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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Don't Spit the Water!

Tonight marks the 100th performance of the crazy, live game show Don't Spit the Water in Chicago. Erica has been one of the performers since the first show and tonight she will, again, be Cutie Bumblesnatch, hoping to make someone spew water with her shenanigans!! Fuzzy is in his show, Rogue 8 (you know, the ninja) and then they will meet up afterwards for a celebration drinkfest! I hope both of you have wonderfully great shows!!!!!

For us today? Looks like more of the exciting world of Vicksburg for us!! The library, to take back some dvds (Good Night and Good Luck? GREAT movie. I just kept wanting it to keep going!), then Kroger's, then the coffee shop for some r & r with our buddies. AND we have the stuff to start on the Goober fence so David will put a couple of the poles in concrete today. Haden Hardware had an old gate that they gave us!!! It even has a dog on it!!!! So, hopefully within a couple of days, Goober will be able to be outside in the pretty weather, barking at the birds and squirrels and peeing to her heart's content on the ground, NOT the floor!!!! My quality of life will improve with this new development!!!!!!

Everyone, have a great Saturday! And remember that we LOSE an hour this evening. Spring forward!!!!!

Happy day!!!!


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