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Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I am really tired of having to sign in and out of this google account to write in my blog! It just started this in the last day. It will not accept what I KNOW is my password, so I have to reset it everytime! I am the ONLY one that is on this computer, I am not too worried about somebody coming in and writing on my blog with me being unaware of it!!! I am annoyed.

It is a beautiful day, yet I am really down, as you may have noticed from my griping in the first paragraph. I want to do something FUN, yet, what is there to do? Carolyn, get back here so we can go to lunch!! Gwen, let's go to the coffee shop!! Cheryl, come sit on the deck!! Linda, Cracker Barrel?? I am so overwhelmed and am so tired of the fact that just about everything I do involves doctor bills, medicine, and cancer!! I am sorry that you all are having to read this, but part of the reason I started this blog was to have an outlet. I am really having a couple of dark days this week, regardless of how sunny it really is outside!! I just want to have a worry free day!!! And I know everyone has problems, mine are no worse than anyone else's, but again, that is the reason I started this blog, kind of a valve to let me blow off some steam. When I mentioned to David that I would like a day free from cancer, he was like, well, yeah, I know what you mean!!! He really can't get away from it!!! I am really just very tired - physically and emotionally.

So, I need to put a really cute cat picture on here to lighten up the mood.

Thanks for reading, I appreciate it.


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