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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Posting comments

Well, I have heard from a couple of people who say that they have tried to comment on my blog, yet it isn't showing up. That's good to know - I honestly wasn't sure anyone was even reading it!! Anyway, I have gone to the settings and hopefully, have made it easier for someone to comment. All this security is there, which in a way I DO appreciate, but, I mean, I have to sign in now to post and check my mail, even though I am the only one at this computer and it used to just bypass the sign in page because I had checked the "remember me on this computer" box. Well, it ain't rememberin' me!! I have tried to fix that but so far, it still is making me sign in everytime I go to the page. Ticks me off, I tell ya!!!!! So, hopefully this comment problem will be taken care of with my new settings. But you never know with all of this modern technology that is supposed to make things easier!!!! ANYWAY...........

Have a great day!!


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