello, Is it Me You're Looking For" constantly running through my mind. And OF COURSE, I see the blind girl in her pottery class, with the bust of L.R. Now, to me, that is almost cruel and inhuman punishment, to start out the week with that playing over and over and over. I let the dogs out - "hello?" - I let the cats out - "is it me you're looking for?". As I clean up dog crap - again, "hello?". Putting food out - blind girl acting all shy over the sculpture. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME???????
For all of you who love the song, I meant no offense.
I have got tons of errands to do today. Now, though, I need a bath because of aforementioned clean up. I guess Lionel and I will do that later.
Have a good day!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

"Swift"ly does the day rise....

That's a cryptic title, isn't it? And I am sure you are all wondering, what does it mean? I'll tell you what it means......

Yesterday, David hardly got out of the bed very much, very weak, with some of the stomach pain. I was pretty bummed - it was a beautiful day and I miss going and doing stuff on Saturday afternoons. Linda and Matthew came over, bearing a fabulous meal, and visiting with them was really nice and enjoyable. I finally got David to walk up the street again, but he was very tired, so we didn't go far. Last night, I have to say, I was very frustrated with the turn of events around here, and apologized to him for sometimes sounding like I was mad at him. I am NOT, nor ever have been (at least in this situation!), mad at him. I AM kind of in the anger phase, though, not really mad at God, just mad that this is happening. He said he would try to get up more today, and maybe just go riding with me or something. Then we went to bed.

SO, this morning, in my extremely groggy state, close to 7, we both are awakened to this weird "fwappafwappafwappa" sound in our bedroom. We both sit up, thinking it may have been the workers outside next door, then we hear it again. "fwappafwappafwappafwappa". Two days ago, David said he had to shut the flue to keep the chimney swifts (ah, are you getting it now?!) out of the house. But because he felt too bad, it didn't get shut. YES, because of the open flue, a chimney swift was in our bedroom, flopping around behind the dresser. We both jumped up and it is flying all over the place, I am screaming ( I am such a girl) and it flies into the living room. Now, at the green door, there are several cats peering in, eager to find out what is going on and willing to dispatch that bird to it's great reward, but I have some pretty crystal decanters that I really didn't want to see smashed on the floor, so we kept them out of the mix. The bird goes behind the hutch - we get a long "thingy" and try to get it out. Doesn't work. He flies to the top of the curtain. David jumps up on the couch, tries to grab him, touches him, he flies back to the hutch. I grab a couch blanket and start running around trying to throw it on him, screaming when it comes near me, of course. It lands on the floor. We throw the blanket. It doesn't catch it. It flies back into our bedroom. David starts yelling for me to get the "that long thing" and I can't find it. I finally see it stuck, midway, behind the hutch. I run back in there and shut the door. Bird is flying everywhere and we look like bad actors in a physical comedy, with blankets and pokey things to try to catch him! And, remember, we are in our pajamas during all of this!! FINALLY, the bird is so exhausted, he falls down among the myriad of shoes that will not fit my swollen foot and David finally nabs him, and starts yelling, OPEN THE FRONT DOOR, OPEN THE FRONT DOOR!! So, in my gown, and in his pajamas, we open the door to National Street and toss the poor bird to his freedom. I kind of felt like Tippie Hedren when it would fly toward me, but I do not want anything bad to happen to him, but he is so tired, he will probably get eaten by a cat, but that cannot be my problem!! We do see him fly upward, however, so maybe he is resting in a tree after his adventure.

Well, by now it is like 7:15. We are exhausted, I am starving, the dogs are barking to go out, but I crawled back into the bed and stayed there until a little after 8:30. Before we went back to sleep, however, I told David that I guess this completely blew the day for him, that he had used up all of his energy chasing the bird. Oh, and he closed the flue. But here it is, close to 10, and he just came in and turned on the radio, and is eating a bowl of cereal!! Maybe we need to release a bird into the house every day !! No, let's don't. It reminded me of when I was around 15 and had been to my grandparent's house to visit my cousin, Lollie, and my car (a really nice, fast, I could stripe the street with it, '63 Rambler Ambassador, baby blue with a white top) broke down and I walked back the two blocks to their house and there was my grandfather, Hezzie, wearing a burgundy shiny robe, chasing a bird around in their living room with a rolled up newspaper, screaming DAMN BIRD DAMN BIRD. Lollie came out and we just stood there watching him, chasing this poor bird around! I thought of that this morning. "Damn" was not the worst word that I said, though!! Use your imagination.......

SO, hopefully, the day will be a good one, after such a rousing beginning. It is gorgeous outside, the dogs were extremely frisky, with Woofer just barking a happy bark, NONSTOP (one of the reasons I have to bring them in). I didn't let my cats out yet, because I wanted to give the poor chimney swift a fighting chance to get away from here. I guess I should call the bird "Jonathan"from now on. Ooooh, literary reference.......

The Amazing Race is on tonight. I do know who wins, but I want to watch the final episodes anyway. From literary reference, to reality television. That is my brain this Sunday morn!!

Everyone have a wonderful day!! I intend to do just that!!!!


Saturday, April 28, 2007

Update on update!

So, we were watching "at" Stargate SG-1 last night when the dogs went absolutely berserk. I went out and saw a car blocking our driveway, so I said "helloooo? Anybody there?" and it was the young man whose dogs had been missing. He and his precious little niece were here to thank me for helping them be reunited with the missing pups. And the little girl, who was five and absolutely adorable, gave me a penny for helping find her uncle's dogs!! Turns out he graduated from WC in '93, and knows who you are, Christopher, because he took art for three years!! And he remembered Jason Mucha, too. It is such a small world, after all!!!!!! His niece wants to come back over and jump on the trampoline, but I told her that I had to be here and watching her, and she was okay with that. I doubt she will be back to do so. I mean, it's not as though she can drive! The whole time, though, that they were here, she was dancing and dancing, just could NOT be still!! Really really cute and it made me feel good to know that I made that family happy, just by reading the classifieds and making a phone call!! It was a good thing.

David is hoping to shower and get dressed in something other than pj's today. It would be nice if we had a really good day. The medicine continues to help, but he still has trouble eating, plus the fever came back last night, which was disappointing. But it is gone now, and hopefully, will not come back any time soon. I got him outside yesterday for a few minutes and we walked up the street, and I plan to do that again today. Breathing fresh air is bound to have a positive effect on him! It is kind of chilly and cloudy, at the moment, so I will wait until the sun comes back out. He is so pale, he needs that sunshine and Vitamin D!

I hope everyone has a great Saturday!! Oh, and isn't that a great looking car?? I would so love to be driving that "old" car instead of the car I am driving!!! It just screams Jan and Dean and the Beach Boys, doesn't it?? We'd have "fun, fun, fun......!!"

Friday, April 27, 2007

Update on guy looking for dogs

Okay, do you remember me telling you that the other night there was this young man on a bicycle looking for his dogs? And Cheryl, you warned me not to be so trusting? Well, I always read the lost and found in the classified section and there it was today, two black labs, found at the city pool (a couple of blocks from here), call and identify. I called the woman, told her about the guy and told her the dog's name (Onyx). She said his name and she said he jumped up and ran to her!! She said they were obviously pets, housebroken, sweet, spoiled, so she got the info and just a few minutes ago, she called and said that the guy had just picked them up and they were jumping and happy, probably all three of them!! I feel good!!! Anytime babies get separated from their parents it is sad, and pet babies are no exception!! So, I bet some extra doggy treats will be in their very near future!!!! YAY for reading the classifieds!!!!!!!

Thank you, Kate in Japan!

Kate, seen here in a kimono, sent us a "happy" this week! Thank you so much for thinking of us. The little corn candies are really very good!! Everything was so cute and Japaneseey!!! Thanks!!!!

Friday, April 27

Good morning. It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood, all cats are accounted for, dogs out and fed, dishes still piled up in the sink, clothes still not washed, but HEY, one thing at a time, right?

The doctor prescribed some medicine Wednesday afternoon for David that seems to be helping, but he still has no energy. I think he should try to walk up the street a little bit, even in his robe, to at least get out in the fresh air, and maybe he will feel a little better. He is eating a lot better, since the medicine, so he has not lost any more weight, which is very very positive. He is already sick of Ensure, and he's only been drinking it for five days, but I believe it is doing him some good, also. My goal is to get him to feeling good enough to go see the new Spider Man movie next weekend!!!!! I mean, all he has to do is sit in a dark theater (after a 25 minute car ride). Let's keep our fingers crossed that we can do that!!!

So, it's Friday and the Nosser girls will be at the coffee shop today. I may not go if David doesn't go, though. I do need to get my hair cut - I am tempted to just get the cat clippers and shave my head!!!! It'll grow back!!! Although, I wouldn't want to get confused with Britney Spears - the papparazzi would be so bored!

Have a great Friday!!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Happy Anniversary, Christopher and Katie!!

Originally uploaded by baldman76.
Today is Christopher and Katie's fourth wedding anniversary. It just really seems like ysterday that I looked at him right before the wedding and said that six months would fly by in the blink of an eye!! This is a picture of them at Halloween - they are a perfect match!!!!
We love you and hope you have many many more!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wednesday, April 25

You know, it is the little things that happen that make up a day. For instance, last night I was out bringing in the sheaves, I mean, the dogs, checking everything to make sure it was okay, and a young man stopped at the end of my driveway on a bicycle. Now, it was 10:30. He was missing his black lab named Onyx and was asking if I had seen him. I told him no, but I was missing my calico cat, too. We ended up talking for a long time, and it was so enjoyable. The weather was gorgeous - breezy, not too warm, not too cool, and the air smelled like perfume. Scruffy came up and fell at his feet. In fact, I had to move Scruffy out of the road when a truck was heading straight for him!!! Anyway, it was just nice to meet someone new and have a nice conversation. I wish everyone felt that way. He seemed to enjoy talking to me, also. I like nice people!

But as I was locking up the house, I said a little prayer ("I said a little prayer.." Erica will get that!) that yes, she is just a cat, but I really wanted Callie to come home. So, this morning, it was sprinkling, I went to let the dogs out, and here she comes, her little collar bell tinkling, and I grabbed her and hugged her. So, a little thing, but I sure feel better!!! But she still didn't tell me where she had been!!! I hope the young man's dog came home today, too! I want good things to happen to everyone!!!!

Now, on to more important things: I want to say that David is a tiny bit better than yesterday!! He craved Goldie's again last night, so, since I am made of money, I jumped in the car and went and got it for him and he ate every bit of it again. That is such a good thing. We are still skipping chemo tomorrow, because I feel we would be taking a giant leap backwards if he had to endure it, and we are going to continue to try to build him up, put back on a couple of pounds, just get him to feeling better. It is literally hour to hour around here. My three most uttered words now are "I don't know". But I do know that I am glad that Goldie's hasn't moved to their new location yet, and that they are so quick to have take out orders ready! He isn't eating the barbeque part, just sandwiches and fries. Plus, he is really trying to drink the ensures a few times a day, and that will help put some calories in him. So, all in all, so far today, it is a good day. Now, granted, he isn't up yet, but he was mentioning he was getting hungry, and that is encouraging!!! Yay, hunger!!!! Me? I'm always hungry!!

He does need to call the nurse for a troublesome side effect of the Camptosar today, another reason that he doesn't need to have it pumped into him tomorrow. I know that the doctors see this stuff and it looks good on paper, but they don't live with it 24/7 like the patients and caregivers do. Sometimes, we have to make the decisions ourselves. Our doctor has always been very agreeable to that, and I hope that this time it is no exception. And ultimately, I know he wants what is best for David, too.
That's all for now! Have a great day!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tuesday, April 24

Good morning, all. I hope that everyone had a decent Monday.

Here is what is happening in Reid-land today:

David is getting weaker due to the chemo, but one reason is that he is not able to eat very much. It is not because of nausea, it is because of severe stomach pains when he eats. Sunday, dear neighbor Cheryl brought us some homemade chicken noodle soup, which really hit the spot. I then took what was left and cooked more noodles in it, which David ate yesterday. I will eventually wash the dish and get it back to you, Cheryl, but it probably won't be today!!!

Also, Norma had to go to the hospital to get a another little adjustment from the cataract surgery, and that went well. I took her and then called a friend/relative to come pick her up since I didn't want to leave David that long.

Then Carl, David's brother came over mid afternoon and stayed for hours, which was just absolutely great!! And then, wonder of all wonders, David said he wanted a steak sandwich from Goldie's!!! Carl jumped in his car and went and got it and David ate most of it, which is the most he has eaten in a few weeks!!!! Carl said if him being here made David eat, then he would come over every afternoon!!! I just may take him up on it!!!! I also bought a ton of ensure and fruit cups the other day and David is drinking them. He is so weak, I really think he needs to skip chemo this week and concentrate on getting some strength back. He really hasn't had a break in chemo in a long while. I think he would be able to tolerate more if he was stronger and eating all of these goodies can only help. I know I am not a doctor, but I do know my husband. I think it would be the best for him if we skipped this week. We haven't decided yet, though.

And, that ding blasted calico cat is missing again! What is up with her?? She is here for days on end, loving on us, being sweet, then she goes missing!!!! Ticks me off, I tell ya! And Scruffy - he shows up a few times a day, and I have been feeding him and putting medicine on him and he is healing, but did he show up last night and this morning? Why no, he didn't!!!! I just fall in love with these cats too much and I worry about them. I mean, never mind the fact that I have no idea where Scruffy came from or anything!! It's just that since he started coming here, I feel like he should just stay here. The same with that Callie - she was born here, she needs to stay here!!!!! Cats. It is a disease, as David says!!

So, here is a new cute cat/disease picture for the day!!

Have a good one!!!!
Update: Scruffy showed up. Now if we could just find that silly calico!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sunday, April 22

I don't really feel much like dancing, so I will let this little cutie do it for me. Have a good evening.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday, April 20

Today is a beautiful day, but I think I could have slept most of the day away, had I not had to get up and take care of things. I am extremely tired, due to the emotional upheaval of this week. David had another treatment yesterday, extremely long, and it just wore both of us out, plus with his cousin, our insurance agent, coming over Wednesday afternoon to discuss some very heavy subjects, I just am exhausted and really need to rest. But, I can't, so I will just trudge on ! I am still in my robe, though, and David's mom and sister will be over here in about an hour to take us to lunch, so I have to get moving! And our friends, the Murrays, are in town so we will be getting with them this afternoon. We are going to just hang out at the coffee shop, and hopefully, all of this won't wear David out too much. I know it may be way too much, and everyone else knows he may not be up to any of this, too. We will just do what we can. I hate to sound like a broken record, but one of the reasons I started this blog was to use it as a cathartic outlet!!
So, everyone have a great Friday! And thanks to everyone who has sent us well wishes and is lighting candles and praying for us. I know that is what is carrying us through all of this!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Update on update

We did not go to Clinton. Barry is coming here. It is such a gorgeous day, yet David doesn't even have the energy to go out on the deck. I hope that he can start getting some energy again, but with chemo every week, we're just not sure. Keep thinking those good thoughts!!
Wow, Barry is here!! He made good time!!!

Update on Wednesday

Okay, our appointment in Clinton was between 2 and 2:30. It is almost 2:30. We are still in Vicksburg. Here comes David. I guess we are going to still go.
Also, I ran into Marian and she said that the black and white tom cat got picked up by animal control this morning. She had called them for the possum that is keeping her awake and bonus, we got the bad cat! Now, I personally do not like animal control - they put the animals to sleep after three days. But this cat? Well, I haven't really felt too charitable toward him lately. He has just ripped up Scruffy and is chasing my little good cats. So, hopefully peace will reign in this part of the street. And hopefully, too, the possum will be caught soon and animal control won't be coming around. They make me so nervous, after that guy threatened to take one of my cats, so I never like to see the truck, but in this case, it was a good thing. The guy isn't very nice, though, from my dealings with him. He needs to retire. But then maybe he just hates me.
All righty then. Later.


Hey, all. I hope everyone is well on this late Wednesday morning. I have a few comments to make, so I will make them now:
1. The whole Virginia Tech thing - how tired are we of hearing about some "poor" guy who doesn't have friends, is a loner, blah blah blah? This idiot blew away some of the best and brightest, people who could make a difference in the world, just because he was unhappy! It just infuriates me, and I cannot begin to imagine the grief that the families and campus are having to deal with. It just makes me mad and sad.
2. David is not feeling very well these days. In fact, he doesn't get out of bed too often, which also makes me very sad. He has another treatment tomorrow - there is no time to get over the treatments before the next one. We have company coming this weekend. Hopefully, David will feel like visiting. We are going to try to go to Clinton this afternoon to talk with this cousin, who handles our life insurance policies. Fun stuff.
3. Christopher got bitten by a mouse and ran over a raccoon. Way to go, Christopher!!
4. Scruffy the cat is still hanging around. He has been beat up horribly by that black and white tom cat. In fact, he pretty much has no fur on his neck and side of his face from the fights, so I try to spray medicine on it, but he thinks I am punishing him, so he tried to run. Last night I put him in a kennel to keep him safe, but I am not sure whether he appreciated it or not. I love cats, but this black and white tom cat is getting closer and closer to me putting him out of my misery!!!!! (not really, but I would like to take him somewhere far far away!)
5. My wonderful neighbor, Marian, had our grass cut, and it looks really great! Thanks!!!
6. I have absolutely nothing else to say.
7. Later.
8. Oh, Erica and Fuzzy are going to come home for a few days in June. That will be wonderful!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Monday, April 16, 2007

Another April massacre

Well, another example of how you never know when your time is up occurred today at Virginia Tech. Over 20 students killed by an, apparently, spurned young man looking for revenge. Tragic. I just do not understand, nor does any sane person understand. Here we are, doing everything we can to prolong life, yet someone who is pissed off at his girlfriend takes all of these young lives. And what is the deal with all of these things happening in April? Spring fever?
Okay, I just had to comment on this breaking news story. To quote Hill Street Blues, let's all be careful out there.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

One question......

Did Don Ho die because he thought Don Imus said he had nappy hair? Just a thought .........

Sunday, April 15

It is SO cold here! Okay, granted it is not as cold as the picture suggests, but dang it, it is April 15, and pretty chilly!!! Of course, a couple of years ago, we went to an outside crawfish cookout with Norma to see The Chill (how appropriate!!) and they sang "My Girl". It was the last day of April and the line "mellow as the month of May" was so ironic, because I had on a big coat and hat and was absolutely freezing!! Now, one thing that bugs me - I have never been one of those who say, oh, I can't turn the heat on until a certain date, or oh, it isn't June so I can't turn on the air conditioning, or oh, it is April so I HAVE to wear shorts, a sleeveless shirt and sandals, but apparently there are LOTS of people that don't think like that. So, of course we see people wearing strapless tube tops, shorts, and they are shaking and wincing because of the cold wind! PEOPLE, dress accordingly! I remember one time I was working in the park and some people walked in at the end of November wondering why they were cold wearing shorts, tee shirts, and sandals. We were like, IT IS NOVEMBER!!!!!!! I leave a couple of sweatshirts out all year round. You just never know, and I, for one, like to be comfortable. And yes, I will turn on both the heat and the ac in the same day. That's what it is there for, our comfort!!
Okay, speaking of how cold it was yesterday, we had a flat tire. Yep. In the cold, with David feeling really bad, our tire was flat as it could be. You know how when you are sick you feel so terrible but then you start to get better and just try to do anything and everything all at once because you do feel better? Well, Mr. David Reid, prime example of exactly that! Friday, he was blowing and going, feeling great, eating everything, taking his temperature and waving the thermometer around because for the first time in a month, he had no fever!! GREAT!! He crashed and burned Friday night. Still no fever, which we take as a fabulous sign, but the chemo WAS going to affect him, no matter what, and it did. He got so tired Friday night and then yesterday, he was just hardly able to get out of bed. We needed to go to the store, so he got up and we drove around trying to find something he could eat, so we ended up at Billy's again. Billy said three times in one week is the limit, so we can't go in there for awhile. And yes, he actually did say that, but he was joking in his Billy like way. Anyway, after we ate, he had to come home to rest and at 4:30 I was ready for some Hwy. 61 decaf coffee, so we got down there and I drank two huge mugs of it! Even Daniel was like, where did it go? I chug a lugged it, and it made me holler "hidey ho". Okay, old Roger Miller song....... I digress. So, a little after 5, when Daniel was closing up, we go to our car and back up and we heard the unmistakable thump thump thump of a flat tire. Lesley went and got Daniel and he helped David jack the car up and then reopened the coffeeshop so David could wash his hands. Just before he had to change the tire, though, David had said he just didn't have the energy to even get something to eat, so this was not something that he felt like doing. Thank goodness I had on a coat and there was a scarf in the trunk because the wind was cutting through us on that hill, coming up from the water. Of course, all I was doing was saying, are you all right, are you all right, do you need to sit down, damn it's cold, are you all right, something that everyone changing a tire needs to hear, you know? We did have to go to the store, where I am probably going to report the clerk (do NOT stand and talk to your buddy, ignoring the customers, especially one that was so obviously sick and then when I say, can you please check us out, she and her friend burst out laughing!!), I haven't decided yet, and after taking my mom her few grocery items, we came home and David has pretty much been in bed ever since. I hope he can feel like getting up this afternoon. The sun is out, although it is in the 40's now. It is strictly a roller coaster around here, one day we're on top, the next day we are flying down a hill. And, for the record, I HATE roller coasters!!!! Except in the Beavis and Butthead movie, I liked that one. That was random, wasn't it?
Well, the dogs are probably doing that pee pee dance, the cats think they are being punished, and Scruffy the cat is probably outside wondering where his new master is with his food. He is still rough looking, but he is so sweet, he actually comes when I call him, something that most of my other cats, who I have raised since kittenhood, are loathe to do. And the black scutter apparently had her kittens on Friday, so Cheryl, they may be under your hedge again, but she has always moved them over here after a couple of weeks. Don't let your neighbor make a stew! gross. sorry.
Have a great Sunday!! The Amazing Race is on tonight. I really and truly want Mirna and Charla to go away, but there was a preview of Mirna dragging Charla through an airport that I cannot wait to see!!! If that makes me a bad person, then so be it, but I know I am not the only one! Jean, we will discuss!!!!
Later, dudes and dudesses!!!!!!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

Good morning!! I have some really good news this morning - David actually feels pretty good!!! The doctor visit yesterday was very long, very exhausting, but he had an in depth conversation with the doctor, without me in the room, and they came to a compromise about his treatment. First off, he explained how we were very apprehensive about the very high dosage of a drug that made him so very sick, and Dr. G understood and is starting him out on a much lower dose. And he decided not to give the "loading dose" of Erbitux (it takes 6 hours), but just a regular dose since he has been on it before. Also, David will have this every week. They gave him a drip of an anti nausea drug, PLUS we got a prescription for an oral drug that he takes for three day after chemo. Luckily we have insurance - it basically is $100 PER PILL!! We paid our $30 copay for the three pills, and hopefully the cancer clinic will have some samples that they can give us once in a while. Last night David was very washed out and drained, but today he feels pretty good and wants to go somewhere to get some breakfast!! We have no eggs, no bread, no juice, so we will be having to go to the store today, too, obviously. He is on short term disability for about a month, and hopefully during that time he will gain his strength back and we can start to see a turnaround in his energy level and tests. I won't go into the details, but the doctor thinks that with treatment, and if it works, David won't be leaving us any time soon.

And that is why Friday the 13th is going to be a great day!!!!!! Everyone, be careful and have a great day yourself!!!! Oh, and I cannot say enough how grateful I am to Linda for being there for us yesterday!! I love you, Linda!!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ice on the Chicago River

Ice on the Chicago River
Originally uploaded by Fuzzy Gerdes.

Happy Birthday, Erica!!!!!

Today is my beautiful baby girl's 28th birthday!! Happy birthday, precious!! Also, it is my mother's 79th birthday!!! Happy birthday to Juanita!!!
I will post later on about the doctor appointment today. It was relatively good news for the near future. And David did get a treatment there today, so thank God Linda was with us to drive and to keep me company and then get us home in one piece!! I wish she could go every time we have to go over there!!! But she has one of those annoying things called "a job" that they expect her to show up for every day!!!!!!!
But until the next post, HAVE A GREAT BIRTHDAY, ERICA!!!!

The start of the egg hunt

the start of the egg hunt
Originally uploaded by Waldie's World.
Christopher and Katie dyed Easter eggs Saturday and so Sunday, while Katie and I were at the store, he and David hid them, all nine of them!! It was pretty dang cold, so we put on coats and I put on my Dr. Zhivago hat and had a great time finding them. Notice David's little head sticking up between Katie and I!! It was really fun.
My sister Linda is taking David and I to Jackson today for the doctor appointment/possible chemo treatment. That is such a relief to not have to drive and get food for him, because I don't do well driving over there. Plus, it will just be good to have someone with us.
I will keep you posted.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Supper at Billy's

So, after such an emotionally draining day today, David felt like going to Billy's Italian Restaurant for some pasta. It worked for me, so we walk in, sit down, and who should be walking in but David Day and his daughters!! Now, David D. has a couple of restaurants himself in Vicksburg, so to see him coming into Billy's this evening just was icing on the cake. He was the one at the coffee shop today who said to screw the bills, responsibility, and take a fun trip. Well, he sat his girls down at one booth (they are in high school) and then he sat with us. What a fun meal that was!!! Of course, Billy is a hoot, too, but they were fairly busy and he didn't get to visit very much with us. I just felt that it was meant for us to converge there this evening. Even Daniel's cousin Zack and his family were there!! Do we all hang out in the same places, or what?? Of course, I don't want ANY of them to have to ever be at the cancer clinic!!

And, because he is just so sweet, D.D. picked up our tab!! Then he walked down to Vitamin World with us and then walked us back to the car. He will eventually be a neighbor, of sorts, and I cannot wait. But there are complications in the house purchase involving lawyers so who knows when they will move in?? But he and his wife became grandparents two weeks ago - Riley Nicole was born March 30. Of course, one of his daughters was talking about how the new mother made her mad and didn't respect her and had a bad attitude and "I don't care that she has a baby or not, she is just rude" and D.D. looked at me and said "welcome to my world". It was funny. We need funny!!!!

Now I am going to bed. We will be talking to the oncologist tomorrow, so more emotions will be dredged up! But I am putting a cat picture on this evening, for your viewing enjoyment!


Wednesday, April 11

This morning we went to the cancer clinic for David's eight hour chemo. The place was packed, as always on Wednesday morning, so when they called us back there, we already were worried about whether there would be a place for me to sit and what time we would get out of there this afternoon. Pam, the wonderful nurse, with her back to us, asked how we were and I told her that David had been running 101 fever this morning, and she turned around and her eyes filled with tears. She took us back into a private room and told us that she did not want to give David that long treatment, that she had been on the phone with our doctor and the drug company, and she didn't feel that with his weakened state that it was a good time to have the chemo. She also told us, one of the first medical people to do so, that she didn't want David's time left to be filled with sickness from the chemo. So, we have an appointment with our doctor tomorrow to ask some very painful and hard questions. I probably won't be in the room, because I know what the answers will be, but I would rather hear it from David, not the doctor. I feel that he will be on a smaller dosage of this chemo, to buy us some more time, but it may be that that option is rapidly leaving us. The last three weeks have really been rapid spiral downward.
So, it sucks. I am sad and angry, but I refuse to let depression ruin what we have left. And as he has mentioned, the new Harry Potter book comes out in July!!!! He wants to read it!!! We are still going to fight as much as we can, but the quality of life has to be worthwhile while doing so. I guess we will find out tomorrow.
I'm sorry that this is such a downer, but as Daniel said today, it is what it is. He got the full brunt of my tears today, and I told him that I doubted it would be the last time I cried on his shoulder. David Day came in (we were at the coffee shop after we left the clinic) and he said screw responsibility, screw the bills, go on a trip and have a wonderful time. We may just try to do something like that, when we get our income tax refund back. Hopefully, we will get something back and have a little fun while we can, even if it is just at a cabin over looking a lake.
All right. That's all for now. No cute cat picture again. Maybe later.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Well, tomorrow David has the eight hour treatment of Camptosar and Erbitux. We are really nervous about this - it is the same one that "sudden death" is one of the possible side effects. Now, he had nothing but that horrible rash from it before, so we are hoping that he will breeze through it again, but he is considerably weaker and not able to rebound like he has been doing. There have been lots of tears lately, in fact, because the Camptosar was one of the chemos that made him so terrible sick. So, we are concerned. Please send up your prayers. He has not been able to work in the last couple of weeks and today officially went on medical leave, so he feels like he has "let me down". I just want him well and we will do whatever it takes. But I will not lie - my mind is going deeper and deeper into a very dark place. I am sad, angry, and terrified.
Christopher and Katie were here over the weekend and left this morning and have returned to their home safely tonight. It was good to have them here. And Erica is talking about trying to come back home in May. She was here for David's birthday in March. Seeing them always makes David and I feel so much better.
Folks, I don't even have it in me to put a cute cat picture on here.
Thank you for your prayers.

I would truly like a plaid cat.

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

I need the stretchy kitty today!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

It's so cold, this is his Easter bonnet!!

Easter Eve

Good morning, on this very cold Easter Eve. I really do think this is taking the usual "Easter snap" a bit too far, don't you agree?

But the good thing is Christopher and Katie will be here around noon. They called last night close to eleven and were just too tired and had only gotten to Tuscaloosa, so they were going to stop. We were very glad. There is just no reason to risk your life on the road! In fact, we stopped in Tuscaloosa on the way to their house in December, and then on the way back. So, we know how they feel.

David has not been feeling very well at all. He finally talked to his boss yesterday, and he assured us that the company would help David out as much as they could. The new treatment will be Wednesday and it is the one that "sudden death" is a possible side effect, but we don't have to go to Jackson to take this one. We have to be at the Cancer Clinic at 8:30 and the nurse told us to expect to stay for the whole 8 hours. Do I really have to say that this really sucks? Last night I was so exhausted and was in the bed and then David started "what iffing" which got me upset, because you know, I pretty much "what if" 24/7!!!! So C and K coming home today is a great thing - it will keep our minds occupied, at least until Tuesday morning when they leave.

Now, another subject - Scruffy the cat. When I let him out yesterday morning, he had trashed the kennel again, but he let me pet him and then off he went. But late yesterday afternoon, after all of my cats had been put inside, there he was, on Marian's steps, having a stand off with her cat, Billy Bob! So, I went over there (that's why your gate was open, Marian! Sorry!) and Scruffy fell at my feet again, like he did the other day. He is so sweet but so beat up! I brought him over here and fed him and have not seen him since. I trust he cuddled up all full somewhere warm last night. I cleaned out the kennel and left it open in case he wanted to get back in there, although I didn't put a blanket in it or anything. Hopefully, he will stay safe. Paws Rescue paid for him being fixed and vaccinated. What a wonderful organization, one that, I hope, continues for many years, until all kitties are taken care of and no more will be put to death, just because they are here. Personally, it would be wonderful if Animal Control, and the people that work for them (they are rude), would be out of work.

Okay, speaking of animals, I need to go take care of my menagerie. Have a great Easter! And STAY WARM!!!!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Two more babies in their Easter bonnets!

Another Easter picture or two

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Wednesday, April 4

Good morning, all. I have already been running all over the place. I caught one of the tom cats last night and Paws Rescue is going to have him vaccinated and neutered!! He is so beat up, cuts all over him, ears ripped, old scars, just a scraggly old tom cat, but he is so sweet. He apparently was someone's pet at some time and either they abandoned him, which I say boo to them, or he got lost. I saw him by trying to chase away the big black and white tom cat that I want to catch. He was stalking this one and so the beat up cat just ran up to me and fell at my feet, like, please help me and save me!! So, you know me, I did. I put him in one of my kennels last night, so, like a rock star, he trashed it! But the woman from Paws Rescue called me at 6:30 this morning and said she would take care of the paperwork at the vet (it is the one I have used for almost thirty years) and all I had to to was take him in. They needed a name, so David was like, call him Cuddles because he is sweet, and I was like, well then let's just call him Muffin or Cupcake. We thought of Scragmo, Easter, and Scruffy (Scruffy the cat, scruffy the cat). When I got him to the vet's office, the ladies behind the counter agreed that "Scruffy" should be his name. I told Kathy, one of the ladies, that St. Francis of Assisi will meet me at the Pearly Gates and she said yes, he would escort me in. I added that he probably will say that there were some litter boxes to change!!! I believe he is the patron saint of animals. I may be wrong, but you get the idea.

Since Easter is in a few days, I am going to be putting some pics of babies in their Easter finery. I hope that you enjoy them!!!


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

New treatment

Well, we heard from the doctor today and he wants to start David on Erbitux, the drug that broke out his face so badly, and Camptosar, the one that made him so sick that he couldn't get out of bed. Needless to say, that was quite upsetting. We started discussing the quality of life issue and all, whether or not it was worth being that sick at the possible end of your life. But we had discussed it and decided that he would give it a try and the doctor called us back today (the nurse actually called yesterday with the news) and said he realizes that HE should have called us because he knows we were going to have second thoughts about it. But one thing he said was that when David was on Camptosar before, he was on it every week for eight weeks. This will be every three weeks of Camptosar and every week of Erbitux. So, to let the Vectibix from last week get out of his system and hopefully make him feel better, he will be starting the new protocol next week.

So, that's the deal. We are cautiously optimistic again. We're not stupid, but if we can get the liver tumors under control, then we can work on building back up his immune system. And we are going to change our diet, knock out meat, eat more vegetables, and start juicing again. And of course, we would never eat baby kittens if they were on our plate!!!!
I appreciate all of the prayers and good wishes. Keep 'em coming!!!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Dr. Baron Ludwig von Evilschlager

Fuzzy as the evil doctor in Don't Spit the Water.

April 2

Good morning, everyone. It is a lovely day today. Everything is soaked from the rain this weekend, so the air feels really clear and clean. Maybe now everyone will quit sneezing and coughing! And yes, the rain did knock some of the blooms off of the azaleas and popcorn trees, but that's quite all right. We needed the rain more than we need to look at flowers!!!!!

Today the doctor is going to call with what our next plan is, but until then, I have errands to run, something I am looking forward to doing, to be honest!!! It is good to have a plan. One of the things I have to do is take a movie back to the library. It's "The Illusionist", starring Edward Norton. When I saw the previews for this, I was so intrigued, I really wanted to see it. So, when I found out that the library had it, I put it on reserve. Well, one thing that bugged me to pieces was Philip Glass's score - another reviewer said that the music "needled" him, and that is the truth. It sounded like "needleneedleneedle" and those who know his music know what I mean. It gave me the creeps because it sounded like an earlier movie, "Koyonaskatski", which scared Erica when she was young and I just wasn't too crazy about it either. The new movie tried to be the director's "Sixth Sense" but I had it figured out way early in the movie, as will anyone who has ever watched a movie would do!! E. Norton was good, as was Paul Giamatti, but other than that, meh. A couple of the reviewers on the Rotten Tomato website loved it, but I am not sure what they saw to love! So, anyway, that is my movie review!! I am giving it a couple of thumbs down, which really makes it hard to type!!!!!!! No sir, I didn't like it!!

And since Easter is next weekend, here is a little girl all dressed up in her Easter finery! I can just see me actually trying to put a dress on one of my cats!! I am grateful that there are people who do dress their cats up and post them on the internet!!!

Have a great day!!!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sunday evening

I just felt like putting a cutie patootie's picture on here this evening. Have a great Monday morning!!

Katie At Highway 61 Coffeehouse

Katie At Highway 61 Coffeehouse
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Katie!! I hope you have an absolutely wonderful day! Can't wait to see you in a few days!!!! And that's no April Fool's!!