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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My new Coldwater Creek tee shirt

I just had to post this. Yesterday, I told you that I got two new shirts when Gwen and I went to Jackson and that everytime I wear my other Coldwater Creek shirts, I get a compliment. So, today, I put on one of them and made the comment to David that it was really nice and that I would really like to get the other colors. Blah, blah, blah, fast forward three hours. After chemo, we went to our normal eating place, Billy's, to get some lunch. A woman that I have known for a long time was in there with her mother, so when I got up to pay the bill, I went over to speak to her. The FIRST THING OUT OF HER MOUTH WAS "WHERE did you get that shirt? I LOVE it! It looks fabulous on you!!!" so I told her and she was like, do you want to go there this afternoon and get more? I want some, too!!

So, I'm thinkin' I need to go back pretty soon to get those other colors!! When I first started getting the C.C. catalogs, they had little blurbs in there by other customers and one of the most prevalent is how many compliments they get when they wear the clothes. I was skeptical, like, sure you always get complimented, but now I need to write them!!!!! I mean, sure, I could go to Walmart and get something decent, but I guarantee you that when I wear Walmart clothes, no one EVER mentions how good they look!!!!!!! What a day brightener!!!

So, there you go.......


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