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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tuesday, February 20

Erica is now in third place in the IMPRESS THESE APES show in Chicago. She is not too far behind the one in first place, though, so next week's final challenge needs to knock those apes' socks off! Do apes even wear socks? I'm pretty sure that they do in Chicago.

Other thoughts today - we are very concerned over our little crippled kitten, Teddie. We bathed her and cleaned her up Saturday afternoon, and for a little kit, she certainly is very strong, because she fought us every step of the way. It took us over two hours to to do it! But she has hardly moved since then, not eating or drinking much, which really worries us. If I took her to the vet, they would just probably recommend something we do not want to do, so we are cuddling with her and loving on her. I am going to try to give her some canned cat food today and see if she will be inspired by that. And yes, I know we have other cats and there is certainly no cat shortage in the world, but this is a special kitty. And yes, we have lots of more important stuff to worry about, but we will do all that we can to make her comfortable and happy. You should see her gaze up at David while he is holding her - it is pure adoration. They both benefit from it.

All right. I am getting my birthday facial today. Thanks kiddoes!!! I am looking forward to it immensely. I can't wait to have a hot towel wrapped around my face. Seriously! I can't wait!! Well, I have to wait until 2 this afternoon. I will come out looking 10 years younger! right.



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