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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wednesday night

So, it's almost nine thirty in the evening. The dogs have been put up. The cats have been put up. My calico cat, Callie is still missing. It's been a week now and I am really worried. If animal control got her, well, they have probably put her to sleep by now, because that is the way they do things here in Vicksburg. Even though she has a collar on, the guy threatened me a few weeks ago that he would take her. Or, something has happened to her and she never could get home, such as a dog attack, a car, or poisoned food. I know that I still have plenty of cats, but she is special, especially lately, because she would come up to us and let us cuddle with her. She and Puffy had even started cuddling together on a pillow, which was extremely cute. Every night when I fed her and petted her, though, I worried she would not come back. I can only hope that maybe somebody has adopted her (although we tried to keep her inside), like we did with Blue. Okay, now I feel better having written about her. Hopefully, I will be able to now share the news that she has come home in a few days.

On a much more important note, David had chemo today. This new drug, Vectibix, has really made him sick. He is exhausted and is running fever every day. This is wreaking havoc with his body and his job, as you can imagine, because he just doesn't have very much energy. He has lost some more weight because the treatment is really affecting him by making him nauseated, therefore he isn't eating as much. Which is what the evilness of cancer does - it takes good cells and turns them into food for it, and when someone is sick from the chemo, they lose weight, making the loss of the good cells more serious. Today they took extra blood to run some tests, of which we will get the results tomorrow. Please pray that all he will need is a Neulasta or Procrit shot to get his energy back. He is really really so tired of feeling bad. And I am just trying to keep my head on straight and take care of him and the house and the bills and the pets, trying to keep some kind of normalcy around here, but it gets harder and harder every day with him feeling so bad. I almost had to force him to go to the coffee shop today, he would have just stayed in the chair until it was time for him to go to bed tonight!!! He hasn't even wanted coffee for the last few days!!!!!!! That's really got me worried!!! He did drink a smoothie at Daniel's today, as did I, and they are good for what ails you. Anyway, send some prayers up for him. I really appreciate it. We just have to get him built back up physically and he will get his energy level back up, hopefully. I just hate seeing him like this, as you can well imagine.

Well, what a downer post! I'm sorry. I am really thinking I need to find a counselor or something so I talk out my fears, but until then, y'all will have to do!!!! Please understand I don't mean to bring anyone down!! I just need to vent!!

Well, good night. Maybe tomorrow will bring good news!!! And thank goodness it's Thursday - there are five episodes of "The Office" on tomorrow night, just what the doctor ordered!!!


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