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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wednesday Afternoon

So, I was sitting in a chair in my bedroom this afternoon and all of a sudden I hear this loud, grinding noise. I jumped up, expecting to see a cat swinging from the ceiling fan or something, and there is a huge, I mean HUGE Penske truck at the side of the house, dragging the phone line down from the pole. Did he stop? Why no, of course he didn't! This truck was up a block from us when we came home and David commented on whether the people were moving in or moving out. If they were moving in, well, great, another neighbor who doesn't care about anyone but themselves!!! We certainly need more of them around here!! Luckily, all of my "stuff" still works, but this is a phone line, so, after hearing about "how Bellsouth is proud to be the new AT& T", I finally got through to a live person, who apparently considers it an honor to talk to me and give me superior customer service. Yeah. After she told me that, oh, I am not who you need to talk to, and after being put on hold for a few minutes (superior?), I finally got someone else who was honored to talk to me and was willing to provide more superior customer service. I told her what was happening, she agreed that it needed to be taken care of, since a truck or SUV could just rip that sucker right off of the pole, and a couple of hours later, I have seen no one from Bellsouth, uh, I mean, the new AT&T. And about that, didn't they break up the Bell Telephone system because of monopoly laws, and how can all of it now being AT&T not be a monopoly? I'm just asking.

This is not the first time a huge truck, one that is NOT supposed to be on our street, has damaged wires. The first time actually caused a flash fire, shut down our electricity for several hours, and we had to have an electrician, the phone people, and the cable people all here to get everything back up and running. The beer truck that did it raced down the street, but there were some men working on a roof that saw what happened and actually chased the truck down the street while calling 911. Then the kid that was driving kept saying that the older guy was driving but when the police came, they had to admit the truth. And the police kept grilling me about "what I heard or saw", which was nothing, since I was in the bed at the time (it was early morning). Three different policemen came and treated me like a criminal, and one wanted to accompany me into my house while I changed clothes. Needless to say, he did not!! Anyway, the beer company had good insurance and got someone out to fix everything pretty fast AND even threw in an extra 50 bucks for my "stress and inconvenience", which was nice.

So when this happened today, I envisioned that whole scenario happening again. And since no one has shown up to fix this yet, it still may happen before the evening ends!!

And we have to go to Wal-mart. The horror...........


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