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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Wednesday night

So, David got home this afternoon and we went to run some errands. First we went to Haden Hardware to check on a gate for this enclosure that, I hope, will be ready for Goober soon. Then, because we were both so darn hungry, we grabbed a bite to eat, then off to Big Lots where we did find some good bargains. Of course, I put it on a credit card so the interest will counteract whatever savings we got, but hey, I don't care. Then we went to Walgreens to check on something, then to our drugstore to pick up some medicine. I wanted to drive home through town and we noticed that Daniel's car was at the coffeeshop but we didn't stop. We got home, unloaded the car, and David came into the basement where I was and said that Daniel had JUST CALLED for us to come to the coffeeshop because this duo had just played Locomotive Breath. I was ready to call it a day, but I was like, okay, we'll go, maybe it will do me some good. I asked David where the Walgreen's bag was and he said he didn't get it. Well, neither did I!!! So, since we had to go back out to Walgreen's to get the package (I had to identify the contents over the phone), we went on to the coffeeshop. It was a man and a woman with some odd name that I can't remember and even if I could I wouldn't be able to spell it, and they were really very good. They had kind of a Barenaked Lady sound to them. But because my biorhytms (is that how you spell that?) are out of whack, I just sat there and couldn't quit crying!! At one point I even had to go sit outside to get some air. During the break, Angie and I talked and hugged and cried and just agreed that there are some things in our lives just absolutely suck big time, no matter how you look at it. It did me good to talk to her, and I felt that she really understood. She is teaching yoga, something that would benefit me greatly, but it is just not in the budget right now. Maybe soon. Anyway, they played Locomotive Breath and it was quite interesting, very different but very good. We left after another song and Daniel followed us out to the car, telling us about how he heard about them and everything. Quite interesting - the guy contacted Daniel via email and asked if they could perform tonight! And they are staying at Daniel and Lesley's house tonight, also. One of the the things that Rob, the guy said, was that during the three years that they have been touring, they have only had to stay in a hotel three times!!!! And they were scared of our Mississippi bugs! They should be here in August!!! They would be terrified!!!

So, now I am about to hit the sack. One of my cats would not come in, which really ticks me off. I call his name and he will come scampering around, chasing bugs and just being a cute, but very bad kitty. I just hope he will be safe during the night. He is probably going to be really unhappy when he can't get inside tonight when he gets tired!!!

I hope everyone has a good Thursday. I hope I have a good Thursday, too.


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