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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Posting comments

Well, I have heard from a couple of people who say that they have tried to comment on my blog, yet it isn't showing up. That's good to know - I honestly wasn't sure anyone was even reading it!! Anyway, I have gone to the settings and hopefully, have made it easier for someone to comment. All this security is there, which in a way I DO appreciate, but, I mean, I have to sign in now to post and check my mail, even though I am the only one at this computer and it used to just bypass the sign in page because I had checked the "remember me on this computer" box. Well, it ain't rememberin' me!! I have tried to fix that but so far, it still is making me sign in everytime I go to the page. Ticks me off, I tell ya!!!!! So, hopefully this comment problem will be taken care of with my new settings. But you never know with all of this modern technology that is supposed to make things easier!!!! ANYWAY...........

Have a great day!!


Well, our doctor, true to his word, called us as soon as he got the report last night. The good news is, there's no blockage. The bad news is, the tumors in his liver have grown quite large, two are about golf ball size. That's not good. Apparently, the Vectibix has done nothing, except make us lose ground. So, Dr. G is going to study over the weekend and call us back Monday afternoon with his recommendations. David was worried that he will never feel better now, and wondered if he should just accept the inevitable, but I do not and will not believe that we are at that bridge to cross yet. Obviously, Vectibix is out of the picture. I hope it works on other people, but it sure did nothing for David. So we will be revisiting some of our old chemotherapy friends, such as 5-FU, Avastin, maybe even Erbitux again. One of the most pronounced side effects of Vectibix is general fatique, so I am hoping that as this gets out of his system, he will start to regain some of his energy. It has been quite disheartening to see how tired he has been in the last couple of weeks, so maybe if we can get the tumors to shrink, let the V. get out of his system, and him be able to eat again, we can get back to fighting this evil. Chemo is a crap shoot. This new drug was supposed to be the end-all be-all in the fight against cancer. Just not for us, obviously.

Thanks for all your kind wishes and prayers. Keep 'em comin!!! We can't give up now, even though we are exhausted, because I feel that we can still come out ahead in this. We have to!!

So, here is another cute cat picture to lighten up this post!!

Have a great Saturday!!!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday, March 30

We are leaving in a few minutes to go to St. Dominic's in Jackson for David's scan. He is really feeling poorly today, so he will be worn out by the time we get there. We are very concerned, but are going to keep our optimism that this is something that can be treated. Again, all prayers are welcome!! It is such a gorgeous day, yet I feel so dark inside. I hope that once he is out of the hospital this afternoon, he will feel like going somewhere to eat or something and we can enjoy the beautiful weather. The doctor said he would call us personally with the results as soon as he gets them. Hopefully, it won't be dire news.

So, I am putting a cute cat picture to lighten up this blog post!


Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thursday, March 29

Okay, first the good news - Callie came home today. So, I don't know where she's been, but she looks okay and that makes me happy.
Now, the other news - the tests didn't come back great so David is having a CT scan tomorrow in Jackson at St. Dominic. Whatever the scan shows, it probably won't be great, maybe not even fixable. So, now is the time for those prayers, folks. We really need it.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wednesday night

So, it's almost nine thirty in the evening. The dogs have been put up. The cats have been put up. My calico cat, Callie is still missing. It's been a week now and I am really worried. If animal control got her, well, they have probably put her to sleep by now, because that is the way they do things here in Vicksburg. Even though she has a collar on, the guy threatened me a few weeks ago that he would take her. Or, something has happened to her and she never could get home, such as a dog attack, a car, or poisoned food. I know that I still have plenty of cats, but she is special, especially lately, because she would come up to us and let us cuddle with her. She and Puffy had even started cuddling together on a pillow, which was extremely cute. Every night when I fed her and petted her, though, I worried she would not come back. I can only hope that maybe somebody has adopted her (although we tried to keep her inside), like we did with Blue. Okay, now I feel better having written about her. Hopefully, I will be able to now share the news that she has come home in a few days.

On a much more important note, David had chemo today. This new drug, Vectibix, has really made him sick. He is exhausted and is running fever every day. This is wreaking havoc with his body and his job, as you can imagine, because he just doesn't have very much energy. He has lost some more weight because the treatment is really affecting him by making him nauseated, therefore he isn't eating as much. Which is what the evilness of cancer does - it takes good cells and turns them into food for it, and when someone is sick from the chemo, they lose weight, making the loss of the good cells more serious. Today they took extra blood to run some tests, of which we will get the results tomorrow. Please pray that all he will need is a Neulasta or Procrit shot to get his energy back. He is really really so tired of feeling bad. And I am just trying to keep my head on straight and take care of him and the house and the bills and the pets, trying to keep some kind of normalcy around here, but it gets harder and harder every day with him feeling so bad. I almost had to force him to go to the coffee shop today, he would have just stayed in the chair until it was time for him to go to bed tonight!!! He hasn't even wanted coffee for the last few days!!!!!!! That's really got me worried!!! He did drink a smoothie at Daniel's today, as did I, and they are good for what ails you. Anyway, send some prayers up for him. I really appreciate it. We just have to get him built back up physically and he will get his energy level back up, hopefully. I just hate seeing him like this, as you can well imagine.

Well, what a downer post! I'm sorry. I am really thinking I need to find a counselor or something so I talk out my fears, but until then, y'all will have to do!!!! Please understand I don't mean to bring anyone down!! I just need to vent!!

Well, good night. Maybe tomorrow will bring good news!!! And thank goodness it's Thursday - there are five episodes of "The Office" on tomorrow night, just what the doctor ordered!!!

Cat food

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I think I may need to go to a doctor. Maybe not this one, though.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Pet food recall

I know that everyone has been seeing in the news about the wet pet food that has been recalled due to the fact that they found RAT POISON in it. Well, I had some of the pouches that they mentioned so I just threw them away. I called the 800 number for 9 Lives, Whiskas, and Pedigree and the recorded message assured me that their food was safe.

So, today I go onto the message boards about it and there are lots of people warning about 9 Lives and various dry foods! I have bought nothing but the 9 Lives since this started because I was sure it was safe, but now I am not so sure. I have a can of salmon that I haven't fixed and I think that is what I will give them today. I don't know what we as pet owners can do, short of cooking our pets' food! Shoot, I don't even cook MY food, if I can help it! Kathie S, any thoughts on this subject? I know you feed your cats Science Diet. This is really a scary situation!

Also, this flu/cold/crud/dreaded mohocus is still hanging on to me. I am still croaky and now my right eye is throbbing and watering nonstop, even though I have taken quite a few benedryls today!!! If it would just RAIN! Even the air has a yellowish tint to it, there is so much pollen!! A good soaking rain would clear the air and I think everyone would feel so much better.

Oh, a funny "David birthday story". We had not been in the coffee shop in over a week due to us being sick. Daniel called to see if we were all right, which was sweet. Anyway, on Friday, David's birthday, he, Erica and I went in mid afternoon. Every Friday afternoon, the Nosser women come in there around 4 and they are just a joy to behold!!! They had missed us the week before and were glad we were still alive! So, Erica talked to them for a long time (she loved them!) and then they told her and me that they were going to surprise David and sing Happy Birthday to him! Mother Nosser then told me that if I laughed, she would hit me!!!! I was like, why would I laugh? The idea of her hitting me was very funny, though!! Then they got up, came over to where he was sitting, and proceeded to sing Happy Birthday in four part harmony, and then added an extra "God Bless You" verse. It was great!!!! They sounded professional!!!!! Erica said she wished she could just take them all home with her. Ah, Southern ladies, there's nothing like them!! These women, Mom (Doe), Lori (I went to school with her), Joni, and Shelley are really such a joy to know! They really are some of the nicest and most caring people you could ever hope to meet. David really enjoyed it and appreciated it, too. Good times.........

Later! I am going to put something hot on my eye. Either it will help, or it will cook it!!!!

Have a great afternoon!!! OH OH! My sister Linda has a new rabbit. OMIGOSH, it is the cutest thing you have ever seen! He has such a cute little belly and I could not put him down!! His little ears were just precious, and his little wiggly nose was just a wiggling! He did try to nibble on me some, which did hurt, but that was okay. So, Erica wants to get one and told Fuzzy she wanted one. The rabbit stays in a "Wabitat"!!!! While we were going on and on about how cute he was, David looked at me and said "we are NOT getting a rabbit". But you know I would!!! I mean, what's one more critter in this menagerie that I manage??!?!?
Okay, that's really it for now!!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

The trip was too short.

The trip was too short, because Erica leaves this afternoon. Unfortunately, she is now getting sick. I hate that she is taking the Vicksburg crud back to Chicago with her. We have really enjoyed her visit, though, and are quite sad that she has to leave. But she has to go, and we understand that, and will look forward to the next visit!

David and I still can't shake our illnesses (although some of his is chemo related), but I so hope it rains some this week to clear the air. I think everyone will feel much better after that!

Have a good day.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Happy Birthday, David Reid!!!

Today, March 23, is David's 53rd birthday. We certainly wish him many, many more!!!!

Erica is home!

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Erica is here for a few days visiting for David's birthday. Her plane got in at 10:45 last evening in Jackson. It is good to have someone else here for a while so we don 't really have to think!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wednesday, March 21

We're still sick, unfortunately. Erica's plane comes in at Jackson tonight around 9:30, so we have to really get to feeling better by then. This is really dragging on a long time, though, and I guess it will just have to work its way out of our systems. We will spray everything with Lysol, though, before we leave tonight! Erica is coming home to celebrate David's birthday Friday. Maybe by then we will be feeling hunky dory!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tuesday, March 20

Well, I am still sick. I have no voice and no energy. But I do have a really great headache!! David had to go to Philadelphia - it wore him out just getting ready to go, so I hope he is okay and gets back home at a decent hour. The dishes, the clothes, and the pets are all stacked up, waiting for me to take care of them! But I am about to go back to bed for a while.

So, if anyone is actually reading this today, have a good day!! Oh, and happy first day of spring!!! According to the weather report, the pollen count is as high as it can get today!! The tissue industry must be extremely happy!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

It's the plague.

Well, I am still sick as a damn dog. And I am sick and tired of it! It has really knocked me down.

Thanks to Marian for the coke and the offer of help. I really appreciate it. Maybe tomorrow I will be better, your porch will be finished, and the water won't be brown anymore!! I'm not holding my breath on any of that, though!! What am I talking about? I can't even breathe!! How could I hold my breath!!!????

David is feeling a bit better. I hope that he is even better tomorrow. Erica comes in Wednesday night at about nine so we have to be better to go get her at the airport! It will be so nice to have her here for a few days. I will Lysol everything Wednesday afternoon.

That's all for now. I am about to dope myself up and try to get some sleep.


Monday, March 19

We're still pretty sick, so here is a cute picture of a baby kitten and Curious George. I guess George is extremely nice, since he gave the kit the shirt off of this back!
Have a good day.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Laugh of the day

Originally uploaded by wagsandpurrs.
I don't really feel like writing tonight, so I hope you enjoy this cartoon instead.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

It's St. Patrick's Day.

Well, this needs to be sung to K.C. and the Sunshine Band's "Shake your Booty"-

"We're sick, sick, sick,

sick, sick, sick,

oh, we're so sick, yes, we're so sick".

I do not know what kind of bug has gotten ahold of me, but it has been treacherous. My legs have bruises on them where I was holding them because of the sharp pains that went down them all night long. At least my fever is gone. And David has had something, on top of his chemo this past Wednesday, so he feels pretty crappy, too. But we have a plumbing problem that needs to be dealt with so he is making a valiant effort to go to Walmart in a few minutes. I just cannot go with him.

So, I hope everyone else has had a good day. Apparently it is a beautiful day in the neighborhood, but I am certainly not going to sit out and enjoy it!

Update - No one went to the store. We just "made do" with what we had. I need a coke so badly though, it is the only thing helping my nausea!!! Maybe tomorrow we will get to the store. This has really been a sucky day!!!!!! I hope yours was better!!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Beware the Ides of March!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My new Coldwater Creek tee shirt

I just had to post this. Yesterday, I told you that I got two new shirts when Gwen and I went to Jackson and that everytime I wear my other Coldwater Creek shirts, I get a compliment. So, today, I put on one of them and made the comment to David that it was really nice and that I would really like to get the other colors. Blah, blah, blah, fast forward three hours. After chemo, we went to our normal eating place, Billy's, to get some lunch. A woman that I have known for a long time was in there with her mother, so when I got up to pay the bill, I went over to speak to her. The FIRST THING OUT OF HER MOUTH WAS "WHERE did you get that shirt? I LOVE it! It looks fabulous on you!!!" so I told her and she was like, do you want to go there this afternoon and get more? I want some, too!!

So, I'm thinkin' I need to go back pretty soon to get those other colors!! When I first started getting the C.C. catalogs, they had little blurbs in there by other customers and one of the most prevalent is how many compliments they get when they wear the clothes. I was skeptical, like, sure you always get complimented, but now I need to write them!!!!! I mean, sure, I could go to Walmart and get something decent, but I guarantee you that when I wear Walmart clothes, no one EVER mentions how good they look!!!!!!! What a day brightener!!!

So, there you go.......

Six weird things about me....

Kate O. tagged me to put six weird things about me on my blog. I, unfortunately, do not have her cute artwork to go along with my weird things! But I do have pictures of cats!!!!! And speaking of cats, wasn't that pic with all the cats in the tree pretty great? I mean, what got them all up there? Did someone spray it with catnip, or were the birds enticing them up there and then flying off? Probably the birds - they can be such bastards!

Six weird things about me:
1. I really wring my hands a lot, not just during stress (although, when has there NOT been stress lately??). It really feels good, though, so I will keep doing it.
2. I do tap my teeth. I don't know why, I just do.
3. When I eat bananas, I have to completely take the peel off, then pull those little banana strings off, and then I eat the sides in sections. David thinks its weird.
4. If a Stargate SG-1 is on, I'm sorry, I am drawn in like a bug to a light bulb. There is something so very comforting in that show. I can turn off a Star Trek without any problem, although the show Enterprise on Mondays on Sci Fi has been sucking me in, too. I loves me some sci-fi.
5. If I get to drink any Dr. Pepper, I will go out of my way to try to get some more. I had one yesterday, and believe you me, I am plotting to get another one at lunch today!!! Resistance is futile!!! Hmmm. Isn't that a Star Trek comment?
6. And this is something that I am sure no one knows about me - I LOVE CATS!!!! Yes, I admit it. I love cats. Oh wait, , you already knew that? Okay, one more weird thing. I hate to sweat. I really do. I would love to move to a place where the humidity would be low and even in warm weather you could actually go outside and not melt down. This morning, after I put the dogs out (YAY dog yard for Goober!!), which has been over an hour ago, I am STILL sweating! It is supposed to storm so the humidity is up, but dang it, I cannot cool off. So, hating to sweat and living in Mississippi - that's weird.
7. Bonus weird thing - I really hate toenails. I would just be so happy if they didn't exist. Seriously, I don't like them.
8. Bonus, bonus thing about me - I canNOT eat cake and ice cream without mixing it together. I have gotten some strange looks over the years for this, but those that know me KNOW I am going to do this and have gotten used to it. My father, when I was growing up, used to say that it looked horrible and stop it and all of those fatherly things, but I guess even he got used to it because he finally quit saying something about it before I left home. And Schwan actually had a confetti cake ice cream, which had cake, icing, and sprinkles mixed into vanilla ice cream. I used to buy it all the time, but fifty extra pounds later, I had to stop! And now we don't even have a Schwan man, so that makes it really easy to not buy it anymore!! But man oh man, is it good! If you do have Schwan, you should try it, it is really really good. I could sure go for a big bowl of it and a cold Dr. Pepper right now, with a peeled banana, toenail clippers, and a cat sitting by me. Oh, and Stargate playing in the background, too - what a perfect day THAT would be!!!!!
And that concludes this portion of blogging today. Chemo is soon and I need to go WASH THE SWEAT OFF OF ME!! Seriously, in the summer, it is nothing for me to bathe three times a day. I cannot sleep if I have been sweating during the day. Weird. And wasteful. I hope that the excitement of learning six things about me won't keep you from your regularly scheduled activities today.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I'm back from Jackson

Okay, Gwen and I went to Jackson today. I got my freebie at Victoria's Secret (and why, pray tell, can't they let you get one of the wild colored step-ins as your free one instead of the boring, solid colored ones? I mean, does it cost THAT much more to make'em polka dotted???). Then we went to Coldwater Creek. Two beautiful tee shirts later, we left. I mean, everytime I wear my other C.C. shirts, I get complimented, so why not buy a couple of new ones. I have got to wear clothes, right?? Gwen got one, also.

Then off to the Gail Pittman Global Studio in Madison. I have NEVER IN MY LIFE seen so many pretty dishes in one place!! Carolyn, you would have just fallen out at the door, believe me!!! I carried around two very odd shaped, and very reasonably priced salad plates but finally put them back because I do not really have room for them. Because of their odd shape, they wouldn't have stacked easily with anything I have, and I have a ton of dishes and really didn't need any more. Gwen bought a couple of gifts and something for her new house in Tennessee, and there were several people in there buying gifts and getting them all gift wrapped and gussied up!! If you need to get a wedding present, that is the place to go. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful stuff. I will go back WITH MONEY one day, I have promised myself, if only to buy something for someone else.

All in all, it was a lot of fun today. We had very serious conversations and some fun conversations, something that I really needed, plus it was fun to get with someone and do something FUN. I mean, we didn't go to a doctor's office or hospital at all!!!!!!! She leaves for TN tomorrow for a few weeks, so it was very nice of her to be able to do this today. Plus she has a new tee shirt, new step-ins, and some beautiful G. P. pottery now!!

That's it for now. The storms are supposed to start this evening. David has chemo tomorrow, so I don't know what is in store for the rest of the week. All I know is that Goober, rain or shine, will be outside - it was so nice to come home to a dry basement!!!!!!!!!!!!

Later, dudes and dudesses!! Oh, and I am really having left over spaghetti for supper, but I will be keeping MY cats out of it!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 13

Today Gwen and I are going to the Gail Pittman outlet center in Madison. I am not buying anything, I canNOT buy anything. I have never been there, plus it will be nice to get away for the day. It is supposed to start raining this afternoon, I can tell because my head and sinuses, my own personal "weather channel" is letting me know that! So, hopefully, it won't spoil the day. But the pollen counts is extremely high right now, so a spring shower or two will clear the air for a couple of days. We do need that - all of the cars have a lovely green sheen to them!!

Everyone have a great day!!!
Oh, the picture above shows that the trees are starting to bloom. I could go for a tree like that!!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Can I get an Amen?

Originally uploaded by wagsandpurrs.
Goober is in the yard. I know everyone is probably like, yeah, yeah, the dog is in the yard, big deal, but it has been ALMOST TWO YEARS that I have been mopping up the basement because of her!!! So, with a dog house, food, a bowl of water, and one of my deck chairs, she is outside until around 9 or so tonight. It feels wonderful!!!!! And I know the cats are relieved to not be chased around by her all day long. It is just an all around good thing!
I hope that everyone has a wonderful Monday. The weather is still nice, but rain is in the forecast for tomorrow and later in the week. "March rains bring, uhh, April showers!"

Sunday, March 11, 2007


So, we lost an hour of sleep last night and when we both got up, we both felt pretty lousy. But I remembered that a former governor of Mississippi would be doing a book signing at Loralei Books next to the coffee shop so we took a chance on it (the coffee shop) being open. Well, sure enough, there was the former governor and his wife, and Angie, who works at the coffee shop, and who is the daughter of another former MS governor, standing in front and about to open. She said come on in and we parked and here comes Dave, another employee, coming down the hill, saying, come on in, we're opening this afternoon!!! THANK GOD!!! I got a smoothie and a bagel, while David got a latte and a bagel, and they were so delicious. Another regular came in, as well as some tourists walking down the street. The weather was beautiful, in the mid to upper 70's, so it was a great day to be downtown. I bet they did a bang up business today!!!

After that we went to Kroger, something that we had been putting off for days. But we have groceries now, and so does my mother. At least it wasn't Walmart.

We got home, and because it was later now than we are used to, we HAD to get started on that dog fence. Well, of all things, John showed up here and wanted David to go with him out to the community we used to live in to see Tommy, who is here, but bless his heart, David knew that if he did that, it would be the next weekend before we could get that dog fence done. And y'all, I HAVE to have Goober out of the basement NOW!!! I know John was disappointed but this had been planned. And there would be no time except today to even attempt it, so we had to get started immediately. And, one thing was decided this afternoon - David and I will NOT go into the fencing business! We are not going to be able to move tomorrow, seriously. I hurt so badly and needless to say, he doesn't feel that great, either. But, as I type, Goober is in her new section of the dog yard. She is whining and is scared, but she is protected by the fence. Sadie started growling and barking, but she has calmed down. Tomorrow, when it is gorgeous and Goober will be able to chase squirrels and pee all she likes, all will be right with the world. In fact, I hope that eventually Goob and Sadie will get along again. Of course, Woofer is just running around excited. He has no beef with either one. Dogs. They are something else, aren't they? And Angie brought her dog to the coffee shop this afternoon and tied her outside. She was so excited to see the people walking down the street! Again, dogs. Gotta love 'em.

Because of this, Jean, I didn't get to watch or TiVo the Amazing Race. I will have to read the recap tomorrow. But I guess Rob and Amber and the beauty queens are ahead, right???

But, David has to go to Philadelphia tomorrow and I need to do lots of stuff tomorrow, and we are going to be so "stove up"!! But THE DOG YARD IS UP!!! All that is left to be done is tying the poles to the fence and just some touchup work. And if that dingblasted dog digs her way out of it, well, she deserves whatever she gets!! The mosquitoes were getting pretty bad by the time we came in, though, so I hope that West Nile isn't in our future!!! I am very proud of the hard work that we did, I think it looks great, and if whoever is living in this house after we are gone decades from now doesn't like the fence, well they can so take it down!!!!

All right. The cat head pizza is ready.

Have a great evening!!!

What's for Supper?

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I really think I will have pizza for supper, but dang it, there is only ONE cat head and I hate to share!!!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Some chillin' kittens

I just felt like putting some cute stretched out kitties on here tonight. And of course, my favorite one is at the top! I love that cat!!!

Update on Saturday

Well, David has to go to Golden Moon/Silverstar, so no help at the store, no hanging out at the coffee shop today. Waaaaaa waaaaaa...........

Don't Spit the Water!

Tonight marks the 100th performance of the crazy, live game show Don't Spit the Water in Chicago. Erica has been one of the performers since the first show and tonight she will, again, be Cutie Bumblesnatch, hoping to make someone spew water with her shenanigans!! Fuzzy is in his show, Rogue 8 (you know, the ninja) and then they will meet up afterwards for a celebration drinkfest! I hope both of you have wonderfully great shows!!!!!

For us today? Looks like more of the exciting world of Vicksburg for us!! The library, to take back some dvds (Good Night and Good Luck? GREAT movie. I just kept wanting it to keep going!), then Kroger's, then the coffee shop for some r & r with our buddies. AND we have the stuff to start on the Goober fence so David will put a couple of the poles in concrete today. Haden Hardware had an old gate that they gave us!!! It even has a dog on it!!!! So, hopefully within a couple of days, Goober will be able to be outside in the pretty weather, barking at the birds and squirrels and peeing to her heart's content on the ground, NOT the floor!!!! My quality of life will improve with this new development!!!!!!

Everyone, have a great Saturday! And remember that we LOSE an hour this evening. Spring forward!!!!!

Happy day!!!!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Gas and Water administration

You know, it is bad enough that we had to pay over three hundred dollars to stay warm last month. It's bad enough that no one has addressed this "gas adjustment" that is adding so much more to the bills. We have to pay it or get our water, gas, and garbage collection cut off. Okay, I get it. I am at your mercy. BUT, when I go pay the bill, please do not treat me like something you find on the bottom of your shoe!! Case in point, I just ran to the office to pay the bill, but the line was so long, I would have probably had to be in a lane of traffic to get in the line for the window. So, I drove around and the only place open to park was an employee parking place. Since I didn't see anyone at the counter, I swung in there (yes, I said swung!) and went to the only checker, who not only didn't look up, she didn 't stop what she was doing. Okay, I will wait. There was a security guard standing there and I told him that I had to park in an employee parking place because I couldn't get to the other places because of the long line. The woman who works there, looked up and finally took my payment. There is a big yellow sign on the counter that says "Please ask cashier for a receipt", both in English and in Spanish. So, I said VERY POLITELY, I would like a receipt, please. She looked at me and in a very antagonistic rude voice said, "I was going to give you one". I was so taken aback at her rudenss, I looked at the guard and her and said that I was just doing what the sign said, I wasn't being rude, I was trying to be polite. She smirked and handed me my receipt!!! NOW DO NOT WE AS CITIZENS PAY THIS BITCH'S SALARY???? I was so mad, I slammed out the door and got in the car and came straight home and called City Hall to complain, by name. The woman I talked to agreed with me and will turn in the complaint. Like I told her, the city has us by the "short hairs", we have to pay the bill, the least the employees can do is be courteous! All she had to say when I asked for the receipt was, okay. But this woman has been there a long time. If she doesn't like her job, well then I am certain someone more competant could be hired to take her place!! I didn't say ONE THING about the high bill, nothing. I just stood there waiting for her to wait on me!!! I JUST DO NOT UNDERSTAND! It is Friday. The weather is beautiful. It is supposed to be beautiful all weekend long. A smile and a thank you goes a long way, but apparently no one seems to think that it is necessary these days. The world would be such a better place if we practiced the Golden Rule, but apparently no one even considers that, or even knows what it is, these days. I raised my children to be polite, but we must have been some of the only ones that raised their children that way !!!

Okay, that's all. I am going to forget about it now. But I tell you what, I will pay my bill online from now on!!!!! My computer isn't rude to me!!!


Thursday, March 08, 2007

Thursday, March 8

Okay, the name of the group that we heard last night was ilyAIMY, with only two of its members, Rob and Heather. They have a website if you are interested in reading anything about them. Apparently, Heather is the newest member, and she and Rob have been doing the duo thing for a while now. I'm not sure when the other two members play with them. It would certainly be interesting to hear the entire band, because they were great with just two of them!

So, I hope everyone is doing well today. I am leaving in a few minutes to go to Norma's where Kyle and his family will be arriving soon. I have yet to meet the newest member of the family, Dash. And I am sure Lace and Rowdy have grown a lot since I have seen them. But before that, though, I have to go pay that outrageous gas and water bill ($320!!!) and because of that, I am FREEZING right now. We have the heat off, and even though it is almost 70 outside, it sure isn't 70 inside!!! But I refuse to turn the heat on today, I absolutely REFUSE!!! That's what long sleeves are for!!!

Have a great day!!! I am so glad that tomorrow is Friday!!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Wednesday night

So, David got home this afternoon and we went to run some errands. First we went to Haden Hardware to check on a gate for this enclosure that, I hope, will be ready for Goober soon. Then, because we were both so darn hungry, we grabbed a bite to eat, then off to Big Lots where we did find some good bargains. Of course, I put it on a credit card so the interest will counteract whatever savings we got, but hey, I don't care. Then we went to Walgreens to check on something, then to our drugstore to pick up some medicine. I wanted to drive home through town and we noticed that Daniel's car was at the coffeeshop but we didn't stop. We got home, unloaded the car, and David came into the basement where I was and said that Daniel had JUST CALLED for us to come to the coffeeshop because this duo had just played Locomotive Breath. I was ready to call it a day, but I was like, okay, we'll go, maybe it will do me some good. I asked David where the Walgreen's bag was and he said he didn't get it. Well, neither did I!!! So, since we had to go back out to Walgreen's to get the package (I had to identify the contents over the phone), we went on to the coffeeshop. It was a man and a woman with some odd name that I can't remember and even if I could I wouldn't be able to spell it, and they were really very good. They had kind of a Barenaked Lady sound to them. But because my biorhytms (is that how you spell that?) are out of whack, I just sat there and couldn't quit crying!! At one point I even had to go sit outside to get some air. During the break, Angie and I talked and hugged and cried and just agreed that there are some things in our lives just absolutely suck big time, no matter how you look at it. It did me good to talk to her, and I felt that she really understood. She is teaching yoga, something that would benefit me greatly, but it is just not in the budget right now. Maybe soon. Anyway, they played Locomotive Breath and it was quite interesting, very different but very good. We left after another song and Daniel followed us out to the car, telling us about how he heard about them and everything. Quite interesting - the guy contacted Daniel via email and asked if they could perform tonight! And they are staying at Daniel and Lesley's house tonight, also. One of the the things that Rob, the guy said, was that during the three years that they have been touring, they have only had to stay in a hotel three times!!!! And they were scared of our Mississippi bugs! They should be here in August!!! They would be terrified!!!

So, now I am about to hit the sack. One of my cats would not come in, which really ticks me off. I call his name and he will come scampering around, chasing bugs and just being a cute, but very bad kitty. I just hope he will be safe during the night. He is probably going to be really unhappy when he can't get inside tonight when he gets tired!!!

I hope everyone has a good Thursday. I hope I have a good Thursday, too.


I am really tired of having to sign in and out of this google account to write in my blog! It just started this in the last day. It will not accept what I KNOW is my password, so I have to reset it everytime! I am the ONLY one that is on this computer, I am not too worried about somebody coming in and writing on my blog with me being unaware of it!!! I am annoyed.

It is a beautiful day, yet I am really down, as you may have noticed from my griping in the first paragraph. I want to do something FUN, yet, what is there to do? Carolyn, get back here so we can go to lunch!! Gwen, let's go to the coffee shop!! Cheryl, come sit on the deck!! Linda, Cracker Barrel?? I am so overwhelmed and am so tired of the fact that just about everything I do involves doctor bills, medicine, and cancer!! I am sorry that you all are having to read this, but part of the reason I started this blog was to have an outlet. I am really having a couple of dark days this week, regardless of how sunny it really is outside!! I just want to have a worry free day!!! And I know everyone has problems, mine are no worse than anyone else's, but again, that is the reason I started this blog, kind of a valve to let me blow off some steam. When I mentioned to David that I would like a day free from cancer, he was like, well, yeah, I know what you mean!!! He really can't get away from it!!! I am really just very tired - physically and emotionally.

So, I need to put a really cute cat picture on here to lighten up the mood.

Thanks for reading, I appreciate it.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Are these the "Sharks" or the "Jets"?

Stretched out kitty

kitty stretched out
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Yes, I have used this picture before, but I'm sorry, he is just so darned cute, I HAD to use him again!!
Update on lunch at Rainbow - no peach cobbler, just an apple cobbler that was just out of this world, as well as a cinnamony bread pudding with a white sauce that was to die for. And yes, I had both.

Packin' on the pounds

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Well, unfortunately, I have put back on some of the weight that I had lost last year. And we are about to go to Rainbow to eat lunch with Norma. They have the BEST peach cobbler, and I'm sorry, I cannot resist getting it!!! So, a couple of more pounds will probably added today!!!! But you know, life is too short to pass up good peach cobbler!!!! Another one of my new philosophies!!!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Monday night, March 5

I cooked an excellent supper tonight, if I do say so myself. The bad part of doing that, though, are the dishes and pots and pans that you mess up. Of course, then you have to put them in the dishwasher. I wish that MY dishwasher was two cats wide, though!! I could only get a skinny cat in mine!!!
Pleasant dreams!!!

Ninja son-in-law

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This is the ninja, who is married to my daughter, in a photo from one of the shows that he is currently in, Rogue 8. And yes, his character is a ninja, although what'cha wanna bet that he would have no problem wearing his ninja outfit anywhere in Chicago!!!

Sunday, March 04, 2007


This is just a little cute cartoon to start off the work week! Have a great Monday!!!

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By the way, I will help you up!!!!

Easy like Sunday morning

Good morning, all. It is really hard to get going today. We had talked about going to Jackson to see a movie, but it just doesn't seem to be happening. David is still running a tad of fever and it has turned cold, so I think we're just going to hang out here today. We did have some Jehovah's Witnesses show up a few minutes ago and I thanked them and sent them on their merry way. And one of our neighbors had someone show up at their house with their music BLARING and she stood pounding on the neighbor's door, yelling for her to open up. PEOPLE!! IT IS SUNDAY MORNING!!!! CHILL OUT!!!!!
But now everyone is gone and we have good music playing, we just ate, all is pretty good in Reid-land!!
The Goober situation is going to be taken care of in the next week, Lord willin' and the creek don't rise!! We are going to section off a part of the dog yard and put another gate and she will FINALLY be outside again, where she needs and wants to be anyway! I figure she and Sadie will bark at first and try to lunge at each other but after awhile, it will probably settle down into a uneasy truce. Now we just have to get David feeling better to get this done. A few years ago, he and I moved a fence and gate and it wasn't that hard, so I do not see why we would have any trouble doing this. And it will improve my "quality of life" so much!!! I am so tired of going through a roll of paper towels every couple of days!! Plus, the cats will thank me to get the dog out of their domain. She herds them every day to where SHE wants them to go. Once in a great while, I will hear a yelp meaning that someone didn't want to go where she wanted them to go!!! Ah, my life.
I hope everyone has a great Sunday afternoon and a great start to a new week. Just think, daylight savings time starts next Sunday. That will be nice, except we "lose" an hour next weekend!! Well, we will find it again in the fall.

Saturday, March 03, 2007


All right, I don't need to be beaten over the head with it. By "it", I mean trying to forgive others as I would want to be forgiven. I had been really struggling with these feelings I have been having, but I couldn't seem to get over these negative thoughts. Yesterday, the coffee shop was brought into it (see earlier post). Today, the "person" was right in front of my house when I went to put something in the mail. So, I bit the bullet and started talking to this person about the coffee shop, how Daniel and David and I had been friends since we were in our late twenties (!), and how much we enjoyed going down there. We had a very nice conversation, lasting about 10 minutes. Now, this is not the first time, nor even the second, third, or fourth time that I have tried to turn the other cheek, but I hope that this time, it won't get slapped!!! I really do not need adversity in my life. I do not need anyone stealing the "joy" from my life. So, I hope that a corner has been turned and it will become a beautiful day in the neighborhood again!!! Life is too short.

I just needed to make this public. Have a great day!!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Invasion of the coffee shop

Okay, for those that know the background story, all I will say is, a certain person that lives in my neighborhood was in the coffee shop today. I am not happy about it. I am going to try to get over it and get past it because I NEED the coffee shop. I cannot let it bother me.

Also, this picture is from Jean's front door, in Florida. It is the closest thing to a blizzard that she is going to get!!!


Friday, March 2

I really don't have a lot to say. It is a lovely day. David is feeling better. We are meeting his mother for lunch in a few minutes and then I need to go to the store for my mother and for us. You know, really exciting things like that pretty much speak for themselves.

OH, we watched a very good movie last night, THE MAJESTIC, starring Jim Carrey, and I don't know why it got such bad reviews. Of course, I think the critics are jaded and have lost touch with what the average person would enjoy, because this was a very enjoyable movie. I highly recommend it. If you watch it and hate it, though, please tell me why you feel that way. Like I said, both David and I enjoyed it very much. And yes, you will need Kleenexes!!

Well, that is it for now. I hope everyone has a great Friday!!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Bellsouth, now part of the "new AT&T"

This morning a Bellsouth (his truck still says that-take THAT AT&T commercial!!) repairman was here removing the bags off of the wire. I told him that we had to do that and about the neighbor calling because she thought it was a power line. He said that was fine, that he was here to fix it now. The weather is about to really be bad, so I am glad that he came out so early. I asked him whether I should let the cats out and he said he wouldn't because of the forecast. So, I thanked him and came up to watch the weather and SURE ENOUGH, it is going to be coming across the river within the next hour and a half, with wind gusts of up to 80 mph!!!! WTF???? 80????? And let's not forget the frequent, dangerous lightning strikes. Oh, the rain just started, so I guess it is right on time!! I just looked out the window and the man has left. I am glad. I certainly wouldn't want a repairman blown away or struck by lightning fixing our phone line!!!!

David is feeling a bit better but is still not out of bed. I just wish that we had a Shoney's breakfast bar in here this morning. Scrambled eggs, grits, french toast sticks, sausage and BACON, I could really and truly get into that right now! But my coffee and Kroger granola bar will just have to do.

Everyone stay safe today. Those in Vicksburg, do NOT get out with an umbrella today or you may be re-enacting a scene from Mary Poppins!!!!! You don't want to end up in OZ!! Okay, I am mixing two movies, but hey, I can do that!!

Later! OH, go to Impress These Apes and watch Erica's final performance. It is pretty funny, once you realize what she is doing. It is a little game that she and her dad have done for YEARS, that puts them into spasms of laughter. I am proud that she came in second in the contest.