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Friday, March 09, 2007

Gas and Water administration

You know, it is bad enough that we had to pay over three hundred dollars to stay warm last month. It's bad enough that no one has addressed this "gas adjustment" that is adding so much more to the bills. We have to pay it or get our water, gas, and garbage collection cut off. Okay, I get it. I am at your mercy. BUT, when I go pay the bill, please do not treat me like something you find on the bottom of your shoe!! Case in point, I just ran to the office to pay the bill, but the line was so long, I would have probably had to be in a lane of traffic to get in the line for the window. So, I drove around and the only place open to park was an employee parking place. Since I didn't see anyone at the counter, I swung in there (yes, I said swung!) and went to the only checker, who not only didn't look up, she didn 't stop what she was doing. Okay, I will wait. There was a security guard standing there and I told him that I had to park in an employee parking place because I couldn't get to the other places because of the long line. The woman who works there, looked up and finally took my payment. There is a big yellow sign on the counter that says "Please ask cashier for a receipt", both in English and in Spanish. So, I said VERY POLITELY, I would like a receipt, please. She looked at me and in a very antagonistic rude voice said, "I was going to give you one". I was so taken aback at her rudenss, I looked at the guard and her and said that I was just doing what the sign said, I wasn't being rude, I was trying to be polite. She smirked and handed me my receipt!!! NOW DO NOT WE AS CITIZENS PAY THIS BITCH'S SALARY???? I was so mad, I slammed out the door and got in the car and came straight home and called City Hall to complain, by name. The woman I talked to agreed with me and will turn in the complaint. Like I told her, the city has us by the "short hairs", we have to pay the bill, the least the employees can do is be courteous! All she had to say when I asked for the receipt was, okay. But this woman has been there a long time. If she doesn't like her job, well then I am certain someone more competant could be hired to take her place!! I didn't say ONE THING about the high bill, nothing. I just stood there waiting for her to wait on me!!! I JUST DO NOT UNDERSTAND! It is Friday. The weather is beautiful. It is supposed to be beautiful all weekend long. A smile and a thank you goes a long way, but apparently no one seems to think that it is necessary these days. The world would be such a better place if we practiced the Golden Rule, but apparently no one even considers that, or even knows what it is, these days. I raised my children to be polite, but we must have been some of the only ones that raised their children that way !!!

Okay, that's all. I am going to forget about it now. But I tell you what, I will pay my bill online from now on!!!!! My computer isn't rude to me!!!



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