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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thursday, February 15

It is so hard to believe that February is halfway over. And yesterday was such a busy busy day. David had his first treatment with this new targeted chemo drug, Vectibix, and luckily, there are no side effects evident yet. This one, as with Erbitux, causes that horrible facial, back, and chest eruptions, which will probably show up in a few days. We are not looking forward to that, needless to say. BUT, we have high hopes for the drug, and sitting there watching it slowly drip, I said a little prayer ("said a little prayer"-Erica knows what that is!!) that this will be the one that really does the trick. The nurse had never administered it before, so she was excited too! We lead such exciting lives!!
But, on top of all of that, my mother-in-law had her other eye's cataract removed, so after chemo and a meal, we went flying out to the hospital and she wasn't even out of surgery yet! We got her car, took it to her house, I brought David back here, called Erica to check on Fuzzy, who had lasik surgery on both eyes yesterday, went back to the hospital, got Norma, took her home, and then was going to go to the grocery store for my mother and us, but I just couldn't do it. It was so cold, I was so tired (I had been up since 4 a.m.) and we ended up at the coffee shop, the most therapeutic place in town! Then my sweet husband, as a Valentine gift to me, let me come home and HE went to the grocery store and picked us up some supper!! So, I should RIGHT NOW be tending to my animals in this 28 degree weather because I need to take the groceries to mom and then go get Norma and take her to the doctor by 10!!! LAWSEY Y'ALL!!! I so need cloning!!!!
Fuzzy is doing well, having some pain yesterday afternoon, but he just needed to sleep and hopefully, he is fine and dandy today. And Katie has apparently had a bad cold this week, so I hope that she is doing much better today. Everyone is traveling this weekend, except us, so BE CAREFUL!! The farthest I am going is to, you guessed it, the coffee shop!!!!!!
So I had better get a move on!! Everyone have a great day!!!!


  • At Thursday, February 15, 2007, Anonymous Pam said…

    Wow, girl..just reading your blog makes me tired!! I'm so glad to hear David is feeling well enough to go buy groceries for you.. wow.. he is amazing! Happy Belated Birthday..I hope you realize how lucky Doris and David and the whole clan (people and animals alike) are to have you..Take care of yourself and take a little time for Tricia! We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers!


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