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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Update on hanging wire

Well, the "new AT&T" has yet to come out to fix the wire. It has been over four hours ago that I called them, benefitting from their superior customer service. So, since it is dark, and since it would be OUR house that would be affected if a SUV or huge ass truck came flying up or down the street, we have hung four Wal-mart bags with dirt in them from the wire and taped them so they won't all slide to one spot. This way someone will have to slow down and say "what the hell?" and then they will not rip the wire completely out of the house. Now we are supposed to have horrendous weather tomorrow. I hope that they will enjoy fixing it in the rain, rather than just a breezy afternoon today. And the thing is, it will probably take them less than fifteen minutes to do it. And if anyone who reads this works for the phone company, don't be offended, COME FIX IT!!!! Thanks.


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