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Sunday, February 18, 2007


I have spent so much of this day trying to gather up stuff for the taxman. We have a ton of medical expenses to claim, so I went through the last year of our bank statements online. The problem is, the print is very small, and I have never been able to see very well out of these bifocals, so that was very strainful to my poor weak eyes. And the bank statements list who you used your debit card with, but NOT who you wrote a check to! So, I got through September, just writing down check numbers, amounts, and when they cleared, but when I went back to check on something, it threw me out! I didn't need to be told twice! ENOUGH ALREADY!! Now we have to go back through the actual paper statements that came in the mail and find out who we wrote the checks to, which won't be easy because, and this is bad, we haven't opened the last 5 months of statements. Seriously. I just go on the website everyday, see what has cleared and what the balance is and go on my merry or most of the time after I see the balance, NOT so merry way!! I will probably try to finish the rest of the year tomorrow, then start matching checks to check numbers. David reminded me that we can claim mileage for medical purposes, so that is a whole other couple of days, since we have to go to Jackson quite often for doctor appointments and scans and other fun stuff dealing with this dang, what am I saying, I mean DAMN disease!!
Anyway, this cat's eyes look like what my eyes feel like!!!!!!!
Happy President's Day!!!!


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