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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Bellsouth, now part of the "new AT&T"

This morning a Bellsouth (his truck still says that-take THAT AT&T commercial!!) repairman was here removing the bags off of the wire. I told him that we had to do that and about the neighbor calling because she thought it was a power line. He said that was fine, that he was here to fix it now. The weather is about to really be bad, so I am glad that he came out so early. I asked him whether I should let the cats out and he said he wouldn't because of the forecast. So, I thanked him and came up to watch the weather and SURE ENOUGH, it is going to be coming across the river within the next hour and a half, with wind gusts of up to 80 mph!!!! WTF???? 80????? And let's not forget the frequent, dangerous lightning strikes. Oh, the rain just started, so I guess it is right on time!! I just looked out the window and the man has left. I am glad. I certainly wouldn't want a repairman blown away or struck by lightning fixing our phone line!!!!

David is feeling a bit better but is still not out of bed. I just wish that we had a Shoney's breakfast bar in here this morning. Scrambled eggs, grits, french toast sticks, sausage and BACON, I could really and truly get into that right now! But my coffee and Kroger granola bar will just have to do.

Everyone stay safe today. Those in Vicksburg, do NOT get out with an umbrella today or you may be re-enacting a scene from Mary Poppins!!!!! You don't want to end up in OZ!! Okay, I am mixing two movies, but hey, I can do that!!

Later! OH, go to Impress These Apes and watch Erica's final performance. It is pretty funny, once you realize what she is doing. It is a little game that she and her dad have done for YEARS, that puts them into spasms of laughter. I am proud that she came in second in the contest.


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