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Sunday, March 11, 2007


So, we lost an hour of sleep last night and when we both got up, we both felt pretty lousy. But I remembered that a former governor of Mississippi would be doing a book signing at Loralei Books next to the coffee shop so we took a chance on it (the coffee shop) being open. Well, sure enough, there was the former governor and his wife, and Angie, who works at the coffee shop, and who is the daughter of another former MS governor, standing in front and about to open. She said come on in and we parked and here comes Dave, another employee, coming down the hill, saying, come on in, we're opening this afternoon!!! THANK GOD!!! I got a smoothie and a bagel, while David got a latte and a bagel, and they were so delicious. Another regular came in, as well as some tourists walking down the street. The weather was beautiful, in the mid to upper 70's, so it was a great day to be downtown. I bet they did a bang up business today!!!

After that we went to Kroger, something that we had been putting off for days. But we have groceries now, and so does my mother. At least it wasn't Walmart.

We got home, and because it was later now than we are used to, we HAD to get started on that dog fence. Well, of all things, John showed up here and wanted David to go with him out to the community we used to live in to see Tommy, who is here, but bless his heart, David knew that if he did that, it would be the next weekend before we could get that dog fence done. And y'all, I HAVE to have Goober out of the basement NOW!!! I know John was disappointed but this had been planned. And there would be no time except today to even attempt it, so we had to get started immediately. And, one thing was decided this afternoon - David and I will NOT go into the fencing business! We are not going to be able to move tomorrow, seriously. I hurt so badly and needless to say, he doesn't feel that great, either. But, as I type, Goober is in her new section of the dog yard. She is whining and is scared, but she is protected by the fence. Sadie started growling and barking, but she has calmed down. Tomorrow, when it is gorgeous and Goober will be able to chase squirrels and pee all she likes, all will be right with the world. In fact, I hope that eventually Goob and Sadie will get along again. Of course, Woofer is just running around excited. He has no beef with either one. Dogs. They are something else, aren't they? And Angie brought her dog to the coffee shop this afternoon and tied her outside. She was so excited to see the people walking down the street! Again, dogs. Gotta love 'em.

Because of this, Jean, I didn't get to watch or TiVo the Amazing Race. I will have to read the recap tomorrow. But I guess Rob and Amber and the beauty queens are ahead, right???

But, David has to go to Philadelphia tomorrow and I need to do lots of stuff tomorrow, and we are going to be so "stove up"!! But THE DOG YARD IS UP!!! All that is left to be done is tying the poles to the fence and just some touchup work. And if that dingblasted dog digs her way out of it, well, she deserves whatever she gets!! The mosquitoes were getting pretty bad by the time we came in, though, so I hope that West Nile isn't in our future!!! I am very proud of the hard work that we did, I think it looks great, and if whoever is living in this house after we are gone decades from now doesn't like the fence, well they can so take it down!!!!

All right. The cat head pizza is ready.

Have a great evening!!!


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