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Monday, March 26, 2007

Pet food recall

I know that everyone has been seeing in the news about the wet pet food that has been recalled due to the fact that they found RAT POISON in it. Well, I had some of the pouches that they mentioned so I just threw them away. I called the 800 number for 9 Lives, Whiskas, and Pedigree and the recorded message assured me that their food was safe.

So, today I go onto the message boards about it and there are lots of people warning about 9 Lives and various dry foods! I have bought nothing but the 9 Lives since this started because I was sure it was safe, but now I am not so sure. I have a can of salmon that I haven't fixed and I think that is what I will give them today. I don't know what we as pet owners can do, short of cooking our pets' food! Shoot, I don't even cook MY food, if I can help it! Kathie S, any thoughts on this subject? I know you feed your cats Science Diet. This is really a scary situation!

Also, this flu/cold/crud/dreaded mohocus is still hanging on to me. I am still croaky and now my right eye is throbbing and watering nonstop, even though I have taken quite a few benedryls today!!! If it would just RAIN! Even the air has a yellowish tint to it, there is so much pollen!! A good soaking rain would clear the air and I think everyone would feel so much better.

Oh, a funny "David birthday story". We had not been in the coffee shop in over a week due to us being sick. Daniel called to see if we were all right, which was sweet. Anyway, on Friday, David's birthday, he, Erica and I went in mid afternoon. Every Friday afternoon, the Nosser women come in there around 4 and they are just a joy to behold!!! They had missed us the week before and were glad we were still alive! So, Erica talked to them for a long time (she loved them!) and then they told her and me that they were going to surprise David and sing Happy Birthday to him! Mother Nosser then told me that if I laughed, she would hit me!!!! I was like, why would I laugh? The idea of her hitting me was very funny, though!! Then they got up, came over to where he was sitting, and proceeded to sing Happy Birthday in four part harmony, and then added an extra "God Bless You" verse. It was great!!!! They sounded professional!!!!! Erica said she wished she could just take them all home with her. Ah, Southern ladies, there's nothing like them!! These women, Mom (Doe), Lori (I went to school with her), Joni, and Shelley are really such a joy to know! They really are some of the nicest and most caring people you could ever hope to meet. David really enjoyed it and appreciated it, too. Good times.........

Later! I am going to put something hot on my eye. Either it will help, or it will cook it!!!!

Have a great afternoon!!! OH OH! My sister Linda has a new rabbit. OMIGOSH, it is the cutest thing you have ever seen! He has such a cute little belly and I could not put him down!! His little ears were just precious, and his little wiggly nose was just a wiggling! He did try to nibble on me some, which did hurt, but that was okay. So, Erica wants to get one and told Fuzzy she wanted one. The rabbit stays in a "Wabitat"!!!! While we were going on and on about how cute he was, David looked at me and said "we are NOT getting a rabbit". But you know I would!!! I mean, what's one more critter in this menagerie that I manage??!?!?
Okay, that's really it for now!!


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