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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Saturday, Feb. 24

Well, y'all. What a day. What a day. A big storm came roaring through, right on schedule, with more on the way. That's exciting. We went to the coffee shop. Got some coffee. That was exciting. We have lost four bank statements. That is annoying. AND we got a $320 gas and water bill, due March 10. That is INFURIATING!! My mother's bill was $315 and she called them and they told her that she needed to turn her heat down. Hello? It's been friggin' cold lately, more so than usual. We HAVE turned our heat down, but David gets cold so easily, we can't run the risk of him getting sick. Add this to the St. Dominic hospital bill that ALSO came in the mail today, AND the $225 electric bill due this week, WOW, do they think we're made out of money?? They are trying to make Vicksburg a retirement community but if elderly people (and not so elderly!) can't run their heater when it is cold, that's not too much of an enticement to move here!! Personally, I want to move to Cape May, but I know the expenses there are high, too. There is really nowhere to go that expenses are reasonable, these days! I guess we could live in a cave somewhere, but that probably wouldn't be too warm either!!
Oh, I hear the music to "Lawwwwrence, Lawrence of Arabia". I so do not want to watch that this evening!!! I guess it is on because Peter O'Toole is up for an Oscar tomorrow night. Speaking of the Oscars, Phil is coming over and we are going to have jambalaya that David is making. Yummmmy!! I really don't care who wins, I just want to watch it.
Yesterday at the coffee shop, one of the originators of Pigfest, the music/food fest that we went to in Louisiana in October when Jean was here, was in there and we talked about this coming year's Pigfest. And Jean, he said the "facility" problems that we encountered would be corrected this year!!! Yay!!! No more ditches!!!
Well, I need to go make my tuna fish sandwiches. Now if the power goes out tonight because of this storm, I will be really really ticked off. If the missing bank statements show up, I will be elated. And if nothing happens, I will be grateful.
And that's the way it is, here in Vicksburg, Mississippi.
Have a nice evening.


  • At Sunday, February 25, 2007, Anonymous Cheryl said…

    Hey! I loved the Mother e-mail you sent me. I truly wish I could take my mother out to dinner tonight. I really miss her!
    My gas and water bill went up,too; it was $170.01 this month, as opposed to $105 last month. I don't know what I did differently, but I guess I have to pay it. Daddy's bill was almost $300 this month, too. He almost had a coronary! I saw the Horse Face Harry family at the auction today, but they didn't recognize me, so I didn't get to talk to them. Did they buy Susanna's house? I figured they may have because they were bidding on some beautiful antique furniture, I think. Have fun watching the Oscars! Love, Cheryl


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